The 5 Best Trolling Motors Reviewed For 2017

Best Trolling Motor

Fishing is a sport for those with patience, time, and equipment. Victory will always go to those who put in the time and effort to get out there and get the lure in the water. It never hurts to give yourself the edge, however. When you’re right next to your favorite fishing spot and you want to get in position ...

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The 5 Best Trolling Motor Batteries Reviewed For 2017

marine battery for trolling motor

I can still remember when we got our first electric trolling motor. As a kid we always just used a small gas outboard at idle speed to troll. Then electric motors became popular and affordable. I thought it was the coolest thing to add to the boat! Today’s fishing boats all have made trolling motors, almost mandatory. Electric trolling motors ...

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The 5 Best Kayak Seats Reviewed For 2017

Best Kayak Seat

So you bought your first kayak or you’re thinking about picking one up. Maybe you’ve spent time in a kayak before and found that, like most people, a standard kayak seat gets uncomfortable after some time on the water. If you’ve ever paddled longer trips you’ve probably experienced discomfort or even sores from long days of paddling in cheap seats. ...

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The 5 Best Kayak Anchors Reviewed For 2017

Best Kayak Anchor

If you’re like me then your first introduction to kayaking was probably a weekend trip with friends. Maybe a lazy paddle down a slow river or kayaking across the lake at the family’s cabin as a kid. Today’s kayaks are lighter, faster, and more versatile than ever and kayakers are using them for more adventures! That’s why choosing a good ...

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The 5 Best Kayak Trailers Reviewed For 2017

Best Kayak Trailer

Whether you’re an experienced paddler or a brand new kayaker, finding a way to carry your kayaks can be difficult, especially if your driving longer distances. With just one kayak, it might fit on the roof or in the truck bed. Two kayaks might fit in a special roof rack. For multiple kayaks or vehicles that can’t fit boats on ...

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How to Kayak With A Dog

How to Kayak With Your Dog

The outdoors can really be fun and amazing, especially if you live with a furry friend that can accompany you in all your adventures. It can be quite a bummer to leave your dog behind, but that should not always be the case. If you have a dog, you can take it with you on different activities like hiking, running, ...

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The 7 Best Recreational Kayaks For 2017

Best Recreational Kayak

There’s no time like summer for a kayaking trip. What’s that? You don’t have a kayak? Well, you’re in luck because we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know in order to pick out your first kayak. Then we’ll review a few possible choices you have for purchasing a kayak. By the time you’re done, you’ll know ...

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The 5 Best Kayak Fish Finders Reviewed For 2017

Best Kayak Fish Finder Reviews

Having the best kayak fish finder will help increase the odds of you finding and catching fish. Using a portable, wireless fish finder will make your day on the water that much more enjoyable. With so many fish finders on the market how do you know which one to buy? There are many models to choose from with various features. ...

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The 5 Best Kayak Carts Reviewed For 2017

Best Kayak Cart

Whether you’re hitting the water with a partner or by yourself, choosing the best kayak cart can help. Essentially you just strap them under one end of the boat and the cart does the majority of the work. With wheels to roll the kayak and support its weight, anyone can get a heavy or bulky kayak from the parking lot ...

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The 10 Best Kayak Roof Racks Reviewed For 2017

Best Kayak Roof Racks

Kayak roof racks are a fundamental necessity for paddlers. Why? Because most vehicles don’t have room for a kayak which can easily be 10+ feet long. Using the best kayak roof rack for your vehicle is going to make transporting your kayak easier and safer. Even some truck users may choose to look for additional kayak storage when needing to ...

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