The 7 Best Scuba Masks – [2021 Reviews & Guide]

Enjoy better vision and less leakage, we break down the year's top scuba diving masks

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If your just getting into diving, the first piece of equipment you should buy is the best scuba mask you can afford.

I can tell you from personal experience that being 60 feet down and having your masking leaking makes for a BAD dive!

Having your mask constantly fog up isn’t any better.

This is the one piece of diving equipment I would never want to rent for these reasons and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality scuba mask.

Best Scuba Masks

 Cressi Big Eyes EvolutionScubapro Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive MaskAtomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Mask
editors choice
Lens:Dual PaneSingle PaneSingle Pane
Corrective Lenses Available:YesNoNo
Rating:4.0 / 5.04.7 / 5.03.5 / 5.0

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Scuba Diving Masks For 2021

  1. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask
  2. Scubapro Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask
  3. Atomic Venom Frameless Mask
  4. GoPro Dive Mask for Scuba Diving
  5. Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive Mask
  6. Atomic Aquatic Subframe ARC Scuba Mask
  7. Scubapro Synergy Trufit Twin Mirrored Mask

Our reviews of the top rated scuba diving masks with our comparison table and buying guide will help you choose the right dive mask.

Scuba Diving Mask Reviews

The Cressi Big Eyes is well named because of its superior visibility. The teardrop shaped lens allows more light in and the tempered glass lenses are crystal clear. The lens of the mask is inclined relative to your face.

This allows the lens to sit closer to your face and gives you an excellent lower field of view allowing you to see your gauges and of course sealife.

It’s not just vision that is awesome with this mask, the skirt is made from what Cressi calls “High Seal” this medical-grade silicone is soft, flexible and COMFORTABLE.

The design of the skirt has been designed to fit your face and provide a seal to keep the water out.

Even after an extended dive or several dives, the mask remains comfortable and there is no ring around your face.

The mask can be tightened so it doesn’t fall off your face. The buckle systems has been well thought out and designed.
Cressi BIG EYES EVOLUTION Scuba Diving Mask

The buckle is attached directly to the skirt providing a solid fit because the stress is brought farther back instead of pulling the whole mask back, it just pulls the skirt to your face giving you a better fit.

The buckle is designed with a full range of motion and is easy to adjust and release. This is a frameless mask with a low volume making it easy to equalize and fold flat so you can carry a spare and for easy packing.

Cressi is a name you can trust and have been making quality diving equipment since the 1940s. The Big Eyes Evolution is an inexpensive scuba mask and highly recommended. This may be the best scuba mask for beginners.

Scubapro Solo Scuba Dive Mask

If you are looking for the best fitting and most comfortable mask, the Scubapro Solo may be it! The double-sealed silicone skirt molds to almost any face providing a leak-free seal.

If you have a beard, the Solo might be your best bet to get a leak-resistant seal.

It features a frameless, single-lens design with tempered glass for a wide field of view. The lens sits close to your face for a low volume fit and easier clearing.

An underrated feature is the ability to easily pinch your nose to clear, some masks make this difficult but with the Solo that is not a problem.

I like that the buckles have a wide range of movement so the strap can be adjusted for perfect fit and allow for a good seal.

The Solo is available in a clear and black skirt with a few bright colors and is a good choice for both beginner and advanced divers.

The Venom Frameless Mask is Atomics’ latest scuba mask that is a quality mask in every way. The Venom uses a tempered glass lens made Schott Superwrite UltraClear.

This large single window lens is distortion-free and lets in 96% of available light, compared to 80 – 90% of a typical mask. There really is a difference with this glass that you will immediately notice on your first dive.

Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Mask
Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless Mask

In addition to the optics, the Atomic Aquatics Venom mask features what they call “Gummi Bear UltraSoft” medical-grade silicone that is extremely soft and comfortable on your face.

The Gummi Bear silicone provides a leak-free seal on your face.

I had the beginnings of a beard when I first used this mask, in my opinion this is the best scuba mask for beards or mustaches.

The skirt is designed with dual-layer silicon. A thicker silicon material around the lens provides the necessary support, then a thinner more flexible silicone for the seal around your face.

This is a frameless design like all the masks reviewed, so the mask sits closer to your face for better visibility and easier equalization.

The swivel buckle system is integrated into the skirt for the best possible fit due to the angle the mask is pulled back onto the face.

Atomic is known for their superior quality equipment and the Vemon frameless mask is no exception. This is a quality mask that you will not regret buying.

If you have a Go-Pro or similar “action” camera, the easiest way to use it while diving is by mounting it on your dive mask. This way you keep your hands free, and you just look at what you want to video.

The Octomask GoPro Dive Mask works with all models of GoPro, even the newer, smaller Session camera.

This is not just a great mask for using your GoPro, it is a great mask regardless. It features a super soft silicone skirt for comfort and keeping a good seal. If you have to keep clearing your mask while trying to video it’s not going to be a good experience.octomask-gopro-dive-mask

The Octomask is a low volume design, making it easier to equalize plus being it sits closer you’re your eyes you have better visibility.

The Dual pane and frameless design also give it a wider field of view. There is a single pane mask available if you prefer that style of mask.

The Octomask has a tempered lens for safety, and an easy-to-adjust comfortable strap.

The mount fits the GoPro perfectly and comes with a setscrew and travel bag.

If you have never used a GoPro on your mask, here are some tips:

  • Try and stay as horizontal as possible, when you are vertical it’s hard to avoid the bubbles going in front of the camera and ruining your video.
  • When you have the mask on your face with the camera attached, have someone adjust the angle. Once you put it on, you will not be able to see where it’s pointing.
  • Double check you have the camera on, have someone check it before entering the water to verify.
  • Be careful about getting too close to your subject, you never know what might be lurking just out of sight.

If you’re going to want to use your GoPro with your mask, the Octomask is probably the best GoPro dive mask available.

Oceanic has been making quality scuba diving equipment since the 70’s and they are especially known for their quality masks.

The Oceanic Shadow is a frameless mask that is extremely low volume, folding almost completely flat. This makes it ideal to take one with you as a spare, easily fitting in your BC pocket.

The frameless, low volume design keeps this mask very close to your face giving you excellent visibility and peripheral vision. The design of the mask makes it ideal for spear fishermen or photography.

The lens is made from a tempered ultra-clear optical safety glass plus a medical-grade, ”liquid” silicone skirt. They skirt molds to just about any size and shape face for a good seal.

It also has a comfortable and easy-to-adjust strap and buckle but I always replace the straps with a 3rd party neoprene strap for extra comfort.

The Oceanic Shadow is probably the best dive mask for the money.

Atomic Aquatic Subframe ARC Scuba MaskThe Atomic Subframe ARC is a dual-pane framed mask for high strength and has a lifetime warranty against breakage! To further increase its strength and rigidity, Atomic uses stainless steel retain to lock the lens into the frame.

The Subframe ARC mask has a soft silicone skirt that molds and fits almost any face. Easy to adjust buckles and a wide range make the mask easy to fit and get a good, leak-free seal.

The most notable feature of the mask is the “ARC” technology. This is an Anti-Reflective Coating consisting of a metal oxide coating on both sides of the lens.

The end result of this is, that it allows more light into the lens for better visibility by reducing the reflection of light off the lens. Atomic achieves a 98% transmission of available light, more than just about any mask out there!

If you are looking for the most comfortable scuba diving mask, look no further. The Scubapro mask has a unique two skirt system.

The main skirt that wraps around the mask provides rigidity and support and then a thinner extremely soft and flexible skirt that form fits your face for superior comfort and leak protection.

This design has been perfected by Scubapro so that you can comfortably wear this mask for extended periods of time and not get that red ring around your face. I can’t tell you how nice it is to finally wear a mask that doesn’t leak, even after not shaving for a week.

Scubapro Synergy Trufit Twin Mirrored Mask

In addition to being what may be the most comfortable mask on the market, the Synergy2 is a frameless mask that is very low volume making equalization much easier than a traditional framed mask.

The mask features an easy-to-use, quick-release buckle system that is attached to the skirt, this allows the optimal strap angle for better fit and leak prevention.

This also allows the mask to fold almost completely flat for carrying with you or your dive buddy as a spare and easy packing.

The anti-reflective lens of this mask gives you excellent visibility in bright conditions allowing for better visibility and less eye strain.

Obviously, if you are night diving this would not be the best mask to wear but for bright daylight diving, the Scubapro synergy is an excellent choice. Overall this is my top pick for a scuba mask.

Note: The mask is available in single lens design.

Scuba Diving Masks Comparison Table

Scuba Mask StyleLensCorrective Lenses Available Rating
Cressi Big Eyes EvolutionFramelessDual PaneYes4.0 / 5.0
Scubapro Solo Scuba Snorkeling Dive MaskFramelessSingle PaneNo4.7 / 5.0
Atomic Aquatics Venom Frameless MaskFramelessSingle PaneNo3.5 / 5.0
GoPro Dive Mask for Scuba DivingStandardDual PaneYes4.3 / 5.0
Oceanic Shadow Frameless Dive MaskFramelessSingle PaneNo4.1 / 5.0
Atomic Aquatic Subframe ARC Scuba MaskStandardDual PaneNo4.1 / 5.0
Scubapro Synergy Trufit Twin Mirrored MaskStandardDual PaneNo4.4 / 5.0

How To Choose the Best Scuba Diving Mask

Best Scuba Masks

The Mask Lens

Obviously, the whole point of diving is being able to see all the cool things under the water. Several factors will have a bearing on how good your visibility is.

The first one being the quality of the lens. The better the quality the more light is able to pass thru the mask. Cheaper masks usually only let in about 80 to 85% of the light.

As you get into the better quality masks light transmission gets up to 95%, a noticeable increase. The Atomic Venom mask is a good example of a mask using this technology.

Secondly, the choice of single, dual or multiple/side lenses will have a major impact on how well you see. A single lens mask has a more “open feel” because there is no nose bridge and so they have a wider uninterrupted field of view.

There are several disadvantages to the single lens mask, however. Namely, you cannot use prescription lenses with them and the volume of the mask is larger. This means they are harder to equalize than a dual-lens mask.

multi-pane-scuba-maskA multi-lens mask has a small windowpane on each side of the mask and gives you a sense of a wider field of view, they also give you some peripheral vision.

Make sure you buy a mask that has a “tempered” lens, these lenses are stronger to withstand high pressure and withstand impacts better. The lenses will say right on it if it is tempered.

The angle of the lens matters as well. Here I am referring to how well you can see downward. Having a better downward view enables you to see all of your equipment, like the gauges, BC pockets, dive knife, weight ditch handles etc.

There is no rating for this, you just have to put it on and see how well you can see your equipment.

How to Choose a Scuba Diving Mask

Mask Frame

Masks come in two types; frameless or framed. Most masks typically have a frame and have some advantages like being able to dismantle and repair the mask.

You can also fit them with prescription lenses. Frameless on the other hand are lighter and have a lower volume (for easy equalizing).

They are also slimmer so you can take a spare pair with you on a dive and pack tighter in your bag. I can’t say this for all frameless masks but they also fit better and leak less as a result.

Unless you are in need to use prescription lenses I would go with a frameless.

Best Scuba Diving Mask

Mask Skirt

This is another critical part of the mask. The quality of the skirt is going to determine how well it fits around your face. The better the fit, the less leaks you will have.

To me, this is the most important factor in a mask. I cannot tell you how annoying it is having water flooding in your mask and constantly having to clear it.

The better quality masks have a skirt made of medical quality silicone material that is more pliable, giving it more flexibility to give a better fit and seal.

Mask Straps and Buckles

The mask will usually come with a silicone strap to hold the mask on and provide a good fit. I would recommend you replace it with a neoprene “slap strap” so that it doesn’t get stuck in your hair and slides on and off easier.

Cheaper masks tend to have cheap buckles that can be a real pain to adjust. You will come to appreciate the difference of a better quality buckle.

Newer buckle systems now are mounted on the skirt instead of the frame so better positioning and fit, plus they can be folded flat and take up less space when storing and packing.

Keep in mind the main purpose of the strap is to just hold it in place, it should not be too tight or you will not get a good fit and the mask will leak as a result.

Other Scuba Diving Mask Considerations

Mask Lens Tint/Color

There are an array of lens color options, and we will admit that some look much cooler than others. Ultimately, though, this is about diving and the quality of vision. While reflective lenses can keep fish and other sea creatures from seeing your eyes, they can also keep a diving buddy from seeing them.

The reason why it’s so important to have your partner/friend be able to see your eyes while diving, is if you’re in trouble your eyes will be the first thing that tells them so. Reflective lenses can keep them from noticing a major sign of hypoxia.

Mask Frame Design

Frameless designs feature lenses which are actually a bit closer to your eyes. While this may sound annoying, it shouldn’t be so close it bothers you. Rather, it will offer you a slightly wider field of vision in every direction which is great for enhancing your diving experience and for safety reasons.

Skirt Comfort/Color

All mask skirts are made from silicone, however, the thickness and pliability will vary from model to model. They work to conform to the shape of your face, creating a comfortable yet effective seal. No water should come in – that kind of defeats the purpose of a quality dive mask, doesn’t it?

We also want to place special importance on the comfort of the skirt. You don’t want hard edges that dig into your skin, or you’re not going to enjoy your experience and want to wear it again.

An aspect often overlooked by first-time diving mask users, is the color of the mask skirt.

Why is this so important?

Because opaque/black mask skirts can cause many people to feel claustrophobic. Clear skirts can often minimize this feeling. However, keep in mind that clear skirts can actually affect the quality of vision with your mask.

Extraneous light can enter through the clear skit, making it harder for you to focus through your lens, even causing reflections which can confuse you or reduce vision quality. If you’re planning on diving in shadowed or green water, clear skirts can actually be a bonus as they enhance visibility rather than hinder it.

Tips For Fitting Your Mask

#1: Don’t smile when fitting your mask. This changes the shape of your mouth, which gives the mask more skin it must mold to.

#2: Women and children should typically look for more narrow masks. This is because their faces typically require a narrower width fitting.

#3: For a better seal, men should shave facial hair. This is because it can create small gaps in-between hairs which can let water in. If this is a bit too extreme for you, applying something like petroleum jelly to the hair can make it more unified and solid and improve the seal.


The mask you dive with is in my opinion the most important piece of diving equipment. A better quality mask will fit better, be more comfortable and give you better visibility.

I hope this guide was helpful for finding a good scuba mask to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a mask I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

Have fun and be safe!

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