5 Tips To Increase Your Finds When Metal Detecting

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Metal detecting can be a daunting hobby. Those who love the outdoors and a constant challenge are avid lovers of this activity. For them, the thrill of discovering something probably decades and centuries-old is very exhilarating.

For those who aren’t involved in this hobby, it’s more of a gruesome task rather than an activity you do to have a good time.

Due to being an uncommon hobby, there is a lot that a newbie won’t know about metal detecting. So it’s going to be easy for them to be frustrated very early on and quit.

Initially, many enthusiasts have excursions where they find nothing and come back home extremely tired and disappointed. Having the urge to immediately leave this hobby and start doing something that will help them change their mood.

Well, if you’re one of those newcomers who are on the verge of quitting and are looking for just one reason that will make them stay then you have come to the right place!

Today we are going to discuss expert hacks and tips that will increase your chances of finding valuable items and historical artifacts that can make you a fortune. You can’t just buy any metal detector and go in your backyard to begin hunting.

This hobby requires prior research and understanding of how everything works for you to be able to find the best treasures! You need to understand everything about operating your metal detector it is a full-fledge machine with complex settings that need to be carefully set to maximize the results. You can conduct an Air test and you must do it to find out the basics about your machine.

Learn your detector, read the manual as many times as you can before starting your hunt. Experiment with it in different settings, you can even bury somethings in your backyard and test it for depth, conductivity, and sensitivity. These simple steps are the key to improving your finds.

Here are 5 of the best tips that you must follow to increase your finds.


This may seem very redundant and boring but there isn’t enough stress that I can lay on this tip! The research should not be limited to buying a metal detector it must continue to become the best metal detectorist. Before you begin your stroll, go to the library or a local history society and dig into old maps, newspapers, learn about the local history and find places that were the hotspot for events such as wars.

You can also research by connecting with old folks who will have interesting stories to tell that may give you the next place for hunting. This extensive research will also allow you to discover some lesser-known areas that aren’t visited by other enthusiasts so automatically your finds will increase.

Invest in a Pinpointer

This one is a definite game-changer. Your metal detector may be able to give you a vague precision of the area of the treasure but this device allows you to specifically point out the location of the treasure. They will speed up the discovery process and save you a lot of hours that may be spent on fruitless digging.

Invest in a sniper coil and develop good coil swinging techniques

The smaller your coil the better chance of detecting metals. Smaller coils can sniff out treasures from the junk, your small coil will allow you to pick out treasures from the trashy sites that everyone leaves very quickly. Take advantage of this and go sniffing!

Similarly, a good coil swinging technique is also very important. Keep the coil close to the ground and parallel. There is a tendency to lift the coil at extremes of the swing this will decrease the effective capability of the machine to penetrate deep in the ground and detect valuable metals.

You may also consider buying different sized coils for different areas depending on the area you are going hunting you can change them.


The metal detector can detect only a certain kind of metal. Some people think that without using a high value of discrimination you will find a lot of things but they would all be invaluable. However, using low discrimination settings is actually beneficial for you.

Some sites have been very frequently visited but that isn’t a bad thing when they saw a site so common they came with a high discrimination setting to find the best metals in the ground so they missed out on a lot of stuff. So when you step into the ring with a lower discrimination setting you may be able to find a lot of interesting things. You will greatly increase your find by reducing the discrimination for sure.

Hunting Site 

Beware of the sit that you’re going hunting too. Many sites have high mineralization and water which makes it difficult to find anything valuable. Some have a lot of trash and others are filled with iron shavings and aluminum foils to hinder your search.

The type of soil and many other factors have a detrimental effect on your quest. Even very small things play a role so pay attention to these small indicators and improvise your search accordingly. To make your hunting site capable of being fully covered.

Use a grid system, divide your site into a grid and then follow the pattern and make your way through the ground. Work your site backward in such a way that hunt in the places where you would least likely go so that as you near the end of your trip you are happier.

These are some of the best tips to increase your finds. However, when you set out on this journey make sure that you are not causing a disturbance in your neighborhood or wherever you are conducting your search.

Do not trespass and make sure that you have the permission of relevant authorities for your safety. You should also carry a backpack with yourself with some basic first aid and essential supplies. You could also carry your machine’s manual in case something goes downhill.

Happy Hunting!


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