How We Review Our Products

At OutsidePursuits we are all avid about getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. Most outdoor activities require some type of equipment and our goal is to help you purchase the best gear for your needs. Whether it’s a sleeping bag, pair or boots of scuba fins we want to help you pick out what you need quickly and easily.

Do you buy and test all the equipment recommended?

While we at OutsidePursuits are all experts in our particular endeavors we cannot buy every single product we recommend. We do own many of the products and if we don’t personally own it, we talk to other people with the same interests and get their opinions so you can be assured what we are recommending are the best available products.

Doing our reviews in this fashion allows us to evaluate as many products as possible with the input of people who are experts in their field to make sure what we are recommending will work as promised.

What do you mean by the “Best”?

We do our evaluations on a cost/performance basis. So what that means is our “Editors Choice” is the best product at its price point. So it may not the best product you can buy at any price.

If you can buy a product that is 90% as good as the absolute best product that costs 3-4 times as much, why do it unless you absolutely have to have the best product at any cost?

Most people don’t, so that’s why we do our reviews on a cost/performance basis so you can be assured you are getting the best product at its price point.

Is there a conflict of interest getting a commission on products sold?

Well like we said since we don’t recommend the most expensive products we are of course limiting our commissions. As you may have noticed there is no advertising or banners on OutsidePursuits, our goal is not to make as much money as possible but to provide the best service to our readers.

If you return the product we don’t make anything, so it’s in our best interest that you are thrilled with the products you buy. If you have other opinions of gear we review, please let us know.

Products change, companies get bought out and sometimes the product quality changes. We welcome your input.

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