The 4 Best Camping Cots Reviewed For 2017


Traveling and camping can be enjoyable or miserable, depending on how you approach it. Pitch your tent over a rock and try sleeping on the ground and you’re guaranteed a terrible time. Head out into the wild with great gear, plenty of knowledge, and a comfortable cot to sleep on and you’re guaranteed a much more restful sleep. While camping ...

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The 3 Best Backpacking Tents Reviewed – [2017]

Best Backpacking tent reviews

If your in the market for a backpacking tent you will quickly realize there are quite a few to choose from. Spending the time to find the right tent will make your trip into the backcountry much more enjoyable. To help you make that decision we evaluated many of the top brands of tents based on weather resistance, ease of ...

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The 3 Best Camping Chairs Reviewed For 2017

Best Camping Chairs

When your looking for a camping chair, portability and durability are the most obvious factors to consider. Camping chairs take a lot of abuse, they typically are getting tossed into the back of cars and trucks, dragged around camp sites and stay out in the elements. And as much as they get abused you expect them to not fall apart ...

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The 3 Best Camping Stoves Reviewed For 2017

Best Camping Stoves Reviews

While cold food is great filling the stomach on a temporary basis, there is no way to replace a warm sustaining meal, especially when you are enjoying Mother Nature. Whether you are on a daytime outing with the family or camping for an extended period of time, there is no substitute for a good camping stove. Even if it is ...

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The 3 Best Women’s Hiking Shoes For 2017

Best Hiking Shoes For Women

The most important consideration for your next hike is what is on your feet. Your choice of hiking shoe will make big difference in how how much you enjoy your hike. A good pair of shoes will keep you dry, provide traction and support as well as being light weight. The last thing you want is to be weighed down ...

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The 3 Best Backpacking Stoves Reviewed – [2017]

Best Backpacking Stove Reviews

If your like me a hot cup of coffee to start the day is a necessity. And after a long day trekking through the woods, there are few things better than a hot meal at the end of the day. With modern lightweight backpacking stoves this is not hard to do. There are many choices though, which one is best ...

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Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking


Getting started backpacking is a huge bite to chew on for the new hiker. There is gear to buy, rules to learn, and thousands of pages of advice to sort through on your journey into the mountains. Fears of lightning storms, bears, and dark lonely nights may be scattered throughout your dreams as your head is simultaneously excited, scared, and ...

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The 3 Best Hiking Boots Reviewed For 2017


I can still remember shopping for my very first pair of hiking boots. I can’t remember if someone told me to buy hiking boots or if I just assumed that the conventional wisdom of wearing boots hiking made senses. “Tall hiking boots will help protect from snake bites,” they might say. Or, perhaps, “Hiking boots help support your ankles.” These ...

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The 5 Best Hiking Watches Reviewed – [2017]


Part of being a safe hiker is understanding your environment and make predictions – such as changes in the weather. This is where an ABC watch (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) can be helpful. With the advances in technology, you now can have GPS mapping technology on your wrist with the durability to go anywhere, even underwater. Hikers now have many tools ...

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The 5 Best Backpacking and Camping Sleeping Pads


When you hear the word “sleeping pad” what is the image conjured in your mind? Is it a flat blue foam mat from Walmart’s camping section? Maybe you’re thinking of a huge inflatable air bed for guests in the spare bedroom. Perhaps you’re thinking of one of those fancy self-inflating camping pads… In this article, we’re going to be taking ...

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