How to Prepare Yourself for a Hiking Trip

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A hike up the mountains sounds so refreshing! Whether you hike alone or with friends, you will have an amazing trip. But there is one condition, you have to be prepared!

If you are not prepared, it could be anything, but pleasant. Do you really want that? Definitely not! There are numerous ways you can take care and prepare for the trip.

One of the ways is to carry the right tools, like GPS devices and camping knives. Other than that, you also need to have the right training, and so much more. Are you waiting for the hiking season to hit the area?

Yes, you cannot just go off on hiking trips whenever you feel like! Now, coming to the hiking part! You need to start the training beforehand. Do not wait till hiking season is in town. Or, by the time you are ready, the season will have passed!

Steps to Getting Ready for an Amazing Hiking Trip

Did you know that hiking trips can be the training for bigger backpacking treks? Well, hiking is a lot of fun too! And if it excites you much, move on for an awe-inspiring backpacking trek. But, first things first! So, how do you get ready? Well, here are the steps:

  1. Start Training Early: There is no right time to start training. The sooner, the better! As we said before, do not wait for hiking season. If you are new, then start training at least 6 months before. For the professional hikers, polish your skills at least 3 months in advance.
  1. Exercise: Speak to physical trainers, because three areas need attention. These are the leg muscles, core body support, as well as cardiopulmonary (lungs and heart) health. Do not forget to talk to your doctor. Physical activity is good for your health! While this is true, too much may not be good for you. Too much physical exertion could cause health complications. Once you get a clean chit from the doctor, talk to the physical trainers. Build your strength to have a refreshing hike!

3.Take the Stairs: Do you have a lift (elevator) in your office building? Even if you have, take the stairs. This will help build your leg muscles. You will be able to go long distances without any hassle! You may even have to climb up small hills, against the slope. Taking the stairs should become a part of your physical training!

4.Find Similar Minded People: Hiking alone may be a serene experience for some; but hiking with friends is fun and joy (the more the merrier)! But for that, you will need to find like-minded people. They will be your support and partner in adverse (God forbid!) conditions. Find someone who enjoys hiking as much as you; otherwise it could be a complete failure.

5.Pack Right: Many people tend to forget the importance of hiking gear. Make sure that you pack it all!

Here is a list:

o   Sturdy Backpack

o   Source of Light

o   Fire Starting Tools

o   Survival/Camping Knife (do not forget to check the local regulation on carrying a knife)

o   GPS or Navigation Device

o   Compass

o   Shelter Building Supply/Kit

o   Water Filtration System

o   First Aid Kit

  1. Trial Runs: Do not take it for granted that you are ready! Go on trial runs. Hike out near your home and build a tent in your backyard. Test yourself, whether you will be able to survive out in the wild. Go for a swim! This will help you understand whether you are mentally and physically ready for your hiking trip.
  1. Self-Evaluation is Crucial: Do you feel ready? Good! But, try it out with some self evaluation questions. You have already gone on a few trial runs, right? So, ask yourself these questions:

o   How did you feel during the light hike?

o   Will you be able to survive rough weather on a hike?

o   Do you have apt bushcraft skills to survive?

o   Are you prepared emotionally and mentally?

o   How will you handle wounds and other problems?

Once you have positive answers for the questions, you are ready! When you have the right hiking gear, even in the worst of conditions, you will be able to emerge victorious!

Do not take hiking lightly. It is not a walking trip. Pack right and be prepared. Feeling pumped? With so much preparation, you are bound to! Now, just have a look at the checklist mentioned. Get the gear ready and set out on a hiking trip, worth remembering.

Enjoy a refreshing and exciting hiking trip!

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