Top 10 Best Gifts For Skiers & Snowboarders – 2020

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It’s that time of year again, when holiday gift ideas seem in short supply at just the wrong moment. Don’t worry that’s why I’m going to help you figure out exactly what skiing gifts to give.

These 10 skiing gift ideas will get the brain juices flowing and then you’ll be ready to tackle the holidays or a birthday head on!

Each of these skiing gift ideas is meant to be a perfect gift by itself. Of course, each gift idea can also lead you to other ideas in similar categories. If you’re still stumped for ideas after reading this article, try browsing items in these categories for more ideas.

It doesn’t hurt to ask the skier on your list what their favorite type of skiing is, or what gear they’re missing also!

Giro makes my all time favorite skiing helmet available today. Meet the Giro Seam. This helmet is lightweight, features advanced protection, and is insanely customizable for a custom fit feeling right out of the box.

No matter the preference of the skier on your list you’ll find a color or style that’s right for them. There are 14 different colors to choose from that range from solid to two-tone schemes. The helmet is also available in 4 main sizes which fit heads from 52 – 65cm with comfort.

The Giro Seam is compatible with after market TuneUps audio systems which fit directly into the ear flaps! Oh, did I mention that it has a fully adjustable vent and internal suspension system?

Great for skiers with longer head shapes front to back.

I wasn’t prepared to travel with my skis the first time I had to take a trip. That meant finding a way to get my skis safely and securely on to the plane with me. For that I rely on the Sportube Series cases.

These cases can carry 1-3 sets of alpine skis at a time. They’re made from high durability plastics that adjust to the size of your skis. In storage the tube can be collapsed to about half its normal size so it doesn’t take up a ton of space.

Both the top and bottom of the case have a dense foam padding that helps secure your skis and protect the tips and tails from banging around in the case during travel. The included wheels and carrying handle make the job of getting around the airport almost too simple.

Don’t make my mistake. Get the Sportube before you need it!

There are no better ski goggles available than the Smith I/OX goggles. These awesome goggles are comfortable, advanced, and reliable.

Choose from tons of frame and lens colors in almost any combination you can want. The lenses are reliable dual pane lenses that are guaranteed to keep the fog out even on those damp spring days. They’re even specifically compatible with eyeglasses with over the glasses frames.

On top of that, the roomy goggles leave tons of room for peripheral vision which is a huge upgrade over those cheap, off the shelf goggles of yesteryear. Did I mention that you can swap the lenses on the fly to accommodate different light conditions on the mountain? Each Goggle comes with a dark and light lens ready to go!

I’ve spent hundreds of days on the mountain in different pairs of goggles. My favorite by far is the Smith I/OX.

For the skier on your shopping list that spends their days on the mountain no matter the weather, heated boot warmers are just the thing. If you’re shopping for a ski instructor gift or any mountain operator, these are a number one choice.

In order to be effective, ski boots must fit quite snugly. Therefore they often leave toes uncomfortably cold on those icy days. Having boot warmers installed can prevent serious damage to toes and improve overall comfort.

New to these Hotronic ski boot warmers are the recently updated S series batteries. They pack more performance into the same battery size. In ideal conditions these boots warmers can put out heat on low settings for up to 18 hours. On the mountain, they should last a full 8-hour ski day in bad weather.

Ski boot warmers are an ideal gift for anyone who spends all day on the mountain in even the worst weather.

Shopping for the skier who seems to have everything? Rock their world with a new pair of Merino blend ski socks that are warm, ergonomic, and extremely high performance.

I spend 8 hours a day on the mountain sometimes for up to 3-weeks at a time. The Icebreaker Merino Wool Ski socks are by far my favorite sock. They are still warm, wicking, and comfortable even after 5 days of continual wear.

With cushioning in the heels and balls of the feet, they strategically protect your foot from fatigue. Most importantly, there’s an extremely thick row of padding down the shins. Aggressive skiing with proper technique puts loads of pressure on the shins and the skier on your list will thank you for the comfort these socks provide over others.

When it comes to pushing ski socks past their limits, these are the only socks I trust to recommend!

For the skier on your list who needs the absolute best performance, a tune kit is ideal. Taking your skis in for an edge and wax job can easily be $30-60 each time.

Instead, consider buying the skier on your holiday shopping list a tune kit for the same price and they can do the tune up themselves!

Eventually every skier ends up learning to tune their own skis. Either from necessity or just the enjoyment of mastering a skill with your hands, skiers really love to do the wax jobs themselves.

This kit comes with scrapers, files, brushes, wax, and an iron to get started. All of that is then organized in a nice carrying case that’s ready to go anytime. The one thing that might be missing is a ski clamp but you can always just use a couple piles of books!

Empower the skier on your list to take care of their skis themselves and save money!

If you’re on a budget and want your gift to make a real difference in the way a skier approaches the mountain, look no further. I’ve used this all temperature rub-on ski wax for years in all sorts of conditions and it really saves the day on occasion!

Rub-on ski wax is perfect for when you get out there and realize your skis are sticking or just aren’t sliding as well as you’d like. With just a couple of minutes you can pull this from your pocket, rub the wax onto your skis, and buff it out with the included cork polisher.

It’s a real lifesaver especially when you rent skis and realize they’re sticking like glue to the snow. Or if the kids are getting stuck in spring skiing conditions, just give their skis a quick rub.

No matter your skill level, keeping rub on wax in your pocket is one of the keys to a fun skiing trip in any conditions.

Skiers love to slide around the mountain with an action camera attached. Everything looks cooler at the end of the day when you can watch your footage and show your friends or family that sick line you nailed through the trees.

If the skier on your holiday shopping list loves technology, consider the HERO5 Session action camera for skiers. It records in amazing resolution and uses a super simplified one-button interface for recording.

This is a perfect compliment to a skier’s arsenal of tech because nothing is more frustrating than fumbling with complex controls when it’s cold outside!

You’ll also want a case, SD card, and helmet strap. I recommend you leave that up to the gift recipient however, because it’s almost impossible to tell how the person on your list might want to attach their new camera.

The GoPro HERO5 Session is a perfect skiing action camera that will make a killer holiday gift!

There’s something unique about skiers that calls us to be silly on the mountain. That’s why a Beardski Ski Mask is a practical and entertaining gift idea for the skier on your list.

It’s amazing how helpful a stand-out fashion statement can be on the mountain. Whether someone gets lost, you’re meeting for lunch, or just trying to figure out who that skier is below you when riding the lift a giant fluffy beard will certainly help you get noticed. That’s why I appreciate that the Beardski comes in a handful of ridiculous colors!

It’s also a fully function balaclava which keeps the nose and mouth warm on days when the cold can actually hurt. Don’t be afraid to get this affordable skiing gift as a stocking stuffer for any skier on your holiday list.

They’ll love making a statement on the mountain!

There are days when the weather just gets too cold. If that happens, you’re left to deal with it or stay indoors. Of course the only option is to deal with it and keep skiing!

Disposable hand warmers are expensive, wasteful, and messy. That’s why heated gloves are quickly gaining popularity and might just make the perfect surprise skiing gift.

These heated gloves have updated batteries with run times up to 6 hours. They’re even made with a touch screen fingertip so you can still use your electronics on the mountain. With three different temperature settings, you can choose the one that works best for you or simply leave the battery turned off when it warms up.

Considering the price of disposable handwarmers, rechargeable gloves will pay for themselves in little time at all!


Even if it seems like the skier on your shopping list has everything, there’s always room for improvement. I’ve specifically included several uncommon skiing gift ideas on our holiday skiing shopping list. That way you can surprise the skier on your shopping list with a gift from left field.

Everything on our list of best skiing gifts is either unique, or tested and proven by me. There’s nothing that beats giving a gift that earns a special place in your skier’s gear bag for years to come!

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