The 3 Best Ski Apps – [2020/2021 Reviews]

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There are many ski apps for tracking the weather, snow fall, discounts etc, here I am focusing on ski apps for tracking your runs down the mountain.

While using a ski app is not going to make you a better skier, they do make skiing more fun. I tried out a few on my trip to Telluride in January and will give you my thoughts on the ones I liked.

Best Ski Apps

 SnowCruSki TracksSki Lynx
Free Version:NoYes, limited runsNo
Features:Add each run you have been to and track each run you have went on with a satellite view.

Tracks your max speed on your runs, distance, vertical drop, max altitude, run duration
Tells you the max speed on your runs, distance, vertical drop, max altitude, run durationSee what run or lift each person in your group is riding, in real-time.

Chat with your group using customizable quick messages that let you communicate with a single touch from your Apple Watch, iPhone, or Android.
Compatibility:iOS, Android, iWatchiOS, Android, iWatchiOS, Android, iWatch

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Quick Answer: The 3 Best Ski Apps For 2020

  2. Ski Tracks
  3. SkiLynx

One thing about them you need to be aware of, is they KILL your battery, you just cannot use them all day. Maybe my battery life stinks but after 4-5 runs my battery was running low on my iPhone 8.

Maybe you will get better battery life, just be sure to check it so you don’t wind up with a dead battery. I think it also might be the cold decreases battery life as well.

One other observation, is they are a bit of a pain to use, at least how I used them.

If you want to time your run like I did, you almost have to it the start button while your moving to get accurate stats. And I found it almost impossible to hit the start button with out taking off my gloves even though my Outdoor Research Sensor gloves are touch screen sensitive.

That being said, it really is pretty cool seeing your stats on a run and how fast you are REALLY going!

Ski App Reviews


This is one of the more expensive ski apps, and what I dont like is its an annual fee or “SNOCRU Season Pass” as they call it.

If you have a lot of competitive skiing buddies you may like this app the best because you can “invite” them then share your information with theirs and compare your stats.

They also just came out with a iPhone and Droid app for your smart watch. I haven’t tried this as I don’t have one but if you do maybe SNOCRU is your best bet. Its $9.99 per year, its probably a bargain for all it does, assuming you use all the features.

SNOCRU Review 
sno-cru-menu- ski app Here is the main menu, one of the better features is you can add resorts then track where you went at each resort and what trails you went on. Pretty cool, especially if you want to compare notes with other skiers/boarders.
sno-cru-trail-map- ski appHere is an example of a run I went on in Telluride, it shows the run highlighted and where I started. I do like this feature so you know what runs you went on, then you can figure out what runs you still need to go on, and if you liked it, you can go back to it.
sno-cru-tracks-ski-appHere is where you will see your runs, with the resort name, date etc. And of course the small "Start Tracking" button at the bottom.
sno-cru-track-your Run-ski appNow we get to the best part! Your stats on your run. This is really the only thing I use it for! You can see:

  • Speed, Not bad 56 MPH!

  • Distance, Telluride has some nice long trails 🙂

  • Vertical Drop

  • Altitude

  • How many times you went on it

Conclusion: SNOCRU is a powerful ski app and feature rich, if you like all the advanced feature I would give it a go. If you just want a simple app for tracking your ski statistics when go with Ski Tracks.

Visit SNOCRU website

Ski Tracks

This was my first experience with a ski app and is still my favorite, mainly because it does what I like very well.

While some of the features of the fancier ski apps are cool like tracking the runs you went on etc, I am really more just looking to keep track of the mountains I skied, and some statistics of the runs.

For this, Ski Tracks is perfect, simple to use and give you great information on your runs!

Ski Tracks 
ski-tracks-ski-app-trail-runsWhen you open the app, this is where you see where you have been and the individual runs for each mountain. I only keep a few for each...
ski-tracks-satellite-viewUnlike SNOCRU, it does not label the run, you get a satellite overview of the run. Not a whole lotta use, in my opinion.
ski-tracks-ski-appLike SNOCRU, the best part! Your stats on your run. I like how this this displays better than SNOCRU.

You can see:

  • Max Speed 56.8 - not as fast as Telluride...

  • Distance

  • Vertical Drop

  • Max Altitude

  • Slope Angle - Seemed steeper 🙂

  • Run Duration - SNOCRU does not have that...

  • Profile of the Run

ski-tracks-run-graphInteresting to see a graph of the run showing your speed and altitude.
ski-tracks-start-runMenu for the run, little tiny button to start tracking...

Conclusion: Overall I just like Ski Tracks better than SNOCRU, one big reason is Ski Tracks is only .99 cents! While it doesn’t have all the features, its so much cheaper and does what I want.

Visit Ski Tracks website


I have not yet used this app, but it looks intriguing and plan on using it for my next ski trip. From the looks of it, it seems designed to use with a smart watch and to keep track of your ski companions.

This would be a great app for a family to keep an eye on your kids. But also would be ideal to keep track of your friends on the mountain, with out having to try and call or text your friends to meet up.

Ski Lynx 
skilynx-find-your-friends I would say this is the SkiLynx's best feature, keeping track of your family and friends and see exactly where they are on the mountain.
skilynx-smart-watchIntergrates very well with your smart watch (iWatch and Droid), see where everyone is at a glance or text with them on your watch.
skilynx-trail-mapSimilar to Ski Tracks, it shows a satellite image of the trails you went on, but not on a trail map t o see the trail name.
skilynx-run-statsI like the stats page here:

  • Avg Speed - no max speed 🙁

  • Run Duration

  • Max Elevation

  • Run Distance

  • Vertical Drop

  • Vertical Gain

Conclusion: If you have a smart watch this is definitely the ski app for you. It would also be ideal if you are with a group of skiers or family, this ski app seems ideal to keep track of everyone.

Visit SkiLynx website

I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best ski apps to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a app I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

New to skiing? See my beginners guide to skiing for tips and advice.

Have fun and be safe out there!

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