RadWagon 4 [2020 Review] – New Electric Cargo Bike from Rad Power Bikes

The Newest RadWagon 4 Cargo EBike Review

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Not only is Rad Power Bikes one of the most well-respected e-bike companies in North America – it’s the largest in the US. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that they offer such a diverse and accessible selection of products.

One of these show-stopping products is the RadWagon, which is their electric cargo bike. The bike has recently experienced a serious renovation, that includes an ultramodern frame, new motor, thinner wheels, and much more.

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RadWagon’s New Features Reviewed

The newest version of the bike has been dubbed the RadWagon 4. If you know a bit about the previous model, you’ll probably notice the updated wheels and frame right away.

Rad Power RadWagon 4

It’s hard to miss the patent-pending frame design, in which the meticulous engineering is evident. With a smaller wheel diameter and wider tires, you get increased cargo space.

Not only that, but the layout makes for lower racks in both the front and back, creating a more comfy ride and added sturdiness which you’ll love when riding at full capacity (up to 350 pounds).

As far as the wheels go, you get a new 22” x 3” size which are notably larger yet thinner than the previous model’s.

We mentioned a different motor briefly as well. Before, you had a direct drive, and now you have a geared hub motor. These are smaller and lighter than their direct drive counterparts, which aid in boosting range.

Moreover, they are even more efficient when climbing steep inclines and acceleration with an impressive 80 Nm of torque.

Customization and the ability to adjust a bike to your liking is important, especially when you’re using it to carry heavy cargo (and yourself). With a telescoping seat post, it is made to work with those who stand anywhere from 5’1” to 6’4” which is a nice variability.

On top of that, it comes with an adjustable stem assembly which you can change to your liking without any need for tools! The reach, height, and even the angle of the handlebars are all adjustable.

Rad Power RadWagon 4 black

This means you’ll be able to take advantage of the most ergonomic, comfortable configuration for your individual body and preferences.

What’s really cool about the RadWagon 4 it is, in many ways, many bikes in one. You can choose to add even more racks and baskets which are great for delivering items, heading to the store to pick up some groceries, and more.

There are more utility accessories available, as well as child carriers if you want to head across town to visit family or take them to the park without the need for a car!

Safety is a top priority with Rad Power, and that’s evident with the bright, built-in LED lights, durable fenders, and clear protective skirt around the rear wheel. The rear rack comes with 2 half-length wooden panels, and you’ll get a double kickstand for sturdiness.

The mechanical disc brakes on 180mm rotors respond quickly, which is helpful whether you’re downtown or in the middle of nowhere.

A 7-speed drivetrain and 5 levels of pedal assist are all adjustable from the LCD display screen. To change them, simply do a half-twist to the throttle on the right.

The 48V battery is quite powerful as well, with the ability to reach up to 20 MPH and a range of 25-45 miles which is perfect for heading to and from work, school, errands, and just about anything else you need to check off your to-do list!

Summary – RadWagon 4 Review

Rad Power Bikes is already a very innovative, unique company but we wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d stopped with their already-existing products as they perform so well.

However, we’re glad to see they’ve come out with the RadWagon 4, among other new models.

Not only we, but countless other riders have been more than happy with the updates on this model. The smaller wheels bring the bike lower to the ground which gives greater stability and added confidence while riding.

The tire volume lies somewhere between fat tires and regular tires, perhaps adding a bit more padding to the still-comfortable ride.

The only downside for us was that you don’t have many options when it comes to modifying your tires – you’re stuck with this tire size, which isn’t common at all.

While the floorboards used to be a standard part of the bike, now they’re considered to be an accessory. Some people weren’t fans of this change but to be honest, unless you’re regularly carrying passengers who would utilize the footrests, they’re just extra weight. Try carrying a passenger with a rental ebike.

A nice meet-in-the-middle option here is the footpeg alternative which would cost and weigh less.

We can’t say enough about how much we loved the rest of the updates. Greater torque, more adjustability, a lower overall height, many frame/mounting customization options, and added accessories are more than welcome here!


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