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Best Air Rifles Available [2017 / 2018] – Find The Best Air Gun For You

best air rifles

We will review the 10 best air rifles in the industry based on customer feedback and give the highlights of each.  Then we’ll select one that will be named our “Editor’s Choice”. First, we will take a look at the best air rifles with highest customer ratings in the marketplace along with details of each. Then we’ll offer some background ...

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The 11 Best Longboards Reviewed For 2017

Best Longboard

Longboards were invented in Hawaii by surfers in the 50’s so they could practice when the waves were not cooperating. It is now one of the fastest growing sports with its exposure from the X-Games. Longboarding is a thrilling, addictive sport and if your looking to get your first longboard or your tenth, your in the right place. We are ...

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Best Air Rifle Scopes – [2018] — See These Great New Products!

best air rifle scopes

If you’re an air rifle lover then you’ll appreciate Outside Pursuits’ review and comparison of the best air rifle scopes.  You spent top dollar on your air rifle, but the supplied optics may not be adequate to match the power and accuracy of your air gun. There’s no sense in using a cheap, basic scope on an expensive rifle. First, ...

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Getting Your Kids Off The Couch

physical activities for kids

How many times have you encouraged your kids to get off the electronics and get outside, only to hear there’s nothing to do !?  Don’t feel bad. You’re in the good company of other parents.  It’s just the nature of the beast(s). It’s as if kids are hardwired to respond that way to your efforts to get them active. You ...

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The 5 Best Ping Pong Paddles Reviewed For 2017

Best Ping Pong Paddle

Table tennis is a great sport where you can enjoy hours of fun with a partner regardless of your game level. Once you’ve learned the basic skills of batting the ball back and forth, you can greatly improve your ping pong play with the right paddle. For beginners and more experienced players alike, choosing the right table tennis racket is ...

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How to Choose the Best Drone For You

How to Choose the Best Drone For You

The growth in popularity and usage of drones is astounding.  New drone technologies, new applications for their use and new regulations regarding their use are all on the rise. In this article we take a look at the topic from several perspectives, with the goal of equipping the first-time drone buyer with more knowledge than he/she previously possessed to make ...

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The 7 Best Paintball Masks Reviewed For 2017

Best Paintball Mask

Paintball is an exciting sport that can be played recreationally or professionally as well as indoors and outdoors. To safely enjoy the sport, protection is crucial. Having the best paintball mask serves to shield your head and critical areas such as your eyes, nose, and ears. It’s required gear that comes in as many styles and types as the sport ...

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Tips and Tactics For Improving Your Paintballing Game!

Tips and Tactics For Improving Your Paintballing Game

Paintballing is so much more than a sport, a game or a way of bonding. It’s an encounter between galaxies, men and women, superheroes and supervillains, lashing out on the battlefield, vying for the title of ultimate defeater! There is no retreat, nor surrender. When there’s so much to lose, it’s critical that you give yourself and your teammates, the ...

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The 10 Best Snow Sleds Reviewed for 2017/2018

best snow sleds

Your options for sleds to buy are endless, and they range from adult-only serious sporting equipment, to inflatable kids sleds with cartoon imprints. No matter what type of winter sled you go with, it’s a sure way to keep you from hibernating the winter months away. Sledding is a sport that everyone can do, is relatively safe, cost-effective, and can ...

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