5 Fantastic Outdoor Honeymoon Ideas

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Making a commitment for a lifetime deserves the trip of a lifetime. But not just any trip; head outdoors. After the stress of wedding planning, your mind needs to be refreshed and restored. Few things are better for your mental health than being outside. Spending time in nature is good for your body as well as your mind, reducing fatigue and improving blood pressure. A healthy trip can also be a fantasy honeymoon — just start with one of these suggestions.

Get Married on a Cruise

Start your honeymoon the moment the cake is cut by having a destination wedding. Destination weddings tend to be more intimate, and therefore more meaningful, than huge celebrations. If you cannot agree on just one destination, get married on a cruise ship that visits several ports.

A cruise wedding is especially fun, because the party starts the moment you step on the ship and does not end until you are back home. Packages can include everything from a wedding coordinator to flowers and photography. Port excursions are fascinating; and during your time on board you can spoil yourselves with exciting nightlife, gourmet fare and endless hours relaxing by the pool.

Go Glamping

Luxury camping is growing in popularity around the globe. A glamping honeymoon will feel like your own private adult summer camp, complete with champagne and gourmet dinners by candlelight. Stay in a beach tent in Australia where you cuddle each other by night and hug a koala bear by day.

Or choose a rustic mining cabin in Colorado where you can ski in the winter or go rock climbing in the summer. Yurts and tent cabins provide the perfect balance of being close to nature while also enjoying the amenities and comforts you expect on a romantic getaway.

Travel by RV

Another type of camping that is great for a honeymoon is traveling by recreational vehicle.

RVs make it easy to visit several destinations on one dreamy road trip. See wineries along the Pacific coast. Hop from one theme park to another before relaxing on the beach in the Florida Keys. Head out to the American West and visit one awe-inspiring National Park Service property after another.

Or, for true seclusion, go off the beaten path and dry camp in the middle of nowhere. Once you have the RV set up, you will not need to unpack again, no matter how many stops you make. The best part about an RV honeymoon is that you can be as adventurous as you want.

Have an Adventure

Memories are made by sharing new experiences and encountering new challenges. Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to take an adventure tour. Ski lodges are legendary for beautiful scenery, physical activity and romantic appeal.

Visit large cities or quaint villages for close-up, intimate sight-seeing on a walking or cycling tour. Combine river sports like rafting, kayaking and swimming; or ocean activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. True adrenaline junkies may prefer ziplining, skydiving or hang gliding.

If you have enough time, you can complete a through-hike like the John Muir or Appalachian Trail. You are almost guaranteed to learn something new about your spouse, your relationship and yourself. If you only have a week or two, hike a section of your chosen trail; then return each year on your anniversary until you have covered every inch.

Explore the Unknown

No matter how well you think you know each other, you will always have more to explore. Begin by exploring the remote corners of the world on your honeymoon. See the Big Five animals on an African safari. Visit the land that inspired Darwin, the Galapagos Islands. Hike a glacier with penguins on Antarctica, the least-visited continent on the planet.

For truly unique accommodations, stay in a hotel made of snow and ice. The most famous one is in Sweden, but there are also frozen hotels in Quebec City, Finland, Norway and Romania. They are part art exhibit, part engineering marvel and part lodging. All promise to be 100% unforgettable.


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