Deer Hunting Regions of Texas, USA

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Texas is the wide-open land of hunting where people carrying rifles in their truck is commonplace. Here you are looking at Archery season from September 30th to November 3rd.

The panhandle season then opens November 17th and in Trans-Pecos November 24 and the season ends around December 10th. Now that you know when you can go, let’s see where you should take up arms.

South Texas

Hunting here means that you are most likely hunting on private land. You have to pay to play. Some of them charge by the point and others may charge by the day or the weekend. It’s not cheap though, you’re looking at around $2,000 for the weekend. Again, it’s generally owned by private owners.

While this limits where you  can go, it does offer the exclusivity of the parties being small and less hunters being around. That’s ideal if you are newer and want a better chance at catching something or want a more relaxed time.

Hill Country

The area considered Hill Country is locate between Austin and San Antonio. The benefits of this area, you’re pretty much guaranteed to come home with a kill. The success of hunters in the area is considered near 100%, which means there are plenty of deer to go around.

The bucks that you find here are normally 8 or 10 point ones, which is a sweet catch. The land isn’t all private in this area there are public lands and it is generally wide open, just ensure that you know where you are at all times so that you don’t end up being somewhere you shouldn’t be.


Located in East Texas you are looking a situation similar to South Texas. This is where you again will have to look at hunting packages but they are going to be cheaper in this area.

The area is a bit more wooded than the previous two, which means hiding places and work for you as a hunter, but if you are willing to sit it out and wait patiently yet reacting on a dime, this should be perfect for you.

If you are going to try it out here, make sure that you get there earlier in the season to ensure you can get something.

Although Texas offers far more private land that public land, you still have a chance at having a great season. Being in the area it’s something you are already prepared for a welcome because you know where you’ll be and if you choose someplace like Hill Country, you know that you will come home with something. Happy Hunting!

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