5 Things Your Need for Your Boat

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Having a boat in itself is pretty awesome, but if you really want to make it your own and make it safe you’ll need to do your research. However, it can be overwhelming with the insane quantity of boat accessories that are out there. We’re here to help you out, by narrowing it down to the top 5 things you need for your boat and nothing else. We know you’re eager to get to buying so we won’t waste any time. Let’s get started!

1. Dual Purpose Marine Battery

Marine batteries are invaluable, and we can ensure that it will be more than worth the small investment you’ll make by purchasing one. These are made to start up your engine or power a trolling motor, along with any appliances you keep on your boat.

If your engine happens to turn off and won’t turn on again, with a marine battery you don’t have to worry about being stuck in the middle of nowhere! Not only that, but it can also power your smartphone devices so you can stay in contact if you need to (and if you’re not too far from shore).

As they’re made specifically for this purpose, you can plan on them having heavy plates and tough construction to endure the vibrations and pounding which can happen on many boats.

2. Boat Grill

What happens when you’re hungry on a boat? You can’t just call Uber Eats out in the middle of the ocean (yet)! Sure, you could bring some snacks along, but sometimes we need some fresh, grilled food to bring people together and enjoy our journey to the fullest.

Bringing a regular grill from the backyard to the boat is a huge no-no. Imagine a propane grill just sliding around on the deck! That sounds like disaster waiting to happen. Instead, what you need is a boat grill. These grills attach onto the side of your boat so you can grill in the open air with minimal danger and a whole lot of delicious reward!

Each one comes in a different size, shape, and material so you can choose the perfect one for your group of guests and personal tastes.

3. Marine Speakers

Doesn’t it seem like everything is better with music? It’s not uncommon to bring aboard a radio or Bluetooth speaker onboard but we all know that when you’re taking them onto a boat you’re putting them at risk of getting wet, harmed by weather conditions, salt, etc. Not only that, but many times the speaker isn’t powerful enough to hear over waves, boat noises, and so on.

What’s the solution?

Some marine speakers, of course! These speakers are made to hold up to the types of weather conditions that boats may encounter. Not only that, but they’re loud enough that you can host great parties and events on board.

Choose from either recessed speakers or tower speakers. Recessed speakers are made to be installed in a type of wall, dashboard, or even on the ceiling if you’d like! These are great if you’re limited on space or simply don’t want to have to worry about them getting in the way of anything.

Tower speakers also serve their purpose, as they’re significantly more powerful than their recessed counterparts. These connect directly to your boat’s wake tower! These will face aft so you can have the music playing toward someone water skiing, wakeboarding, etc. It’s also fun if you and your guests enjoy stopping the boat and playing in the water.

4. VHF Marine Radio

While the appeal of having a boat is obviously fun and adventure, we must also think about safety to fully relax and enjoy our time out on the water. One of the most essential pieces of safety gear that any boat should have is a VHF marine radio. You’ll find all types of vessels use these to communicate to other ships and people on the shore.

Through these radios, people will be able to communicate with each other about extreme weather warnings, stranded boats, and much more.

You get your choice of either a mobile battery-powered unit or bigger radios made to be installed in the cockpit of the vessel. If you’re going to be staying close to shore or in relatively small bodies of water, then you can probably get away with a battery-powered model.

Fixed mount models require a power source and an external antenna mounted onto the roof, though they are capable of covering up to a whopping 20 miles.

5. Marine Binoculars

Last but not least, we have marine binoculars. We recommend these no matter where you’re traveling on the water. Sure, there are highly technical tools to use for marine navigation, however, nothing can serve us better than our own eyes.

For small bodies of water, marine binoculars are great for helping navigate around smaller obstacles and can help guide you to safety in tough weather conditions. They are made to resist against saltwater, fog, heat, cold, etc. so you should always keep them onboard.


Now that you’ve had a chance to read through the top 5 things you need for your boat, what are you going to add first? Each one obviously has its own purpose, so if you can, we really do recommend you try your best to eventually get all 5.

This is not only to keep you safe but to keep you and your guests entertained. We hope our guide has been able to help you have a better idea of what your next addition will be. Thanks for tuning in, and we will see you again soon! Have fun out on the water!


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