E-Bikes and the Latest Advances

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Looks like no industry has escaped the latest innovations that technology has produced today, including how the newest bikes are being designed.

As green technology and other new initiatives become more prevalent in the biking industry, the recent designs of e-bikes are now on the scene.

So, for those of you who are interested in what these bikes have to offer, here’s a few of their most exciting highlights that you may want to know.

Designed for Short Distance Commutes

Based on the areas in which an individual lives, they may be forced to drive their vehicles to their jobs and back. Particularly, when employees live as much as 45 minutes to an hour away from the places that they work. In these cases, an automobile becomes a necessity instead of a luxury.

However, in scenarios where the drive tends to be quite a bit closer, people have a little more leeway. So, they may be able to pick and choose what type of alternative transportation that they prefer.

Thankfully, with the e-bike now in the picture as a viable option, people can commute to work and back on their electric bikes. In fact, the e-bike is an excellent choice for people who live in cities that have a history of congestion on their streets.

E-Bikers Saves Money on Gas & Become Green Technology Contributors

In addition to giving workers another option to commute to work and back, electric bike riders can also take advantage of other benefits.

Since this form or transportation runs by battery and not by gas, they can easily save large sums of money each month on their gas bills.

It is also important to note e-bike riders can also do their part on eliminating the pollution in the air that comes from the emission that their vehicles contributed to the problem as well.

Mobile Friendly – Ease in Transporting

Unlike the traditional bikes of the past, e-bikes can be loaded with great features. In fact, designers tend to leave no stone unturned because smart technology is not left out, but a huge part of making these new bikes a desirable vehicle for the future. Here’s just a few of the most coveted features that people are taking advantage of the type.

Similar to android phones, e-bikes are mobile friendly in a number of different ways. One of the more notable involves its size.

This is because many of these bikes are so light weight that people can pick them up with one hand. The designers have also concentrated a lot of their efforts on making sure these bikes can fit comfortably in any vehicle.

Meaning there is no need to install a bike rack on top of a vehicle to transport it back and forth, if and when the occasion arises. For instance, some of these e-bikes have been designed with the following measurements : 1020 mm in length, 940 mm in height, and handle bar width of 505 mm.

To review this style, you should visit the site http://www.fwheel.cc/product/dyu-smart-bike-d1/.

Smart App Capabilities

As previously stated, these bikes are mobile friendly in more than one way. So, the need to stay mobile will also take into account staying connected.

With this in mind, consumers can look for e-bikes that have smart apps that can be used whenever it’s needed. For instance, smart apps can assist e-riders with tracking their speed.

Based on the programming that the manufacturers have included in their e-bikes, the rider may have a default speed of 20km/h to 30km/h or it can be adjusted by the rider via an app. To keep track of their rides they can keep a smart phone handy by mounting it on the handlebars.

Smart Locking Systems

Riders can also benefit from a smart unlock feature that protects their bike from unauthorized individuals. With this lock, the owner can customize it by using a password to unlock its equipment. Meaning the manufacturers have included an intelligent locking system for the users benefits.

Self-Checking Monitoring Systems

As with any electronic device, malfunctions can occur and will need to be repaired to prevent unnecessary problems from occurring.

To address these situations, the designers have included self-check monitoring capabilities that allows the user to send the data that it identifies to another mobile device.

This feature has been programmed to provide the following data.

  • Status of Brake handle and Shift Handle
  • Battery Power Indicators
  • Control Board Malfunctions
  • Issues with the communication System

All of which are essential self-checking monitors in making sure the e-bike is functioning at its maximum at all times.

Sophisticated Lighting and Braking Systems

Some e-bikes comes with their own sophisticated lighting systems. These systems have been designed to protect the rider in all kinds of situations.

For instance, some styles are made with smart rear brake lights that warn others when the rider is stopping, and they are equipped with highly bright induction headlights that keep riders safe during night hour traveling.

Also, a double high sensitive disc braking system is included for both the front and rear brakes. 

 Dyu Smart Bike D1

Because all e-bikes are not equal, you should look around specifically for those that have the best features in the industry as well as those that will suit your specific needs.

From buying an e-bike that only has an electric motor that runs only 30 minutes to an hour to a purchasing an e-book that gives the user GPS technology that gives the user information and directions to where they want to go, people can pick and choose what they want and need for their biking needs.

Starting with the Dyu Smart Bike D1, you will have the option of buying one of the most stylish sleek designs that offers a variety of different cool features.

The Dyu Smart D1 bike has been crafted with several different things in mind. Therefore, when prospective buyers see it, they can appreciate the style that simulates the look of a small adult bike that’s both very unique and attractive to the eye.

The body of this bike is made of all aluminum allow materials and they buyer can choose between the colors, black or white. With a height of 200mm and a weight of 12kg, it is an ideal choice for those who want an easy to carry light weight e-bike for those on the go.

It is also important to note that there are some pros and cons to making this purchase, and they are provided for you below.



  • Tires of the bike are made for all types of weather conditions, which increases it safety performance during wet and rainy weather
  • Provides speed ranges from 20km to 40km
  • Light weight pick up feature that allows users to transport the e-bike easily from one place to another.
  • Small enough in diameter to store in virtually any place including the trunk of a car. So, the driver will not need a rack on top of their vehicle to store this bike on the outside like the earlier traditional bikes.
  • Smart technology is available in this model so that the user can take advantage of GPS for the best riding routs, auto speed adjuster, smart unlock for password access.
  • E-bike has a self-adjusting speed incorporated in its capabilities so any problems can be detected without having to use manual procedures to identify any problems.
  • Saves on gas because it runs on battery and not fuel


  •  The only colors available in this model is black and white


Overall, the Dyu Smart Bike D1 is a great buy, especially because it has been designed to provide users with virtually everything that they will need to have a safe trip from one destination to another.

This bike is lightweight enough to accommodate the mobile needs of commuters all over the U.S. and abroad. It is also created with a sleek design that is very attractive for any consumer, and has a number of different extra features, including giving the biker access to various types of smart technologies.


Bicycles have evolved greatly over time, and they have been very beneficial in providing people with a way to get back and forth from one destination to another.

The older manual versions of the bike have also been used as a form of exercise to help people stay fit and trim. Whatever the case or situation, these bikes have now been taken to a completely new level because they are now called electronic bikes or e-bikes.

In fact, based on the manufacturer and the style, these bikes can come with loads of great features from the latest technologies. Therefore, when people are looking around to see what is available on the market today, they may start by reviewing the latest additions to the industry.

So, they that can take advantage of a variety of different options, including using e-bikes as a key form of transportation, and the incorporation of smart technology. It is also important to note that the ebike is also beneficial in saving money because they run on battery instead of fuel.


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