How to Buy a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

How To Buy a Stand Up Paddle Board SUP

After you have tried paddle boarding, perhaps on a friend’s SUP board or one you’ve rented from a shop, you will probably want to consider buying your own. It’s important to know how each feature of the board and how it is adjusted can change how the board works on the water. Let’s look at questions you need to answer ...

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Beginner’s Guide To Hiking

Beginners Guide To Hiking

Getting started hiking can be a little bit confusing. Some will tell you that hiking involves a tent and overnight trips. Others consider that exclusive to backpacking. Still other hikers will face the challenge of living in areas which are urban. In these cases, you’ll have to plan special weekend trips to get out hiking in the wilderness. Even with ...

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Beginner’s Guide To Camping

Beginners Guide To Camping

Itching to get out there in the wilderness camping? Or maybe just spending a few nights in a campground with all the amenities. Whether you are going to Yosemite National Park or Ft Wilderness at Disney World, either way you’re going to need some essential camping gear. Whether you have never camped before or been deep in the wilderness the ...

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Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking


Getting started backpacking is a huge bite to chew on for the new hiker. There is gear to buy, rules to learn, and thousands of pages of advice to sort through on your journey into the mountains. Fears of lightning storms, bears, and dark lonely nights may be scattered throughout your dreams as your head is simultaneously excited, scared, and ...

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The Beginners Guide To Skiing

Beginners Guide To Skiing

Winter is coming, as Ned Stark would say. What does that mean for the outdoor sports world? It means alpine skiing is about to kick off for the season and you had better get out there! If you’ve never learned to ski then you’re missing out on some serious fun! It’s a great family sport and wonderfully enjoyable regardless of ...

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How To Get Ready for Ski Season

How To Get Ready For Ski Season

If you’re starting to sense the cooler evenings and crisp mornings, then you may be suffering from lack of ski time. I’m starting to wake up and get excited at the tiny change in air temperature as summer fades and autumn waxes because I know that snow is on the horizon. Maybe a few months… but I can get excited, ...

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The Beginners Guide To Scuba Diving

Beginners Guide To Scuba Diving

Thinking of trying Scuba Diving? Well if so, I highly recommend it! Snorkeling is great fun but there is nothing like being down there with the fish. The difference is like looking at an aquarium vs being in the aquarium. It’s important when you’re interested in any new hobby, that you research it carefully. Scuba diving, like many hobbies or ...

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The Beginners Guide To Kayaking

How to kayak - a beginners guide

The kayak is the perfect solution for providing people with an inexpensive means of accessing their local bodies of water for the purpose of recreation, exploration and fishing. When learning how to kayak there are several aspects that should be considered; such as purchasing the correct type of kayak and paddle, paddling techniques plus getting the right type of clothing ...

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What To Take Skiing

What To Take Skiing

After returning from my first ski trip, I had some thoughts on what I would have brought and things I should have left at home. (Below is a Full List of What to Take Skiing) Regardless of where you are traveling, it’s a drag to tote a heavy, unruly suitcase. The ideal in packing for any trip is to strike ...

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8 Tips For First Time Skiers

Tips for first time skiers

If it hadn’t been for my boyfriend who has skied for 30 plus years, I probably would’ve never braved the slopes. Because of his encouragement and my being a fairly adventurous person, I was game for trying something new. We chose to ski in Telluride, a charming, historic town nestled in a valley and surrounded by the San Juan Mountains ...

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