Deer Hunting Regions of Oregon, USA

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Whenever there are mild winters then that s when you have some of the best growth in deer herds. If the snowpacks are low they will lead to concerns in the water shortage. Oregon is the one state that offers so much diversity when it comes to the types hunting and types of deer available.

There are blacktails available west of the cascades and whitetails in the north. Let us not forget the mule deer east of the mountains.

The changes in the weather and the forest coverage I what makes hunting so much fun. What would be exciting if the weather stayed the same and the deer stayed on the same routine? Year after year there is a twist that makes hunting more fun.

The deer population in this state is very high. You can have some of the best bucks as your prize by hunting here. This is why we came up with a list of some of the best regions to hunt and what makes hunting successful in those regions. Here are some of the best hunting regions in Oregon.

West Oregon

There is plenty of deer in this region. You will also notice the deer will go missing if the temperature drop below zero. Fortunately though the temperature has not dropped to this levels in a very long time. The young deer are therefore not being killed by the cold weather but rather by the black bears in the region.

The archery season in this area will be more than adequate since you can get some of the different types of deer. There is however a controlled hunt when it comes to the west high cascade deer. Some of the ateliers on these deer are setting world records. You need more than just a bow and arrow if you want to catch one of the big ones.

East Oregon

You are more likely to find the whitetail deer in this area. Eastern Oregon hunters however have a hard time when the winter gets too cold. You would however need to be careful while hunting in this region.

There are plenty of coyotes and black bears. Ensure you get tags for both in the region. It will be easier to hunt in this region in places where there is reliable water resources. This areas include major rivers, irrigation areas or anywhere where there is snowmelt.

It will be hard to find deer in the desert areas. The deer will be there but just a tad bit harder to find. The hood white hunt begins in early September. Hunters are advised to carry cougar tags s they go out hunting.

There has been an increase in the cat population in the region and with the hot summer you are more likely to come across one.

Central Oregon

This area is mostly not mentioned because of the vast amounts of private land in the region. Not many of the regular hunters can afford the private owned land rates. You may have to pay per deer tag or for the entire weekend while on the property. These private lands hold a vast amount of deer. You will definitely get a 4 point harvest here.

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