10 Amazing Places For Camping Under The Stars

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There is nothing more relaxing then placing your tent in the countryside, serene mountainsides or gorgeous beaches and stargazing far from the city.

No matter if you are a keen camper or a novice you will return home totally rejuvenated and detoxified from the daily commotions. Our planet is rich in captivating camping sites that will make your stay more flabbergasting then you have ever imagined.

All it takes is the will, quality camping equipment, and a plane ticket.

1. Asturias, Spain

Even though Spain is rich with wonderful monuments and historic places, the time has stood still in the northwest region of Asturias, making the first must-see place to sleep under the stars. Nestled between the lush mountains of Cantabria and Bay of Biscay, this is where timid local villages blend with luscious landscape offering every visitor a comfortable stay with mesmerizing views. Place your sleeping bag next to scenic coastlines and sleep overhearing the waves.

2. Lake Garda, Italy

If you are to visit Italy, the most ideal place to gaze at the stars would be at Peschiera del Garda. The entire lake is captivating by itself, so you will have loads of things to see, foods to try, and places to visit. If you plan to take some amazing pictures of nature, be sure to check out websites such as Sleeklens to seek inspiration and pieces of advice.

3. Yellowstone, USA

This list wouldn’t be valid unless we mention the world’s first national park, which is truly mother nature’s most magnificent wonder. See the incredible geysers, luscious trees, stunning mountains, and unique wildlife. Before you choose where you would place your camp, you might want to know a few basics about bear safety because you may as well encounter one.

4. Mount Cook, New Zealand

Another sensational national park with sensational landscape and out-of-this-world nature. This South Island’s gem is a complete story on its own. Besides sleeping in between infatuating mountains, you can nest beside Lake Pukaki where the locals reckon stargazing is truly magnificent, go hiking close to the summit, and later hop on a boat to see the glacier in close.

5. The Isle of Arran, Scotland

Don’t be fooled, but this seemingly shy country has beautiful and comfortable places where you could camp and experience both gorgeous environment and dwell into the enchanting prehistory. The Isle of Arran has been inhabited since prehistory and offers a wide variety of seascapes, rugged mountains, and rolling hills. Ideal for campers who like to hike, kayak, cycle and stargaze.

6. Yosemite, USA

One of California’s biggest gems certainly is this vast National Park. If you are looking for a place to escape it all, get detoxified from technology, feel the untamed wilderness, then you should visit Yosemite. Sleep under the stars and hike up to Glacier Point for a view of Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, and Yosemite Falls.

7. The Alps, France

The Alps during winter are dominated by skiers and all the lovers of winter wonders, but in the summer months hypnotizing transformation occurs. Once the snow thaws and gentle spring weather arrives, so do hikers and campers mark their spot. Witness the fairytale greenery, walk along with the magnificent villages nestled in the foothills and sleep under the glitter night sky.

8. Skane, Sweden

This small Scandinavian province is undoubtedly a large chunk of paradise on Earth. Even if you won’t be able to sleep under the stars for too long since the Swedish days tend to be rather long, but you can have a comfortable stay. Tranquillity, fresh air, and beguiling nature are what every visitor will experience alongside Skane’s beaches, lakes, and forests.

9. Sahara Desert, Morocco

Now for something completely different and genuine. Hot and humid air is not suitable or every camper, but nights in the Sahara Desert enables you to basically see the entire galaxy (almost). You can go camel riding along the picturesque dunes, try sandboarding, and in the end settle in under the stars in the traditional Berber camp.

10. Connemara, Ireland

The land of all things green is the place where you will have the chance to enliven all your senses. The coastal region of Galway is totally dramatic and windswept, thus not ideal for those faint-hearted. However, sleeping alongside the Atlantic seascape is what every camper must check off of his bucket list.


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