The 7 Best Mountain Bike Shoes Reviewed For 2017

Best Mountain Bike Shoes

If you are new to mountain biking, then you are probably riding around wearing a pair of sneakers or some other non-mountain bike specific shoe. You will have a much better time if you invest in the best MTB shoes as they are designed to keep your feet comfortable and allow you to ride with more confidence. Maybe you have ...

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Best Road Bike Pedals – [2017 / 2018]

best road bike pedals

Clipless pedals will make a huge difference in your road bike experience. Not just quality, but also fit and function determine which are the best road bike pedals for you. Your pedals will have a big influence on performance, comfort and fatigue. With the above in mind, have a look at our recommendations of the best road bike pedals available. ...

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The 5 Best Road Bike Helmets Reviewed For 2017

Best Road Bike Helmet

What are the best road bike helmets worthy of protecting your head? What should you look for in a helmet and what qualities are most critical? To answer these questions we took 10 of the most popular models and tested them for durability, protection, comfort, adjust-ability and ventilation. Modern bike helmets now combine style and protection so concern about your ...

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Best Cycling Shorts for Road Biking [2017 / 2018]

best cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are an important and functional piece of your cycling clothing that help you to ride in comfort for longer periods. The best cycling shorts do this by replacing your normal underwear with comfortable form fitting materials and a pad to sit on. If you do not have road biking shorts among your cycling apparel then we strongly advise ...

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How To Get Started Road Biking – A Beginner’s Guide

How To Get Started Road Biking

Riding a bike is a simple skill many of us learn at a young age, yet cycling is a rewarding experience you can enjoy all your life. Your bicycle is an accessible way to stay fit, commute on the cheap and enjoy the outdoors. No matter if you’ve cycled before, our beginner’s guide to road biking will explain how to ...

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The 5 Best Bike Pumps Reviewed & Rated For 2017

Best Bike Pump

A bike pump is probably not something you have given a whole lot of thought to. Its not an exciting tool but it will probably be your most used one. Every time you go for a ride its a good idea to top off the tires so they are at the proper pressure level. There are several types of bike pumps ...

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The 7 Best Bike Headlights Reviewed For 2017

Best Bike headlight

Its pretty obvious that if you are riding your bike at night, you need to have a bike headlight. Your chances of getting hit at night, riding a bike skyrocket after sunset and the small investment of a bike light can save your life. If you like to ride trails at night your needs for a bike light are going ...

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The 5 Best Road Bike Jerseys Reviewed for 2017 & 2018

Best Road Bike Jerseys

There is a good reason why you see road cyclists in tight, brightly colored jerseys. Not only do the bright colors help them to be seen by other road users, but the materials and cut of the jersey helps keep riders comfortable while spending long hours in the saddle. Fortunately, you do not have to wear a jersey with a ...

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Planning Your Bikepacking Trip

Planning your bikepacking trip

Bikepacking requires a lot of planning. While it is obvious to plan your route and make sure your bike is in working order, one thing to also spend a lot of time thinking about is how you will feed yourself on your trip. When bikepacking, you will find yourself in a constant struggle to eat enough food. Multiple days in ...

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The 5 Best MTB Jerseys Reviewed For 2017

Best MTB Jersey

While it is possible to go mountain biking while wearing a generic cotton t-shirt, the best MTB jerseys that have been specifically designed and constructed for the task will keep you much more comfortable. There are a couple of reasons for this. Cotton soaks up sweat and holds on to it like a sponge. Consequently, your t-shirt will become soaked ...

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