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The 7 Best Camping Cots Reviewed For 2017

Best Camping Cot

Traveling and camping can be enjoyable or miserable, depending on how you approach it. Pitch your tent over a rock and try sleeping on the ground and you’re guaranteed a terrible time. Head out into the wild with great gear, plenty of knowledge, and a comfortable camping cot to sleep on and you’re guaranteed a much more restful sleep. While ...

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The Beginners Guide To Snowshoeing

Beginners Guide To Snowshoeing

Among popular methods of transportation, snowshoeing probably ranks near the lowest. Cars, trains, planes, skateboards, bicycles… even rollerblades may all qualify as more popular methods of travel. What makes snowshoeing so cool, then? Of course, snowshoes are able to take us places no other travel can! Snowshoes even beat skis at ascending and navigating dense or steep areas in some ...

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The 10 Best Kayak Roof Racks Reviewed For 2017

Best Kayak Roof Racks

Kayak roof racks are a fundamental necessity for paddlers. Why? Because most vehicles don’t have room for a kayak which can easily be 10+ feet long. Using the best kayak roof rack for your vehicle is going to make transporting your kayak easier and safer. Even some truck users may choose to look for additional kayak storage when needing to ...

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The 5 Best Snowmobile Goggles Reviewed For 2017

Best Snowmobile Goggles

Snowmobile goggles might be the unsung hero of snowmobile gear. Everyone thinks about having the newest and most rad snowmobile. Even some nice helmet or new winter clothes. Goggles just need to go on your eyes, they’re simple, right? There’s nothing special about the best snowmobile goggles. Famous last words! If you can’t see where you’re going – things are ...

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The 5 Best Snowmobile Boots Reviewed For 2017

Best Snowmobile Boots

When I was a kid we used to just pile on layers of every piece of hunting clothing and oversized boots when heading out to go snowmobiling. Of course, in those days we actually got snow in lower Michigan. The best snowmobile boots today are tailored specifically for the sport. Features like various amounts of insulation, waterproofing, and lacing variations ...

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The 7 Best Hydration Packs Reviewed For 2017

Best Hydration Pack

Hydration packs stand apart from the crowd by including dedicated space for a water bladder which might be for general use or more specific like running. Most dedicated hydration packs are small day packs or athletic packs for racing, biking, skiing, snowboarding or other minimal needs where water is a priority. While it is possible to find the best hydration ...

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The 7 Best Recreational and Fishing Kayaks 2017

Best Recreational Kayak

There’s no time like summer for a kayaking trip. What’s that? You don’t have a kayak? Well, you’re in luck because we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know in order to pick out your first kayak. Then we’ll review a few possible choices you have for purchasing a kayak. By the time you’re done, you’ll know ...

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The 10 Best Hiking Shirts Reviewed For 2017

Best Hiking Shirt

Aren’t hiking shirts the same thing as a regular shirt? Well, no, they’re not. Why’s that? Because the best hiking shirts have special properties and characteristics to be effective. Sure, we can hike in a normal cotton shirt on occasion but when we’re backpacking or hiking on longer trips or extreme conditions, quality matters. Most hiking shirts today feature a ...

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The 10 Best Canoe Paddles Reviewed For 2017

Best Canoe Paddle

When I was a kid my father would take us on fishing trips at a small local pond. It was always the old aluminum duck hunting canoe and some much-too-large paddles. After having experienced many long canoeing trips and guided many more I can tell you with certainty that the paddle is one of the most important pieces of gear. ...

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Beginner’s Guide To Hiking

Beginners Guide To Hiking

Getting started hiking can be a little bit confusing. Some will tell you that hiking involves a tent and overnight trips. Others consider that exclusive to backpacking. Still other hikers will face the challenge of living in areas which are urban. In these cases, you’ll have to plan special weekend trips to get out hiking in the wilderness. Even with ...

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