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Outside Pursuits’ mission is to help our readers locate the very best and most suitable products for their outdoor and related activities. We also strive to make our editorial format as efficient and useful as possible, thereby saving readers’ time and money when they make a purchase from our many research categories.


  1. Knowledge empowers people. In our informational articles and reviews, we share our knowledge and experience with readers in the hope that this will empower them. Armed with knowledge about how to start enjoying a sport or how to buy the best item of outdoor gear, we hope our readers will feel more comfortable about engaging in outdoor pursuits.
  2. Repairing, recycling, and sustainable products are good for everyone. We do not want you to rush out and buy new outdoor gear every time you go hiking. Instead, we would like you to buy fewer items and buy the right ones. For example, if you can repair your motorcycle and it works efficiently, that is great. That is why we provide informational articles about repairing and maintaining motorcycles. If you must buy a new one, we hope you will choose the most environmentally friendly option. That is why we often mention the most environmentally friendly products in our reviews.
  3. Getting active outdoors is healthy. The CDC recommends that adults engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week to remain physically fit. Many medical studies also conclude that exercise has a positive impact on mental health, improving mood, preventing depression, lowering anxiety, and decreasing stress. Recent scientific research demonstrates that outdoor exercise is better than indoor exercise for improving your mental health.



  • Without our readers, we would not exist.
  • There are no advertisements on our website.
  • We do not accept payment for product placement.
  • We do not accept compensation for product reviews.

All our revenue derives from affiliate link commissions. That means that if you see a product you like in one of our reviews, click on the link, and then purchase it from the seller, we receive a small commission.

The commission we receive comes from the seller, not you. You only pay the price quoted by the seller. You pay nothing extra.

We do not promote or advertise products. We make recommendations, but these are often tailored to specific people. For example, in a review one product may be better for beginners, a second for experts, and a third for readers on a budget.

We provide you with information about the product and our opinions about the product, but the final decision about whether to buy or not is yours.

We will always state which item of gear is the best value in our opinion. What we call our Editor’s Choice. We will do this whether or not we are able to receive a commission on that product.

If we were to make poor recommendations, and our readers were unhappy with their choice, then we would gain a bad reputation and lose readership. Therefore, it is in our interest as an organization to give objective, accurate, and clear guidance. That is why we will always inform you about the bad attributes of a product as well as the good.

Our chief aim is to ensure our readers grow to trust our judgement. If they do, they will return to us when they need advice again and recommend us to their friends and family.


When writing reviews, we gather information from multiple sources and a range of experienced experts. We understand that nobody can know everything, which is why we do not rely on just one opinion.

Our recommendations come from a combination of the reviewer’s personal experience with the product, the feedback received from people who have already bought and used the product, the opinions offered by other industry experts, and field testing. Using multiple data points ensures there are no blind spots in our reviews and the opinions are more balanced.

We believe that our approach to reviewing results in the most trustworthy recommendations possible. Outside Pursuits saves our readers time and money by providing them with recommendations they can trust.

If you want to know more, check out our section on Why You Can Trust Outside Pursuits.


Richard Remick and Richard Moore collaborated to conceive and create Outside Pursuits in order to share their love of the outdoors and outdoors products. Outside Pursuits then ventured into related sport and hobby categories like Home & Garden, Automotive and Sustainable Living.

When establishing Outside Pursuits, they wanted to achieve something new. The founders wanted to create and grow a website that outdoor enthusiasts could come to trust and rely upon.

They wanted an outdoor gear website where beginners could come to obtain advice about how to start off. They wanted a site where more experienced hikers and kayakers could find information about taking the next step. And even experts could learn something new.

We are always happy to hear your opinions about our informational articles and reviews. Watch for the comments section at the bottom of every article.

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Why You Can Trust Outside Pursuits Gear Reviews

  • Outside Pursuits are 100% dependent upon our readership. Outside Pursuits allows no advertisements on its pages. We do not accept compensation for product reviews from manufacturers and do not get paid for product placement. Instead, we make a small commission on some of the gear you purchase after clicking a link on our website.
  • Our recommendations are a combined and well-considered opinion. Rather than relying on one, potentially subjective opinion, our recommendations are made after considering a range of different opinions. We gather information from existing owners of the product, our expert reviewer, field tests, and other expert opinions before coming to any conclusions in a review.
  • Outside Pursuits use experienced and knowledgeable writers. When Outside Pursuits decides to write an article about an outside activity or a product review, we get the most qualified person possible to conduct the review and write the article. We use writers with real-life experience of the outside pursuit or product. That is why we sometimes use freelance contributors. It enables us to always find the best person to write an article.
  • Our founders and editors are respected outdoorsmen. Richard Remick is often profiled on other outdoor-focused websites and is invited to contribute articles because his opinions are so well respected. Richard Moore is an adventurer who has lived with indigenous people on a remote tropical island. Before articles are published on Outside Pursuits, they must pass inspection by the two Richards. So, you can be assured that all the articles you read on Outside Pursuits are accurate and reliable.
  • If you return the product you purchased, we lose the commission. That means Outside Pursuits must get it right in our product reviews. This encourages us to be as thorough as possible in our product reviewing process and completely honest about the pros and cons of each item of outdoor gear. If we get it wrong, we don’t get paid.

Outside Pursuits cares about the environment. Although we know that we may get less commission on a product with a lower carbon footprint, we will always point it out to our readers. We put sustainability above profits when writing our articles.

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