The 3 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks Reviewed – [2017]

best snorkel mask reviews

A quality snorkel mask is indispensable for enjoying your day on the water. However, with so many full face snorkeling masks available it’s important to know what to look for before you buy one. This article will guide you in buying the best snorkel mask (for Men, Women and Kids) based on performance, features and price. Essentially it comes down ...

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The 3 Best Snorkeling Fins Reviewed – [2017]

Best Snorkeling Fins Reviews

Your snorkel mask is the most critical piece of equipment for a good day of snorkeling. Your fins are a close second however. The best snorkeling fins are a combination of comfort, compact size and propulsion. After evaluating 9 of the most popular fins we have come up with our top three picks that excel in each of these three ...

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The 5 Best Dive Knives Reviewed For 2017


A dive knife is a tool that no diver should be without. Even if you only go a few times a year it is still a dive accessory you should have. The recreational diver may never use their knife but its one of those things that its better to have and not need than than be in a situation that ...

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The Best Snorkel Gear Reviewed – [2017]

Best Snorkel Gear Reviews

Cheap or mediocre snorkel gear can make or break a well-planned snorkeling trip. Imagine your mask constantly leaking or fogging up while trying to enjoy the beautiful sites. Beyond being a simple distraction, a faulty mask can ruin your experience altogether because of poor visibility. The same goes for a low quality snorkel. Settling for a model that doesn’t have ...

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The 3 Best Dive Computers Reviewed For 2017

best diving watch reviews

Having a dive computer will free you from having to worry about calculations of your nitrogen levels using complicated dive tables. Being able to monitor all the information you need on your wrist will give you the confidence to stop worrying and just enjoy the dive, and isn’t that what it’s all about? The big problem with trying to choose ...

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The 5 Best Dive Lights Reviewed – [2017]


A diving light is not just for scuba diving at night. While not as essential as say a dive knife or computer for daytime diving it is a good idea to always have one, even if its just a small light to keep in your BCD pocket. If you plan on diving wrecks, or cave diving then your choice of ...

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The 5 Best Scuba Masks Reviewed For 2017


If your just getting into scuba diving, the first piece of equipment you should buy is a quality scuba diving mask. You don’t want to get a snorkeling mask and use it for diving, you will have very poor results. There is nothing worse than diving when you are constantly clearing your mask because its leaking or can’t see due ...

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The 3 Best Underwater Cameras Reviewed For 2017

Best Underwater Camera Reviews

Whether you are going to the beach or the mountains you need to have a camera that can handle the elements. In addition to being water proof, these rugged cameras are also freeze, and shock proof. They also allow you to dive deep under water to take the perfect picture. Most of these waterproof cameras also have Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS ...

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The Beginners Guide To Scuba Diving

beginners guide to scuba diving

Thinking of trying Scuba Diving? Well if so, I highly recommend it! Snorkeling is great fun but there is nothing like being down there with the fish. The difference is like looking at an aquarium vs being in the aquarium. It’s important when you’re interested in any new hobby, that you research it carefully. Scuba diving, like many hobbies or ...

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