Tips to Make the Most of Your Family Camping Trip

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Packing for any particular camping trip can be a struggle in itself. The sheer volume of food, clothes, supplies, your toddler’s favorite teddy bear and all the other necessities and knick-knacks would add up quickly indeed. Sometimes you won’t even have enough patience to be able to do what is needed properly.

Over-Prepared is Way Better Than Being Under Prepared

Many people start packing light, in the vain belief that it will be easier to do so. But that does not vector in the fact that kids just plain get down and dirty all the time, especially at campgrounds. This is why it is often prudent advice to always pack a few extra clothes as well as towels and layering options.

Since the kids will be outdoors all the time (it is a campsite after all) then keeping them well-covered means keeping the pesky cold and flu virus at bay. And ultimately keeping the young ones warm means keeping them happy!

Always Keep a First Aid Kit Handy at All Times

Which household has not had a family emergency whereupon a child woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat or an upset tummy?

Well, much the same thing can also happen on the road as well. This is why a well-stocked first aid kit is an absolute ‘must have’ item on your packing list. This holds even truer for the family with very young children.

From vapor rubs to teething pill you should have them all on hand. The odds are you will not need them. But it is a lot better to have them with you and not want them, in lieu of wanting them and not having them at hand at all.

This way, you will be able to handle the ‘2 am’ panic call as if you were in your own home, rather than miles in the middle of nowhere. Here, it is prudent to underscore the importance of a mini medicine cabinet to act as a corollary to the main first aid kit.

Learn to Roll Your Clothes

Rolling clothes not only will maximize space in whatever container you may have at hand, it also stops them from getting ruined.

Bring Lots of Plastic Bags

The great outdoors is a singularly messy place indeed.  And things will only get messier if you have kids around at all times.  Kids are veritable magnets for dirt and mud and if you have been camping for a few days, then the mess will only get more, well, a lot messier, to say the least especially if it rains at the campsite.

This is why when you decide to leave the campground you should take stock of the messiest items such as slippers and sneakers and place them in plastic bags. This way they will not be able to get other stuff dirty.   

Crack Your Eggs Beforehand

Regardless of how ‘break proof’ your container may be, the odds are that the eggs you have bought with you will crack and foul up your vehicle as well as your clothes. So why not just crack them beforehand?

You can do the needful in a glass or plastic bottle and use the eggs to make scrambled omelets for breakfast. As a bonus, you will be able to save a lot of space in your portable cooler.

Grab Some Cooler Racks Beforehand

Cooler racks are pretty useful to keep food and other items both up and away from melting ice, to ensure that nothing gets ruined and you have to go back home, really hungry indeed.

Try to Plan Your Menu Beforehand

Having your whole menu carefully outlined beforehand, for the duration of your entire trip will also help ensure that you do not under/over-pack your food. It will also help to prepare a menu for every meal for the duration of your trip.

Get Prepacked Meal Bags

One of the best things about enjoying a camping meal is that it really does not have to be unduly complicated! Even the simplest of meals taste absolutely great when you’re enjoying them in the great outdoors.

Relatively easy to serve, prepacked meal bags are also a really nice way of keeping everything simple without being really boring. Not only will you be saved from the hassle of making a meal on an open fire, but you will also get to enjoy some truly delicious food in the bargain.

Pack a Few Solar Lights

Sooner or later the young ones will want to make their nightly trip to the loo. Camping in the colder climate makes it all but inevitable. But unlike the trip across the bedroom, there are plenty of twigs, stones, and rocks to trip over at the campsite, or even to get lost.

A really easy way to get some extra light around the campsite is to get a few solar lights beforehand.  You can place them near the entrance of the tents or your RV (in case you are camping in one that is). Solar lights help conserve RV battery power avoiding a jump start if the battery runs down too low to crank the engine.

The best thing about such lights is that they charge all day the day and give off the warm ambient light at night so to ensure that you will be able to avoid all of those midnight mishaps.

Now that you are well versed in the important stuff (including bell tents) to pack before your family camping trip, go ahead and enjoy yourself

Happy Camping!


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