Stand Up Paddleboard

How to Buy a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

How to Buy a Paddle Board

After you have tried paddle boarding, perhaps on a friend’s SUP board or one you’ve rented from a shop, you will probably want to consider buying your own. It’s important to know how each feature of the board and how it is adjusted can change how the board works on the water. Let’s look at questions you need to answer ...

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The 7 Best Beginner Surfboards Reviewed & Rated [2018]

Best Beginner Surfboard

If you dream of catching that first wave and grinning from ear to ear as you feel the ocean swell beneath your feet and you’re sent soaring down the line — you’re going to need to start with the best beginner surfboard for your style and experience. Even if you plan on taking surfing lessons, having your own surf board ...

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The 5 Best Bodyboards Reviewed For 2018

Best Bodyboard

While getting a tan while reading and relaxing at the beach is nice, there is nothing like riding a wave! While not all of us can ride a full size surf board, almost anyone can pick up a bodyboard (aka boogie board) and be riding a wave like a pro in no time. To help you make the best of ...

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The 5 Best SUP Paddles Reviewed – [2018]

best sup paddle

Finding the right paddle is almost as important as finding a great standup paddle board (SUP). If you already own a SUP, a paddle probably came with it. While these paddles are functional, the problem is they tend to be cheap and heavy; and they usually do not float. Not an ideal combination. The best paddle for you will be ...

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The 5 Best Skimboards Reviewed For 2018

Best Skimboard

Taking a trip to the beach? Well relaxing and reading is nice, even more fun is riding the waves near shore with a skimboard. In no time at all you can become an expert rider! To help you make the best of your time at the beach we have created this guide to the best skimboards that are worth considering. ...

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The 5 Best SUPs For Surfing Reviewed – [2018]

Best SUP For Surfing

There’s no better feeling than catching that first wave and embracing the power of the swell as it moves beneath you, catapulting you into a place of absolute exhilaration as you’re pushed shoreward, seemingly weightless. While some of the basics are the same, the benefits of SUP surfing over traditional surfing are huge. Forget learning how to quickly jump to ...

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The 7 Best Inflatable (SUP) Paddle Boards – [2018]

Best iSUP

Inflatable stand-up paddle boards (iSUPs) have some big advantages over their traditional hardboard counterparts and their convenience is hard to overstate. While traditional SUPs are heavy and hard to transport, inflatables allow you to go from backpack to paddling in under 10 minutes. We evaluated 12 of the best selling iSUPs and narrowed them down to our top 7 picks. ...

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The 5 Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps – 2018

best sup electric pump

Owning an inflatable stand up paddle board or kayak makes the logistics of transporting and storing your watercraft a lot easier. BUT it also means you have to inflate and deflate your equipment before and after use. Most models come with a hand pump that usually works well. However, if you want to get paddling as quickly as possible or ...

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The 9 Best Paddle Board Roof Racks Reviewed For 2018

best paddle board roof rack

Consider yourself lucky if you live within walking distance of the beach, as you hardly need to worry about how to get your stand up paddle board and gear to the water. The rest of us have to haul our boards over longer distances, but don’t let that challenge keep you from enjoying your stand up paddle board. With the ...

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The 5 Best Beginner Paddle Boards Reviewed For 2018

Best Beginner Paddle Board

Ready to try the sport of paddle boarding? It has exploded in popularity! Now all you need is the best beginner SUP to get started. You’re in the right place, were going to help you choose the right board to get started with. We’ll break down what you need to know and we also have some top performers for you ...

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