The 5 Best Lightweight Rain Jackets Reviewed – 2017


I can remember when I first started backpacking – I was totally afraid of surviving a rain storm. It was a fear based on inexperience and I was just not sure what to expect when I encountered my first rain storm, how I would keep my gear and self dry, would I get too cold? These days I rarely even ...

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The 5 Best Hydration Packs Reviewed – [2017]


Hydration packs stand apart from the crowd by including dedicated space for a water bladder which might be for general use or more specific like running. Most dedicated hydration packs are quite small day packs or athletic packs for racing, biking, or other minimal needs where water is a priority. While it is possible to find hydration packs in sizes ...

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The 5 Best Travel Backpacks Reviewed – [2017]


Backpacks have been around for years and, by my best guess, will be around for future generations of space-bound earthlings. They’re useful, practical, and have a place in just about everyone’s life for one purpose or another in school, travel, or hiking. In order to narrow down what makes a good travel backpack specifically, we need to first define what ...

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The 5 Best Hiking Pants Reviewed – [2017]


There’s a big difference between your dark pair of hipster blue jeans from Abercrombie and the best pair of pants for a long hike or overnight backpacking trip. Some of the differences might be easily evident such as wearing loose fitting pants for range of movement when hiking. Other differences may be less obvious and a few of them I ...

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The 5 Best Hiking Backpacks Reviewed For 2017

Best Hiking Backpack Reviews

Your hiking shoe is the most important part of your hiking gear but a quality backpack is a close second. Whether your only going a on day hike or for several weeks your choice of backpack is important. To help you make a good decision for what backpack to buy, we took 15 of the most popular and highest rated ...

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Best Fire Starter [For Backpacking and Survival] – 2017


As a backpacking guide with collegiate experience in the wilderness survival techniques niche, I can tell you there’s an awful lot of hype and misinformation surrounding fire starting. I’ve spent years sifting through the BS and sorting out what works for me. Of course, there are unlimited ways to start fires for survival or backpacking needs but honestly some of ...

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The 3 Best Backpacking Water Filters Reviewed – [2017]


In order to safely and effectively travel in the backcountry it’s critical to avoid illness. One potential source of infection is through water borne pathogens and there exist many methods of water purification. One of these methods is water filters – a physical filtration system whereby pathogens are filtered out of water using mechanical water pressure and a filter. There ...

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The 3 Best Trekking Poles Reviewed – [2017]


If you’re just getting started hiking, trekking poles (or hiking poles) may not be high on your gear list. Despite the fact that hiking poles have been proven to reduce stress on legs and knees by up to 25%. Some hikers carry trekking poles because the data supports it. Some carry hiking poles because they aid with balance, or climbing ...

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The 3 Best Camping Hammocks Reviewed – [2017]

Best Camping Hammock

When your looking for the best camping hammock there are a lot of factors to consider. But with so many camping hammocks to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you? Ease of set-up, comfort, portability and durability are the most obvious factors to consider. A camping hammock is going to take a lot of abuse. ...

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The 3 Best Hiking Shoes Reviewed – [2016]

Best Hiking Shoes Reviews

To figure out what were the best hiking shoes we took 10 pairs of top rated hiking shoes then hiked on some pretty rugged trails in New Hampshire. We took them through mud, rocks and water while evaluating them on traction, comfort, water resistance and durability. First lets take a look at the hiking shoes, then we’ll talk about how ...

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