The Best Truck Bed Mats Brands

Protect your truck bed & make it look good, we review this year's top truck bed mats brands

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Whether you’ve just bought a new truck or are looking to update the one you’ve already had for a while, we’re here to help you out. One of the easiest ways to maintain the look and integrity of its bed is to use quality bed mats.

As there are so many different models out there, it can be overwhelming trying to find something quality. One of the easiest ways to weed out the subpar products is by looking at reputable brands, and we have the 5 best truck bed mats brands right here! Also see Truck Bed Mats Buying Guide.

Best Truck Bed Mats Brands

 Westin AutomotiveHusky LinersRough Country
editors choice
Material:100% recycled rubberRubberized DuraGrip HDNyracord rubber
Thickness:3/8”Varies between productsVaries between products
Features:Heat molded, comes with or without spray linerCushioned foam anti-skid surface, great air flow, easy installationQuick and easy installation, custom molded fit, great ventilation
Best Truck Bed Mats

Best Truck Bed Mats

Best Truck Bed Mats

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Quick Answer: The 5 Top-Rated Truck Bed Mats Brands

  1. Westin Automotive
  2. Husky Liners
  3. Rough Country
  4. Smartliner
  5. Dee Zee

Best Truck Bed Mats Brands Reviews

#1. Westin Automotive

rollator walker

Company Information

Westin is without a doubt one of the most popular manufacturers today when it comes to the best truck bed mats. They’re famous for making attractive, durable products that come meticulously designed and will fit perfectly in your truck. With supreme construction, you can count on this investment paying off.

Located in San Dimas, California in the US, they had to deal with quite a bit of competition in the beginning but the high standards they have held themselves quickly made them rise above. With over 40 years of experience, you can count on receiving innovation, passion, and consistency with their mats.

Product Groups

Westin is pretty straightforward, offering only one type of truck bed mat to consumers. However, with just about every make, year, and model you can imagine and the highest level of quality you really don’t need another option.

Truck Bed Mat at a Glance:

  • Material: 100% recycled rubber
  • Thickness: 3/8”
  • Features: Heat molded, comes with or without spray liner
You’ll never have to worry about bed damage again, thanks to the Westin Truck Bed Mat. Coming heat molded, they work to keep the bed safe. As each one comes custom-made to suit your specific truck, you can count on them installing seamlessly and covering every inch without fail. Use it with or without a spray liner – the choice is yours!

The US-made mats are comprised of 100% recycled heavy weight rubber, which is not only incredibly durable but also eco-friendly! You’ll find a ribbed, non-slip surface to keep your cargo put and help keep you on your feet when you’re walking in the bed.

Coming with a 3-year warranty you can use it to its full extent without having to worry about it tearing or wearing down.

Price Points

Westin mats are just slightly more expensive than most others out there, though the increase in price is more than worth it when you take into consideration how long-lasting they are.

Best Truck Bed Mats

#2. Husky Liners


Next up, we have another American brand. This time, we give you Husky Liners out of Winfield, Kansas. Created back in 1988, they’ve had quite a few years to perfect their skills, offering robust liners that you’ll be able to use for years to come.

These beautiful products are simply the top of the line and come in a variety of different configurations to allow you to pick exactly what works best for you. They also come in an array of prices to fit any budget so you aren’t limited in any way.

Product Groups

As we just mentioned Husky Liners does have a few different models to choose from.

Heavy Duty Bed Mats at a Glance:

  • Material: Rubberized DuraGrip HD
  • Thickness: Varies between products
  • Features: Cushioned foam anti-skid surface, great air flow, easy installation
The Heavy Duty Bed Mats are made to fully protect your truck with mats made from the brand’s signature rubberize DuraGrip HD material. This material is some of the toughest out there so you can use it as rough and regularly as you’d like without worry of it failing you or wearing down.

We love that the rubber doesn’t have an odor, like so many other brands’ do. The DuraGrip HD is soft enough to keep your cargo protected but still tough enough to resist the majority of chemicals and keep the bed free of scratches or dings.

The cushioned foam surface creates a nice barrier between your cargo and the truck bed. Not only that, but if you’re kneeling down trying to secure cargo and whatnot, it feels much nicer on the knees! As it’s anti-skid it will also keep all of your items in place.

One of the biggest hassles of using average truck bed mats is the moisture that can get trapped underneath when it rains or snows. Thanks to the Air Dry Nibs that work to slightly elevate the mat and allow air to freely flow through. Installation is super easy as it’s made to fit your vehicle specifically; literally just drop it in!

If that weren’t enough, you also get a lifetime guarantee so you will always be taken care of!

Next up is a more complete, comprehensive option made to cover not only the entire truck bed, but the sidewalls and tailgate as well! That way, you don’t have to worry about literally any surface being damaged. Not that we have tried it out ourselves, but legend has it, it’s also quite comfy to take a nap on!

Much like the previous model, you’ll find a cushioned foam anti-skid surface to protect yourself and your cargo while keeping it all in place. The UltraFiber surface is super soft and feels great to the touch, offering the perfect balance of luxury with ruggedness. In fact, it can even handle battery acid, oil, and bleach!

No tools are needed to install the mat, though it does take a few more minutes than the more simple mats which just lay in the bed. The GapGuard ensures your smaller pieces of cargo don’t get stuck between the bed and tailgate, ensuring convenient use each time.

While rubber is definitely easy to maintain, so is the UltraFiber. In fact, the mats don’t absorb water at all so there’s no need to even think about mold or mildew from taking up residency.

On top of that, it’s UV-resistant, so the material will stay looking just like the day you received it. To clean, simply pull out the hose, power washer, and/or vacuum.

Price Points

These are pretty pricey, however, they are much more comprehensive, covering the tailgate and sidewalls. Overall, the larger price tag is worth it if you need something that will protect it all from damage, while adding comfort and durability.

Note that these also come in UltraFiber and UltraGrip mats which are essentially the same – just mats instead of lining the whole bed, sidewalls, and tailgate.

Best Truck Bed Mats

#3. Rough Country


Founded back in 1975, Rough Country is one of the older brands on our guide but their experience has helped them create one of the most in-demand selection of products today. They’re known for offering just about any aftermarket product you can think of, on a budget.

However, they’re anything but cheap. The Tennessee-based manufacturer offers quality and some of the best customer service around.

For the best bang for your buck, it’s hard to beat Rough Country.

Product Lines

Rough Country offers truck bed mats for Dodge, Ford, Toyota, and GMC trucks so you’ll likely be able to find what you’re looking for. However, while they all come in different makes and models, RC only has one general type of mat.

Bed Mat at a Glance:

  • Material: Nyracord rubber
  • Thickness: Varies between products
  • Features: Quick and easy installation, custom molded fit, great ventilation
Made from 100% post-production recycled material, the Nyracord rubber is incredibly durable and eco-friendly so you don’t have to feel guilty about your purchase. It’s very thick too, at 3/8” which offers almost 50% more protection than competitor products in this range.

The textured surface makes sure your cargo stays put, even if you’re driving one the freeway. On the underside you get a knobby surface that lifts the mat up a bit to let air flow in and out, as well as drain any moisture that may have found its way in. This way, you know that your truck’s bed isn’t going to rust.

A custom molded fit will leave you worry-free knowing that you won’t have to cut it to make sure it isn’t too big. Taking a mere 10 minutes to install, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner! Not only that, but with a limited lifetime warranty, you’re not risking anything by getting one!

Price Points

As we previously mentioned, Rough Country is known for offering top-notch products at affordable prices and that’s just what you get here. You’re not going to find such an excellent truck bed mat at this low of a price so if you’re on a budget this will be your go-to.

Best Truck Bed Mats

#4. Smartliner


Originally founded back in 2009 in Central Florida, it’s a relatively young American company which has quickly become known for their innovation and reliability.

Having started out as just a couple of friends driven to be successful, they’ve more than achieved what they set out to do. Offering floor mats, cargo liners, and bed mats they know their specialty well.

They’ve also become notorious for adapting well with the times, offering products made of 100% recycled materials that are actually friendly to the environment instead of detrimental.

What makes a great brand isn’t just the products they have to offer, but their customer service, as well. No matter what kind or how many questions you have for them, they’re always there, ready to happily answer them.

Whereas some competitor brands only offer GMC, Ford, and Chevrolet-compatible models, Smartliner covers just about everything from Jeep to Nissan.

Product Groups

Like most other brands on our guide, Smartliner has only one main product to look at though you can choose the size that fits your specific truck.

Truck Bed Mat at a Glance:

  • Material: Rubber
  • Thickness: Varies between products
  • Features: 100% odorless, textured skid-resistant surface, easy to clean
Much different from the others we’ve covered so far, the Smartliner Truck Bed Mat is made of low-density, semi-flexible polyethylene.

This material is eco-friendly but also the perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility. This makes them tough yet squishy enough to absorb long-term vibration and intense shocks.

Made to work in all types of weather conditions, it is an excellent choice if you live in an area that receives all seasons.

The 100% odorless material is stain-resistant and offers a modern, expensive look that will instantly upgrade your truck’s appearance and functionality.

With a textured, ski-resistant surface, they will keep your cargo still while transporting it. To clean, all you have to do is wipe it off or hose it off. Mud, snow, sand, and more are no match for these mats.

It may seem like a little feature, but the raised lip is great at preventing anything from getting in underneath the mat to prevent rusting and mildew growth.

With a limited lifetime warranty, you can use the mat no-holds-barred without worry it may rip or give out on you!

Price Points

These mats are some of the most affordable out there, as they’re just a few bucks more than those from Rough Country. However, Rough Country only offers rubber products that are more sporty instead of elegant.

Best Truck Bed Mats

5. Dee ZeeDee-Zee-DZ86881-Heavyweight-Bed5

Last but not least, we have the Iowa-based Dee Zee. Coming far from their start back in 1977, they now have over 1 million square feet dedicated to their production and ensuring their customers are happy.

Most products are made right in Des Moines, though there are a few which require supplied parts come from other American vendors.

What makes Dee Zee special is not only their friendly customer service but that they’ve seemed to perfectly balance affordability with green practices and excellent products. They focus heavily on recycling, reducing excess materials, and making their products in the most efficient ways.

Merging timeless designs with modern edginess, Dee Zee’s truck bed mats appeal to the masses as there really is something for everyone.

Product Groups

You’ll find Dee Zee only offers a single type of truck bed mat, but that’s enough for us!

At a Glance:

  • Material: Nyracord Rubber
  • Thickness: Varies between products
  • Features: UV-resistant, rubber cleats lining the underside, 3-warranty
If you’re looking for an affordable product for a truck you don’t plan on using for more than a few years then this should be the mat you look hard at. Coming with a 3-year warranty, it is the most stingy in this regard but the lower price also kinds of balances that out.

Made of Nyracord Rubber Compound Construction it does a great job at keeping cargo from damaging truck bed. Given how dense and durable they are, the mats are resistant to abrasions and tears, and there’s no need to worry about cracks in hot weather. Actually, they resist fuel, UV-ray damage, and more.

Rubber cleats line the underside to keep the mat in place while letting moisture drain quickly.

Price Points

These mats are some of the most affordable on the market.

Best Truck Bed Mats

Truck Bed Mats Brands Comparison Table

Truck Bed Mats Brands MaterialThicknessFeatures
Westin AutomotiveWestin-50-6355-Black-Truck-Bed1100% recycled rubber3/8”Heat molded, comes with or without spray liner
Husky LinersHusky-Liners-94041-Weatherbeater-SuperCrew2Rubberized DuraGrip HDVaries between productsCushioned foam anti-skid surface, great air flow, easy installation
Rough CountryRough-Country3Nyracord rubberVaries between productsQuick and easy installation, custom molded fit, great ventilation
SmartlinerTruck-Rugged-Bed4RubberVaries between products100% odorless, textured skid-resistant surface, easy to clean
Dee ZeeDee-Zee-DZ86881-Heavyweight-Bed5Nyracord RubberVaries between productsUV-resistant, rubber cleats lining the underside, 3-warranty

Truck Bed Mats Buying Guide

To further help you narrow down these selections, we’ve written up a user-friendly buying guide for you!

best truck bed mats reviews guide


The vast majority of truck bed mats are made of rubber, though there are a few exceptions.


What’s so great about rubber? It’s incredibly durable, resistant to moisture and most stains, thick, and affordable! Not only that, but it’s easy to clean and UV-resistant so they won’t fade. Many brands used 100% recycled rubber, making them eco-friendly to boot!


Plastic is definitely not eco-friendly but plastic mats are great for keeping truck beds clean. They don’t do well in extreme temperatures though they’re cheap and easy to maintain.


Carpet is a more upscale look when it comes to truck bed mats. While they aren’t quite as easy to clean, they’re great for protecting against dirt and feel soft and luxurious when you’re crawling around in the back.


The key to being sure that you get the right fit depending on the make and model of truck. As there are so many different sizes to choose from, you’ll need to make sure you pick the right one. A easy, fool-proof way of making sure this isn’t an issue is simply measuring the bed.


It’s crucial that you not only look at the top surface or the underside of the mat when making your decision as they’re both incredibly important. The top of the mat should be textured to keep your cargo in place and not sliding around everywhere. The underside should be textured enough to make sure it isn’t sliding around either but should ideally be slightly elevated so that air can flow in and out and that moisture can drain to avoid rust or mildew.


Realistically speaking, it’s not just going to be your cargo that’s in the truck bed – you’ll be in there too loading it up! Truck beds are notorious for being uncomfortable, if not downright painful, on the knees. Look for a mat that’s thick and lush enough that it provides a nice, cushiony barrier between you and the actual surface of the truck bed.

Cost and Warranty

Finally, we need to look at both cost and warranty as they directly relate to one another. For example, if you want to go with the slightly cheaper option but it has a significantly shorter warranty you’d probably be better off initially paying a bit more.

After all, longer warranties could make the difference between you getting a repair or shelling out more cash for a whole new mat.

Truck Bed Mats FAQs

Q: What is the best truck bed mat?

A: Westin’s are currently the most commonly top-rated mats out there, though there are also some great options from Husky Liners.

Q: Are truck bed mats good?

A: They most certainly are! They help to protect your truck bed from scratches, dings, rust, and other types of damage. Not to mention, they’re comfortable for you to use too!

Q: What is the best drop in bedliner?

A: We really appreciate how affordable Rough Country and SmartLiners’ bedliners are!

Q: What is a bed mat?

A: These mats are made of rubber and/or other materials like carpet to cover the entire bottom of your truck bed. They ensure that there’s a barrier between your cargo and the bed to keep your vehicle and cargo free from damage.

Truck Bed Mats Summary

Now that you know just about everything you’ll ever want to about the best 5 truck bed mats brands out there, have you decided which one you’ll be working with moving forward?

The good news is that all of them are highly reputable so you can rest assured you’ll be receiving high quality. We hope that our guide has been of some help. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again soon!

How We Researched

To come up with the top truck bed mats brands, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as 4×4 Magazine and Outside Online Magazine along with our own personal experience.

We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options were for the price. The staff authors have a wide and varied background in offroading, motorcycling, and auto mechanics. They are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

To help narrow down the selection we used personal experiences along with recommendations from fellow auto-enthusiasts and industry experts.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.


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