What Are the Best Snowboard Brands?

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If you’re a complete noob when it comes to snowboarding then you’re probably wondering where to start with gear and clothing. One of the easiest ways to get started off on the right foot is by looking at reputable brands. This way, you know just about anything you purchase for them is going to be high-quality. We have taken our personal experience and consumer reviews to bring you the best snowboarding brands on the market today. Let’s get started!

1. Burton

If you’re learning how to snowboard, we can’t recommend getting a Burton board enough. Burton is a legendary brand, and easily the most well-known around the world. Founded back in 1977, they’ve been the leader right out of the gate but have had plenty of time to further perfect their engineering.

No matter what your age, gender, or experience, there’s something for you from Burton. They’re a brand that really pushes innovation and technology in regard to both boards and bindings, along with clothing and accessories.

The Vermont-based company may be beginner-friendly, but they also sponsor some of the world’s most skilled athletes such as Shaun White, Kelly Clark, and Terje Haakonsen.

2. Salomon

Okay, okay, we know that Salomon didn’t technically start out as a snowboarding brand, but we admire their willingness to go with the flow and expand into this incredible sport. Originally a skiing company, they are able to hold their own against Burton, mainly because they simply offer much different products.

When it comes to split boards, no other brand can compete. What are split boards? Just like it sounds, these are boards which can split into two separate pieces. In fact, you may even see some insane boards from them that are able to separate into 4! These are great for using them as skis for traveling uphill or touring.

The France-based company prides itself on its excellent craftsmanship and technical boards with simple but aesthetic graphics. They also have excellent snowboard boots, bindings and a large array of winter clothing!

3. Lib Tech

With over 30 years of experience under its belt, Lib Tech has learned how to make some high-quality boards and gear. Known all over for their Magne-Traction edges and signature Banana Technology rocker shape that shocked the boarding world, Lib Tech is new and special in every way, shape, and form. It’s easy to ride, while carving easily through icy snow and slicing through powder like butter.

The US-based company keeps quality in mind while also ensuring their products are made using eco-friendly, sustainable materials throughout the entire process. Their graphics are loud, but if you’re a boarder then that’s probably all the reason more to grab one!

If you’re looking to get some park riding in, then definitely check Lib Tech.

best brands of snowboards

4. Ride

If we were to pick just one brand as the best snowboard brand for women, it would hands-down be Ride. Created back in 1992, it’s one of the younger brands out there but we love how they consider a woman’s lower center of gravity and wider hips to make their designs.

Sure, just about every quality brand out there makes at least one board specifically for female bodies, but Ride offers a whopping 9. These 9 cover an array of price points, shapes, features, and more. Their SuperPig is quite possibly their most popular design, made for aggressive riders with a short/wide shape and carbon-infused glass to offer incredible pop. They also make excellent complete snowboard packages for beginner snowboarders taking away the complexity and guesswork from assembling it yourself.

Their snowboarding jackets are some of our favorites, with more somber tones and unique styles. Not to mention they’ll keep you warm and dry like few others can!

5. Arbor Collective

If you believe in caring about this planet just as much as getting a quality board, then Arbor Collective definitely needs to be on your radar. Selling both snowboards and skateboards, these guys have a lot invested in board sports as well as the environment.

Each one they produce is done with environmentally sustainable processes. On top of that, they regularly donate to eco-friendly groups and charities, such as focusing on preserving the Koa Hawaiian forests.

Famous for their Power Ply Technology, their wood or bamboo is sustainably sourced. It’s their Sequoia Bindings that are our favorites though, offering an even better way to feel at one with your board and move with incredible control.

6. Public

Public creates some of the most incredible artwork we’ve ever seen, but they’re also named because they place a special focus on working with the public to decide how to create their boards. Through taking into consideration the feedback of shop owners and riders of every skill level, they’ve been able to offer incredible products at a much more affordable product.

They’re still a much smaller brand than the others we’ve covered so far, but it’s clear they focus more on quality than quality.

7. GNU

Founded back in 1977, they’ve definitely been around for a while and have been able to use their experience to bring the public and pro riders some serious boards. With headquarters in Washington state, they make their all mountain boards based on the intense mountains and varied that the area offers. Expect deep, carving sidecuts and beautiful, hand-carved designs.


Now that you’ve read through the top 7 snowboard brands, do you which one will suit you, your riding style, and personality best? Each one is so different from the others, they are all unique and you’re sure to find at least one to fit you well. We hope that our guide has helped you narrow things down and ultimately find the perfect board to improve your skills on. Thanks for staying tuned, and we’ll see you again soon!


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