The 7 Best Space Heaters For Basement [2020 Reviews]

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Before you make a space heater purchase decision make sure you’re choosing wisely, and that you’re considering all the features, safety and overall efficiency.

That’s where we come in! We’ve reviewed the top space heaters for your basement so you won’t have to waste time wading through endless products. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have no questions about which is the best space heater for basement for you. Also see: How to Choose the Best Space Heater – Buying Guide.

Best Space Heaters

 Heat Storm Infrared HeaterDr Infrared Portable HeaterComfortZone Ceramic Heater
editors choice
Dimensions:30 x 12 x 12 Inches13 x 12.5 x 17 Inches25 x 9 x 9 Inches
Watts:1500 W1500 W 1500 W
Power Source:ElectricElectricElectric
Heating Method:Infrared Infrared quartzCeramic

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Space Heaters For 2020

  1. Heat Storm HS-1500 Wifi Infrared Heated
  2. Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater
  3. Comfort Zone Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater
  4. Aikoper Electric Space Heater
  5. Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater
  6. Pelonis Ceramic Heater
  7. Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater

Our reviews of the top rated space heaters with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right one for you.

Space Heater Reviews

The Heat Storm Infrared Heater is a modern masterpiece that will leave your basement or spare room as toasty as can be.

Enabled by Wifi, you can control the temperature from your phone, so you don’t even have to get up to turn this thing on!

Because it emits warmth through infrared rays, it is energy efficient, eco-friendly and safe to the touch – making it perfect for families with small children.

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This is a wall mounted heater, so you won’t lose any floor space when you install it. You can even hide the cord inside the heater once its been plugged in so it isn’t a safety hazard. 

The Heat Storm operates on a maximum of 1500 watts and self-regulates its own temperature, meaning there is no risk of overheating. 

If you’re still not convinced about its superior safety features, rest assured that this product is also ETL certified, which indicates compliance to North American safety standards.

All things considered, this is one of the best space heaters on the market today.

Heat Storm HS-1500 Wifi Infrared Heater at a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 30.4 x 12 x 12 Inches
  • Watts: 1500 W
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Heating Method: Infrared

The Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater is another safe, reliable and powerful option that will warm up any room in no time.

Designed with a dual heating system, a 12 hour automatic shut-off timer, and tip-over protection, this self-regulating heater has all the safety bells and whistles.

Though it uses 12.5 Amps of power and 1500 watts, its state of the art low-noise blower is exceptionally quiet, producing only 39dB of sound.

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Wattage indicates the amount of electricity needed to power the heater – not the amount of heat that it can deliver.

That said, the Dr. Infrared enables greater heat production while keeping wattage levels reasonable.

It delivers an average of 250°F at 3.5m/s to your room versus competing heaters that can do only 155°F at 2.2m/s.

It also comes equipped with a removable filter that is easy to clean and replace, allowing for a fresh start every time it’s needed.

With caster wheels on its underside, it is even portable and can be easily transported from room to room, allowing you to cut down your energy bill significantly.

This is one of the best electric space heaters you can buy.

Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater at a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 13 x 12.5 x 17 Inches
  • Watts: 1500 W
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Heating Method: Infrared quartz

With Comfort Zone’s oscillating space heater, you can heat up any room quickly, evenly & safely while keeping energy costs to a minimum.

This is a ceramic heater which uses forced-fan circulation to heat as it rotates from side to side, maintaining a consistent temperature that disperses easily across the room.

In addition to being ETL Certified, it includes an overheat protection sensor,  and an automatic fail-safe that cuts power to the unit in case it’s accidentally tipped over.

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A digital thermostat prevents overheating & stuffiness, while an 8-hour timer with auto shutoff allows you to program the unit in advance. 

You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your bed to shut it on or off, as it comes with a convenient remote control function.

Better yet, it is exceptionally lightweight and portable, weighing in at a mere 7 pounds. You’ll be able to take this anywhere without a problem.

The Comfort Zone space heater also features an Eco Mode which adjusts heat output for more efficient coverage at lower costs.

Planet Earth will thank you later for buying the best energy efficient space heater on the market!

Comfort Zone Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater at a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 25 x 9.5 x 9 Inches
  • Watts: 1500 W
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Heating Method: Ceramic

The Aikoper Electric Space Heater is another great option for families who want to save energy while prioritizing safety.

Providing warmth through ceramic heating, this product requires no assembly and features a carry handle for portable use.

It provides reliable tip-over and overheat protection, as well as an 8-hour automatic shutoff timer. Its oscillating feature makes it great for large rooms and big families.

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This heater uses 1500 watts of power and features 2 heat settings, one being an Eco Mode which optimizes energy consumption.

It also has a LED display so you can easily see and control the heat and power settings. 

With its combination of oscillation, safety and control features, the Aikoper is easily one of the best space heaters for large rooms on our list.

Aikoper Electric Space Heater at a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 24 Inches
  • Watts: 1500
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Heating Method: Ceramic

Next up, we have the Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater.

This is a beautifully-designed heater that doubles as a gorgeous piece of rustic furniture! It will add a classic, timeless aesthetic to your room while keeping the atmosphere nice and warm.

With overheat protection, a cool-touch exterior and a built-in programmable timer, it also doesn’t skimp on safety measures.

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An adjustable thermostat with easy-to-read LED display allows you to select temperatures from 60F to 85F , or simply select “max heat” for high-level warmth. 

A wide oscillation angle and and wireless remote control further add to the convenience of this product.

The Lasko comes fully assembled with everything you need included in the package, so just take it out of the box, plug it in and enjoy the warmth. 

This is one of the best electric heaters we’ve seen yet.

Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater at a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 8.25 x 16.05 Inches
  • Watts: 1500 W
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Heating Method: Ceramic

The Pelonis Ceramic Heater packs 1500 watts into a compact design which is portable & perfect for personal and home use. 

Built for safety, the heater features cool-touch flame-resistant material as well as overheating and tip-over protection.

It has a wide oscillation angle of 83 degrees, so heat will disperse evenly throughout the room without cold spots.

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It also sports an adjustable thermostat with a control dial, and can reach temperatures of 70F in a mere 3 seconds with its high-tech ceramic heating plate.

Pelonis offers a 1-Year warranty with purchase, so in the case of emergency damage, the manufacturer has your back. 

Take this small yet mighty space heater with you wherever you need a bit of extra warmth and comfort!

Pelonis Ceramic Heater at a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 7.72 x 7.72 x 17.76 Inches
  • Watts: 1500 W
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Heating Method: Ceramic

Last but certainly not least, we have the Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater.

This is a simple yet practical ceramic heater operating at 1500 watts. It features an adjustable thermostat, high and low heat settings, and a fan-only setting if you get hot too easily.

Automatic overheat protection guarantees peace of mind even if you accidentally leave it on overnight or when out of the home.

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Its compact, silver design keeps it versatile and subtle, meaning it will blend into any space you put it in.

Its portable carry handles also offer the mobility necessary to move it between rooms or homes as necessary.

This is a great option for adding some warmth to your spare room, attic or garage during those cold wintry days. We’d call it the best garage space heater for its price-point.

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater at a Glance:

  • Dimensions: 6 x 3.7 x 9.2 Inches
  • Watts: 1500 W
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Heating Method: Ceramic

Space Heaters Comparison Table

Space Heater DimensionsWattsPower SourceHeating MethodRating
Heat Storm Infrared Heater30" x 12" x 12"1500 WElectricInfrared4.3 / 5.0
Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater13" x 12" x 17"1500 W ElectricInfrared quartz4.5 / 5.0
ComfortZone Oscillating Space Heater25" x 9" x 9"1500 WElectricCeramic 4.3 / 5.0
Aikoper Electric Space Heater
8" x 7" x 24"1500 WElectricCeramic 4.6 / 5.0
Lasko Designer Series Space Heater8" x 8" x 16" 1500 W ElectricCeramic 4.6 / 5.0
Pelonis Ceramic Heater8" x 8" x 18"1500 W ElectricCeramic 4.5 / 5.0
Lasko Portable Space Heater6" x 4" x 9" 1500 WElectricCeramic 4.3 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Space Heater – Buying Guide

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the best models the market has to offer, you must be wondering which one to bring home.

After all, it’s hard to settle on a single one when there are so many stellar options!

Best Space Heaters for Basements Reviews

Nonetheless, we’ve done you a favor and put together this comprehensive buying guide, which outlines the key features to consider when choosing the best basement space heater for your home.

No matter the season, you can never go wrong by purchasing a space heater – it’s simply a practical investment. They offer targeted heating which pays big dividends in terms of energy conservation.

With the proper heater, you can transform your basement, garage or spare room into a home gym, a movie room, or even a second lounge – the possibilities are endless!

Once you’re done reading, you should have no doubts about the choice for you.


To make the right decision, you must first know what exactly you plan to use your space heater for.

Because most basements lack insulation, they tend to be several degrees cooler than the rest of the house, and significantly more drafty.

With that said, a good basement space heater must be able to heat the room up enough to make it comfortable and useful – so be sure to match the strength of the heater with the size of the room.

If you have a bigger space, you might need to sacrifice size for strength. The smaller, more portable space heaters are often inadequate when it comes to heating large areas evenly.

If you plan to move your heater from room to room for targeted heat wherever needed, you can opt for a model with wheels or one that is simply light enough to move around easily.

Also consider how you want your space heater to look and it flows well with the rest of your furniture.

There are plenty of refined, sophisticated looking heaters on the market these days, so you’re sure to find something both functional and beautiful.

Heating Method

The heating method is the key differentiator amongst space heaters.

There are a couple different methods, with the most popular being infrared and ceramic.

Ceramic Heating

Ceramic Heaters use an internal ceramic piece to generate warmth without wires or coils. Instead, electricity is used to heat the piece, which then radiates that heat through a given room.

The major benefit here is that ceramic heaters can self-regulate their temperature, thus drastically reducing the risk of fire hazard or heat injury, and preserving the longevity of the heater.

Most also have a tilt detection unit located somewhere on the bottom, which allows the heater to shut off if tipped over.

A ceramic heater is very energy-efficient, and can definitely reduce your electricity bill.

With their safety and cost-saving features, its no wonder these are so popular.

Infrared Heating

Infrared Heaters use energy transfer to heat up their surroundings by emitting rays which are absorbed by the objects around them.

The main pros to these are their speed, efficiency and environmentally-friendly nature.

Infrared heaters are a clean heat source – they don’t release any pollutants and don’t use fossil fuels or any wood to generate heat.

Because they warm bodies and objects through light instead of warming the air through convection, these will also warm you up in no time.

The main disadvantage to infrared heaters is that they often struggle to cover large spaces, because they can only heat the objects and bodies in their direct line.

This can lead to uneven warmth distribution in bigger areas.

They also emit a soft orange glow at all times, which could be annoying to some.

Oil Heating

Some models use oil to generate warmth.

Oil-filled space heaters contain diathermic oil, which is then heated with electricity.

The warmed oil is then dispersed through radiant heating and moves through the room via convection.


Be sure to match the size of your room with the size of your heater.

There is actually a wattage + square footage size equation which can help you determine the wattage you need based on the space you have.

The rule is that you’ll need roughly 10 watts of heating power for each square foot.

This means you can simply multiply the total square feet of your area by 10 to figure out how much wattage will cover it.

Be sure you actually measure your room – don’t just eyeball it!

FAQs About Space Heaters

Q: Are space heaters safe to leave on all night?

A: Contrary to popular belief, you can leave most modern space heaters on for long periods of time.

As long as your heater is certified by a major testing organization and includes features like tip-over protection and automatic shutoff, you should be fine to leave it on while you sleep.

Just make sure you’re following basic safety rules and have a fully functional smoke detector in your home.

Q: What type of space heater uses the least electricity?

A: The most energy-efficient space heaters are those which employ infrared heating methods – it’s simply science.

Infrared heaters use transfer of energy to heat spaces by emitting infrared light rays which are absorbed by the objects and bodies around them.

Because they use 100% of the heat they produce, there is almost no heat loss during transfer, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.

Q: Why are space heaters considered dangerous?

A: Space heaters are considered dangerous because they can pose a serious fire hazard if there are malfunctions in their manufacturing.

They also use a lot of electricity, making it easy for them to overload circuits, causing power failure at best and fire at worst.

Fortunately, modern innovation has provided the latest space heaters with a wide array of safety features.

As long as you follow common-sense safety precautions, turn it off if you sense or smell something wrong, and ensure that your product is safety certified, you should be fine.

You should also be sure to maintain your space heater – this will ensure its longevity and integrity as a product.

How to Maintain Your Space Heater

How to Clean A Electric Space Heater

Q: How long does it take for a space heater to heat a room?

A: This depends on the heater, its specific features, the heating method employed, and the size of your room.

It shouldn’t take over 20 minutes to raise the overall room temperature by 10 degrees F, but many modern models can do this in under 5 minutes.

Tips For Choosing Space Heaters

#1: Safety first!

Throughout all of this, safety should be your number 1 priority! Read the product description to ensure your model is certified by a national safety testing organization.

#2: Measure your space.

The larger the room, the more powerful your space heater should be.

Use the wattage + square footage size equation discussed in our buyers guide to determine the wattage you need based on the space you have.

#3: Maintain your heater!

If you take care of your space heater, it will last longer. Be sure to clean it periodically and investigate for damage or malfunction.


Now you know all about how to choose a good space heater for your basement, spare room, garage or just for personal use!

You’re fully equipped with everything you need to make an informed decision and bring some much-needed warmth to your home.

Thanks for reading & happy shopping!

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