13 Kayaking Spots Near Melbourne Your Kids Will Love

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There are many activities in Melbourne for kids, but there are those who absolutely love the water and kayaking is the perfect option. Don’t worry if you have never been kayaking, its an easy activity anyone can do. This guide to kayaking will teach you all you need to know before getting on the water.

Kayaking is a great outdoor experience that kids will love doing and it is fun for everyone! But what are the best locations in or near Melbourne?

We’ll share a list of perfect Melbourne locations with you so that you can surprise them each week. Here are the 13 top kayaking spots for you to experience:

  1. Williamstown
    So, you have decided to take your kids on a fun adventure of kayaking through calm (but sometimes rough) waters but you do not know where to start. Taking a Kayaking Tour through Williamstown is a great place for beginners (parents or kids) to start their kayaking experience. Since Williamstown is known to be a great sea side town, there are great views and historical aspects of going on a kayaking tour there. You can enjoy a 3.5-hour kayak experience with professionals who can teach you and your kids the ropes.
  2. The Murray
    If you are looking to teach your kids the basics of kayaking without going on an extensive tour, then checking out The Murray in VIC is a wonderful place to start. Since the water is relatively calm and there are no rapid waterfalls, kayaking at the Murray is a great place for kids to have fun and learn how to kayak in a safe environment.
  3. Yarra River
    For anyone who has ever been kayaking near Melbourne, then heading to Yarra River is an absolute must! You can either head out to the Yarra River alone with your kids or choose a half day tour with experienced tour guides. Whichever way you decide to check out Yarra River, your kids will have a blast.
  4. River to Sky
    Some kids may get bored or tired of kayaking and it is always best to have a second activity after kayaking for them to enjoy. Checking out the River to Sky Tour near the Boathouse Drive is a great way for kids to get the full experience of kayaking with the Melbourne city skyline in the horizon. After this tour is done, then kids will have a great experience of heading to the top of the Eureka Skydeck.
  5. Mornington Peninsula
    Another amazing spot to take kids on a kayaking adventure is at the Mornington Peninsula. Kids will have a great time kayaking at this location plus they will be able to see local marine life swimming in the water.
  6. Cardinia Reservoir Park
    For families who have a mixture of people who do and do not enjoy kayaking, heading to Cardinia Reservoir Park is a perfect solution. This reservoir park has fantastic waters to enjoy a calming day of kayaking with the kids as well as a picnic for everyone!
  7. Swan Bay
    Kids love to get their hands dirty and taking them to Swan Bay is the perfect place for them to do that. The waters of Swan Bay are very shallow which helps reduce the risk of kids drowning. Since the waters are shallow, kids can use their hands (or feet) to paddle their way through the waters.
  8. St Kilda
    Near the Catani Gardens lies a great place to take kid kayaking, Kilda. St. Kilda is a wonderful place for kids to enjoy some fun in the sun and go on a kayaking adventure. Since this area can be hectic in the summer due to beach goers, your kids can make new friends as well as share a great kayaking experience with others.
  9. Docklands
    Sometimes kids not only want to be entertained during the day but also a night. Choosing to go on a kayaking Night Tour is an awesome idea to keep kids happy. Kids can start their journey at the Docklands and head north under the Bolte Bridge. Paddling their way through the nighttime waters will be a different and cool experience for kids to brag to their friends about.
  10. Snowy River
    Why not take your kids on an overnight adventure and head to the Snowy River for some kayaking fun? The Snowy River has calm waters surrounded by a beautiful background that will make kayaking a fun experience for kids to enjoy.
  11. Lake Connewarre
    Another amazing kayaking spot that kids will appreciate is Lake Connewarre. Visitors can enjoy a great time at this wildlife reserve with fun activities such as kayaking, canoeing and picnicking. Kids will also have a great time getting to see the local wildlife and exotic bird species throughout the reservoir.
  12. Grampians Region
    One of the most visited national parks near Melbourne is in the Grampians Region. This wonderful region has some of the freshest and steadiest waters for kayakers to enjoy. Your kids will have a blast when they are heading down the streams and creeks. Don’t worry if you forgot your kayaking gear, there are kayak and canoe rentals available at the Grampians park.
  13. Corio Bay
    Taking your kids on a cool kayaking adventure to Corio Bay is a great way to spend the day together. This bay is in Geelong, which is a heavy populated city. After you take your kids on a wild adventure of kayaking, treat them to a delicious ice cream near Corio Bay.

So now that you have read 13 of the best spots and places to take your kids kayaking, when are you going? Don’t disappoint the kids and wait too long to take them on a great kayaking adventure near Melbourne.

Check out one or all of the suggested kayaking spots on this list and you will have some very happy kids. You will probably want to get your own kayak after your day on the water! Check out this guide for recreational kayaks and this one for inflatables.


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