How To Snorkel – A Beginners Guide

How To Snorkel

Snorkeling can be a fun and adventurous outdoor activity for you and your friends. You can bond with the family on vacations or enjoy a group trip with co-workers. No matter who you decide to go snorkeling with, you will have a great time, get some wonderful exercise, and explore nature in ways you won’t be able to any other ...

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How To Play Paintball – A Beginners Guide

How To Play Paintball

For first time paintballers a day of paintball can be rather intimidating, the fast paced, adrenaline filled combat simulation is exhilarating and somewhat daunting as you gear up, enter  your selected game zones and prepare for war. Although Paintball is regulated by safety rules and regulations the stakes feel higher as you know you’re about to have a day you’re ...

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How To Snowboard – A Beginners Guide

How To Start Snowboarding

Snowboarding is one of the most thrilling new sports you can learn to participate in today. It’s easier and quicker to get started snowboarding than many people realize. Today I’m going to help you learn how to get started snowboard, what gear to choose, and guide you on your journey to snowboarding. With over 500 days teaching alpine snow sports ...

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How To Mountain Bike – A Beginners Guide

How To Start Mountain Biking

Mountain biking has come a long way since it was born in California in the 70’s. Back then fearless riders would hurtle down fire roads on junkyard bikes named “klunkerz” after the sound they made. Soon after, the first mountain bikes were produced and looked a lot like road bikes with bigger tyres. Over the years, mountain bikes have evolved ...

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How to Start Rock Climbing

How to Start Rock Climbing

Rock climbing as a sport is definitely experiencing a rise in popularity. It offers fun, exercise, a healthy dose of adventure and allows you to experience nature in new ways. Climbers are generally sociable and you will also get to meet new people. We’ve compiled the following how to guide to get you started on rock climbing as a beginner. ...

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How To Snowshoe – A Beginners Guide

Beginners Guide To Snowshoeing

Among popular methods of transportation, snowshoeing probably ranks near the lowest. Cars, trains, planes, skateboards, bicycles… even rollerblades may all qualify as more popular methods of travel. What makes snowshoeing so cool, then? Of course, snowshoes are able to take us places no other travel can! Snowshoes even beat skis at ascending and navigating dense or steep areas in some ...

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How to Buy a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

How To Buy A Paddle Board

After you have tried paddle boarding, perhaps on a friend’s SUP board or one you’ve rented from a shop, you will probably want to consider buying your own. It’s important to know how each feature of the board and how it is adjusted can change how the board works on the water. Let’s look at questions you need to answer ...

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How To Start Hiking – A Beginner’s Guide

Beginners Guide To Hiking

Getting started hiking can be a little bit confusing. Some will tell you that hiking involves a tent and overnight trips. Others consider that exclusive to backpacking. Still other hikers will face the challenge of living in areas which are urban. In these cases, you’ll have to plan special weekend trips to get out hiking in the wilderness. Even with ...

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Beginner’s Guide To Camping

Beginners Guide To Camping

Itching to get out there in the wilderness camping? Or maybe just spending a few nights in a campground with all the amenities. Whether you are going to Yosemite National Park or Ft Wilderness at Disney World, either way you’re going to need some essential camping gear. Whether you have never camped before or been deep in the wilderness the ...

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How To Backpack – A Beginners Guide


Getting started backpacking is a huge bite to chew on for the new hiker. There is gear to buy, rules to learn, and thousands of pages of advice to sort through on your journey into the mountains. Fears of lightning storms, bears, and dark lonely nights may be scattered throughout your dreams as your head is simultaneously excited, scared, and ...

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