The 7 Best Bike Phone Mounts Reviewed For 2017

Best Bike Phone Mount

If you want to keep you phone handy while riding your bike or motorcycle your going to need a bike phone mount. However, you are a going to find a seemingly never ending collection of mounts with different sizes, shapes, colors, prices, and even functionality. Deciding which is best for you can be rather overwhelming. Do you want a case ...

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The 7 Best Bike Headlights Reviewed For 2017

Best Bike headlight

Its pretty obvious that if you are riding your bike at night, you need to have a bike headlight. Your chances of getting hit at night riding a bike skyrocket after sunset and the small investment of a bike light can save your life. If you like to ride trails at night your needs for a bike light are going ...

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The 7 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Reviewed – [2017]

Best Mountain Bike Helmet

What are the best mountain bike helmets worthy of protecting your head? If your riding trails its only a matter of time before you crash and hit your head. So make sure what you have on your head is going to protect it. But what should you look for in a helmet? And what factors are most critical? We took ...

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The 5 Best Bike Repair Stands Reviewed – [2017]


So your looking to do some of your own bike repairs and maintenance yourself? A quality bike repair stand is an invaluable tool to help you with those repairs. We evaluated several of the most popular stands based on stability, ease of setup, portability, clamping and height adjustment. Be sure to check out my bike multi tool reviews for working ...

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The 5 Best Bike Computers Reviewed For 2017

Best Bike Computer

Having a bike computer can make your ride a lot more enjoyable by keeping track of your progress, where you have been, navigation and speed. But bike computers vary widely in price and features, how do you know which one to buy? With prices coming down and features increasing they are becoming very popular. To help you make an informed ...

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The 5 Best Bike Trailers Reviewed For 2017

Best Bike Trailer

If you have always ridden bikes and now have a family, there’s no reason you have to stop enjoying the activity you love. In fact, enjoying this activity with your kids is a great way to instill a love for riding at a young age. With so many bike trailers available the trick is figuring out which one is best ...

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The 5 Best Folding Bikes Reviewed For 2017

Best Folding Bike Reviews

When your looking for a folding bike there are several considerations. The main one being where you wll be using it. The folding bike for an urban commuter may not be the best bike for the person using it at a camp site. To make your selection easy we tested 10 models of folding bikes and tried them out riding ...

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The 5 Best Bike Racks Reviewed For 2017

Best Bike Rack Reviews

Transporting and storing your bike is a seeming simple objective. However, with all the different types of bike racks and mounting styles it’s not that easy. If you are still researching what type you need, this guide will help you decide. Using the wrong bike rack can result in damage to your vehicle or bike. We tested the highest rated ...

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The 5 Best Bike Pumps Reviewed For 2017

Best Bike Pumps

A bike pump is probably not something you have given a whole lot of thought to. Its not an exciting tool but it will probably be your most used one. Pretty much every time you go for a ride its a good idea to top off the tires so they are at the proper pressure level. There are several types of ...

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The 3 Best Mountain Bike Shorts Reviewed – [2017]

Best Mountain Bike Shorts

Before going out and buying a pair of MTB shorts you need to consider the style of biking you mostly do. Once you have this down you are in a good position to choose the best possible MTB shorts. Quick Answer:  The Best MTB Shorts ZOIC Ether MTB Cycling Shorts Pearl Izumi – Ride Elevate Shorts Fox Racing Ranger MTB ...

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