The 7 Best Kayak Paddles Reviewed For 2017

Best Kayak Paddle

Finding the best kayak paddle for your paddling style is almost as important as finding the right kayak. If you pick a paddle that is not the right length, uncomfortable to hold or too heavy, you will have a difficult time maneuvering your kayak. There are several considerations when selecting your kayak paddle, so to help with your decision we ...

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The 7 Best Inflatable Kayaks Reviewed For 2017

Best Inflatable Kayak

While the performance of an inflatable kayak is not as good as a hard shell kayak, they more than make up for any drawbacks with their ease of portability. With modern construction materials, inflatable kayaks can even be used for white water rafting and fishing. There are however, large differences between the various models. How do you decide which model ...

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The 5 Best Kayak Fish Finders Reviewed – [2017]

Best Kayak Fish Finder Reviews

Having a portable, wireless fish finder for your kayak will help increase the odds of you finding and catching fish. Using the best possible kayak fish finder will make you day on the water that much more enjoyable. With so many fish finders on the market how do you know which one to buy? There are many models to choose ...

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Preparing For Your Kayak Camping Trip

kayak camping

Combining both kayaking and camping is the best of two worlds. You get the joy of kayaking, probably over several days, as well as the relaxation of camping. However, there are some things that you need to look at before you take off with your boat. If you want a successful experience then you’ll want to put some time aside ...

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The Beginners Guide To Kayaking

How to kayak - a beginners guide

The kayak is the perfect solution for providing people with an inexpensive means of accessing their local bodies of water for the purpose of recreation, exploration and fishing. When learning how to kayak there are several aspects that should be considered; such as purchasing the correct type of kayak and paddle, paddling techniques plus getting the right type of clothing ...

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How To Buy A Kayak: The Ultimate Guide

How To Buy A Kayak

Although paddling a kayak is a relatively easy activity that is suitable for the entire family, purchasing the correct kayak for your intended purpose can be a daunting task with so many different types of kayaks, different types of kayak construction, and various design aspects to consider. The following guide on How To Buy A Kayak will provide you with ...

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