Jeep Wrangler LED Headlight Upgrades

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Your Jeep Wrangler is arguably the best-designed 4×4 on the market, so why would you want to upgrade your headlights? Quite simply because you can do better. The smartest Jeep Wrangler drivers are replacing their factory-fitted halogen headlights with the latest LED replacement headlights.


The factory-fitted headlights in your Jeep Wrangler use halogen bulbs that produce a relatively dull yellow beam that can compromise your night vision.

According to the National Safety Council, compromised night vision is a great danger to drivers. LED headlights offer up to 3 times the illumination of halogen headlights covering a broader area and greater distance. Swapping your halogen headlights for replacement Jeep Wrangler LED headlights could prevent needless accidents and possibly save your life.

Energy consumption

Recent developments in LED technology have resulted in replacement headlights that not only provide better illumination for driving at night but also draw less energy from your battery than equivalent halogen headlights. This means you’re less likely to get stuck in the wilderness with a flat battery and won’t have to rely on your portable jump starter so much.


Replacing your factory-fitted headlights does involve an up-front investment cost. However, LED lightbulbs are longer lasting than halogen lightbulbs. You’ll need to replace your LED bulbs less often than halogen bulbs and save money in the long run.

Extra Features

jeep wrangler led headlights color

Modern LED headlights often come with extra features that add character to your Jeep Wrangler. A popular feature is changing colors that can be controlled from your smartphone via Bluetooth or a remote controller. Turning your headlights red, blue, or green while driving off-road expresses your individuality and sense of fun.

A safety feature with some LED headlights is DRL (daytime running lights). These are low-wattage lights that switch on automatically when you start your Jeep during the day making your vehicle more visible to other road users, cyclists, and pedestrians. Research has proved DRLs reduce accident fatalities by up to 6%.

Top-quality Jeep Wrangler headlight upgrades should include an internal cooling system. Overheating is a known problem with LED lighting, but a built-in fan eliminates this problem and vastly increases the lifespan of your LED headlights.

A rare but useful feature is built-in amber-colored turn signals. Should your regular turn signals fail, you’re covered by those in your new replacement headlights.

DOT compliance

When selecting your replacement Jeep Wrangler headlights, it is important to ensure they are Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant. Some replacement headlights are designed only for off-roading, but the best-quality Jeep Wrangler headlights will follow DOT guidelines and regulations to ensure your safety and that of other road users when driving on the road. And, of course, you can be stopped by the police and fined if you drive on the road and your headlights are not DOT compliant.

Fog lights

LED fog lights further improve your safety on the road. The broad, flat beams of LED fog lights cut through fog or dust to reveal the surrounding terrain on foggy or hazy days. Fog lights are also useful in other poor visibility situations, such as in rain or snow. While regular headlights reflect off rain and snow, fog lights are designed not to.

jeep wrangler led headlights 2

LED fog lights also make your Jeep Wrangler more visible to other road users in the fog. When driving through fog, you risk other drivers hitting you, but specialized fog lights make this much less likely. LED fog lights are essential for safe visibility on days when your regular LED headlights aren’t enough.

LED light bars

If you want to maximize your safety during off-roading adventures at night, consider also investing in a LED light bar. A LED light bar enables you to spot distant trees and other obstacles before they become a problem. They also make your vehicle more visible to wildlife, giving those deer time to sprint away before they become a hazard.

At home, your LED light bar can be used to illuminate your garage to make nighttime maintenance easier. Note that you cannot use your LED light bar while driving on the road because it can potentially dazzle other road users. However, it is a fantastic asset to your off-roading adventures.

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