The 5 Best Beach Tents Reviewed For 2017

Best Beach Tent

Have you ever fallen asleep while soaking up some sun and woke up looking like a lobster? Ever wished you could enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea without having to be directly in the harsh rays of the sun all day? The best beach tents will protect you from the sun and give you privacy. You could just ...

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How To Use Trekking Poles – A Beginners Guide

beginners guide to hiking poles

Hiking or trekking poles are something beginning backpackers and hikers usually do not think too much about. People generally just stay away from them until someone with more experience tells them or even shows them how a trekking pole can improve the hiking experience. First-time backpackers also tend to shy away from using trekking poles because of their minimalist approach. ...

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The 10 Best Hiking Shirts Reviewed For 2017

Best Hiking Shirt

Aren’t hiking shirts the same thing as a regular shirt? Well, no, they’re not. Why’s that? Because the best hiking shirts have special properties and characteristics to be effective. Sure, we can hike in a normal cotton shirt on occasion but when we’re backpacking or hiking on longer trips or extreme conditions, quality matters. Most hiking shirts today feature a ...

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How To Start Hiking – A Beginner’s Guide

Beginners Guide To Hiking

Getting started hiking can be a little bit confusing. Some will tell you that hiking involves a tent and overnight trips. Others consider that exclusive to backpacking. Still other hikers will face the challenge of living in areas which are urban. In these cases, you’ll have to plan special weekend trips to get out hiking in the wilderness. Even with ...

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Beginner’s Guide To Camping

Beginners Guide To Camping

Itching to get out there in the wilderness camping? Or maybe just spending a few nights in a campground with all the amenities. Whether you are going to Yosemite National Park or Ft Wilderness at Disney World, either way you’re going to need some essential camping gear. Whether you have never camped before or been deep in the wilderness the ...

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The 7 Best Camping and Survival Knives – [2017]

Best Camping Knife

Like any young boy growing up in the countryside of America, I was always fascinated with knives. I grew up hunting, fishing, and being in the woods. Knives were second nature to me from a very young age and I learned to use them, throw them, make them, and sharpen them. Rarely was I without one of my favorite camping ...

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The 7 Best Hiking Poles Reviewed For 2017

Best Hiking Poles

If you’re just getting started hiking, trekking poles (or hiking poles) may not be high on your gear list. Despite the fact that using the best hiking poles have been proven to reduce stress on legs and knees by up to 25%. Some carry hiking poles because they aid with balance, or climbing steep hills. Others will carry hiking poles ...

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The 5 Best Travel Backpacks Reviewed – [2017]

Best Travel Backpack

Backpacks have been around for years and, by my best guess, will be around for future generations of space-bound earthlings. They’re useful, practical, and have a place in just about everyone’s life for one purpose or another in school, travel, or hiking. In order to narrow down what makes a good travel backpack specifically, we need to first define what ...

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The 7 Best Baby Carriers For Hiking Reviewed For 2017

best hiking baby carrier

So you want to go hiking, but you don’t want to leave your baby or your toddler behind to be looked after by a babysitter or other family member? Baby hiking backpacks are the answer. These are backpacks designed to carry babies or toddlers safely and comfortably even through the wilderness. In this guide, you’ll find an explanation of the ...

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The 7 Best Backpacking Rain Jackets Reviewed – 2017

Best Backpacking Rain Jacket

I can remember when I first started backpacking – I was totally afraid of surviving a rain storm. It was a fear based on inexperience and I was just not sure what to expect when I encountered my first rain storm, how I would keep my gear and self dry, would I get too cold? These days I rarely even ...

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