Getting Ready For The Hunting Season? – 15 Hunting Gear Reviews

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No matter if it’s your first hunting season or your 20th, you can always learn something new. In this case, you can always improve your hunting gear!

If you’re serious about being effective when downing your game target and staying reasonably civilized and comfortable in the process, then you’re in the right place. We have 15 hunting gear reviews for you that will leave you more ready than ever for the hunting season coming up!

1.     Hunting Bows

Bow hunting is a matter of preference, though it’s grown wildly in popularity in recent years. Bow hunting seasons are often longer in many places than with guns.

However, they’re ideal for distances of around 30 to 40 yards – sometimes even less than that. As hitting your target from these distances demands significant skills, it can often feel more satisfactory than using a rifle.

Best Bows For Hunting

You can choose between either a recurve bow or compound bow. The former is more affordable yet more difficult to master, while compounds are more expensive yet much easier to learn with greater accuracy (generally speaking).

If you’re planning on hunting Whitetail, turkey, and small game, then you’ll probably love hunting with a bow.

2.     Bow Sights

As you know, maintaining accuracy and staying on target while using a bow requires patience and practice. However, there are pieces of gear that can help you with your confidence and user experience.

garmin digital bow sight 2

Bow sights are one of the best products for this purpose, allowing you to pick the best one for forest, plains/fields, or mixed environment hunting.

You can choose anywhere from the most basic scope to one with all the bells-and-whistles like windage and elevation dials. Bow sights can even help you save money, as you’ll be wasting less arrows from missed shots, replacing lost bolts, broken tips, etc.

3.     Hunting Crossbows

One of the most difficult parts of hunting with a regular bow is the fact that once you have it cocked, keeping it at full draw requires a lot of effort, strength, and stamina.

Holding it back meanwhile ensuring that your hand is stable enough to make for an accurate shot is quite exhausting. However, hunting crossbows fix this.

Once the crossbow is cocked, you can still keep it at full draw without expending any energy. This means that you can use all of your concentration on simply aiming, increasing accuracy overall.

Keep in mind, though, that these are made for short ranges. We don’t recommend going further than 40-50 yards with these bows.

There are also a variety of broadheads for crossbows depending on the game type and power of your crossbow.

4.     Hunting Arrows

To hunt with a bow, you’re obviously going to need hunting arrows! No matter what level of experience you have in bow hunting, you will need to determine which type of arrows to shoot.

While it may look simple enough, you will need to first determine the type of arrow depending on your bow (crossbow, longbow or recurve, or compound).

Arrows vary in weight, the shaft materials, and fletchings. What you choose depends on your experience level, budget, efficiency, and personal preferences.

No matter which set of arrows you choose, make sure to take special precautions as they will be sharp.

5.     Hunting Binoculars

Hunting binoculars should be considered an essential piece of equipment for hunting all kinds of game. The truth is, human vision is nothing when compared to other species of animals, so if you’re serious about scouting from a distance you’ll need some assistance.

hunting binoculars

That’s where hunting binoculars come in.

They allow you to see much more clearly in dim lighting, dark shadows, bright sunlight, while also providing accurate target ranges.

Not only that, but they can help you spot trails and offer improved clarity and low-light visibility when compared to rifle scopes – not to mention they are more compact and lightweight so your pack won’t be weighed down as much.

6.     Hunting Backpacks

Speaking of packs, our next point is all about hunting backpacks. It just realistically doesn’t make sense to go hunting without one. After all, you’re going to be (or should be) carrying along much more than just your rifle or bow.

A quality pack dedicated for hunting will help make your trip a success, conveniently keeping all of your gear safe. Hunting backpacks should ideally be very quiet so as not to scare off your target, while being able to support heavy loads.

Some are even waterproof and come with extra padding to keep you comfortable. No matter what your hunting style is, you’re sure to find one that jives with it.

7.     Hunting Scopes

If you’re spending a good chunk of cash on a decent rifle, then you should do the same when getting a hunting scope to accompany it. A sub-par scope can make it seem like your rifle is sub-par too which we don’t want!

A good scope will be comfortable to use and will keep your eye safe against recoil when shooting – that’s the most important trait.

These scopes will allow you to adjust depending on windage and elevation and will keep the lenses from fogging up and messing with your view.

If you want to be able to see your long-range targets better in low lighting, and far away then you absolutely need a good scope.

8.     Spotting Scopes

So many scopes to choose from! So, what’s a spotting scope and why should you get one for your next hunting trip? These scopes are ideal when you’re in open environments like a field, and will also offer more powerful zoom capabilities than binoculars would.

Simply put, these are mini telescopes designed to hold up against the elements. The magnification ranges anywhere from around 20x to 60x+, depending on how far you’re going to be spotting your targets and what kind of budget you have.

If your target is fast-moving or at a shorter distance, you can get away with lower power. You can, however, also change out eyepieces which will alter the amount of zoom power.

9.     Hunting Headlamps

You’ve probably come across headlamps for runners or hikers, right? Well, hunting headlamps aren’t all that different in terms of function. However, hunting models must be much more durable and tough than those you’ll find on the heads of sprinters.

best hunting headlamp

If you’re planning on heading back to your vehicle when it’s dark outside, you absolutely need a clear vision path. After all, you’re going to be carrying a deadly weapon.

You don’t want to accidentally catch it on something or trip with it. A flashlight will obviously occupy one of your hands which makes it more challenging to move branches and pushes out of the way.

Headlamps will leave your hands free to do this and other tasks so you can concentrate solely on getting the job done.

10. Tree Stands

These platforms are designed to place you at a higher level so you are given a more preferential vantage point to your target. Attached to the tree itself, these require an incredible amount of skill, patience, and skill. However, there are different types of tree stands, depending on your environment and preference.

Ladder tree stands connect to the tree, though are easy to climb on and have a large enough platform for up to 2 people. Climbing tree stands are generally more budget friendly, though are smaller and more difficult to attach to the trunk.

Hang on tree stands are very versatile, though do not include a way to climb up. Tripod tree stands are great if you don’t have a tree around, offering a full 360 view.

11. Hunting GPS

Where are you planning on hunting? If it’s outside the realm of your own personal field, it’s not a guaranteed fact that you’ll be able to navigate your way back.

If you’re hunting in unfamiliar environments like expansive forests, you absolutely need to have a hunting GPS on hand at all times.

best hunting gps for the money

These are perfect for navigating just about anywhere. You can set up specific points like, for example your treestand or vehicle. You can also more easily locate geographic locations like a river, game trails, etc. to improve your results.

Hunting GPS units used to be pretty pricey, but now you can get one for a nice price and still benefit from improved power and accuracy.

12. Hunting Rangefinder

If you’re looking at something at a distance, it’s nearly impossible to measure the exact yardage between you and your target.

Sure, you may be able to tell if something is 10 or 20 yards away but when we start getting into the hundreds range, it’s simply not feasible.

Much like the GPS systems, hunting rangefinders used to be more expensive but today, are compact and affordable. Laser rangefinders are cutting-edge, using lasers (as you probably deduced already) to read the target you are trying to focus on.

They’re similar to golf rangefinders, though these made for hunting operate with much longer distances and come with waterproof builds to hold up against outdoor conditions.

13. Hunting Blinds

One of the most challenging aspects of hunting is staying hidden. Not only that, but it’s staying hidden and unnoticed by game that are very sensitive to even the tiniest of movements. Sure, you can wear your camo gear and remain as still as possible, but they may still pick up on irregularities.

So, what’s the solution? A hunting blind, of course! Hunting blinds are like tiny little tents that you can carry with you, move as you’d like, and set them up in mere seconds.

The exterior is typically a camo pattern to help blend in with the environment where you’re hunting, so make sure to match it to the area you’re in. You can also get a model with external attachments that look like branches, bushes, grass, etc.

14. Wildlife Trail Cameras

Wildlife trail cameras are really cool tools to have not only for hunting, but for wildlife photography or even just out of sheer curiosity.

These cameras are motion-detecting and are able to take photos or record both in the daytime and night. As one can imagine, they’re excellent for watching and observing animals’ habits and how they behave.

Usually, these cameras will use infrared lights as they’re not detectable by animals, thus they won’t scare off. However, these can be a bit heavy on the budget.

Red glow or traditional flash cameras are also available, though they are much more noticeable and could alert animals.

15. Winter Hunting Boots

Taking care of your feet should actually be your main priority whenever you’re out in the wilderness. Our feet take us everywhere, and if they’re injured, you’re stuck.

Not only that, but they are the closest parts of our body to the ground. If you don’t have adequate footwear – especially in the wintertime – you could suffer from infection, pain, hypothermia, and more.

best winter hunting boots

Winter hunting boots, however, will keep you warm and comfortable for hours on end. They’re designed to be quiet instead of clunky, though still protect you against sharp objects like twigs or rocks.

From the footbeds to the soles, they’re made of high quality materials so you’re able to use them for many hunting seasons to come.


Now that you know all about the essential hunting gear, which pieces are you going to pick up for your next trip? They all range in terms of weight, size, and budget so make sure to plan accordingly! Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again soon. Happy hunting!

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