The 7 Best Pool Fences – [2021 Reviews]

Protect your little ones with a pool safety fence, we examine the year's best models

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Whether you have little ones around, pets, or simply want the peace of mind that nothing that shouldn’t be in the pool will make its way in, you need a pool fence. However, not just any pool fence will do.

You need a model that’s reliable, strong, safe, fits your pool, and looks good! We’ve done the research for you so you don’t have to – keep on reading so you can pick among the best pool fences today!

Best Pool Fences

 WaterWarden WWF300 In-Ground Pool FenceVINGLI Pool Fence Swimming Pool FenceGLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit
editors choice
Pool Type:In GroundIn GroundAbove Ground
Height:5 feet
4 feet2 feet
Length:12 feet (each section)48 feet (12' & 96' avail)64.5" (each section)

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Pool Fences

  1. WaterWarden WWF300 In-Ground Pool Fence
  2. VINGLI Pool Fence Swimming Pool Fence
  3. Giantex Pool Fence in Ground Fencing Section
  4. Happybuy Pool Fence for Inground Pools
  5. XtremepowerUS 90130 Pool Safety Fence HD
  6. Sentry Safety Pool Fence
  7. GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit

Our reviews to the top rated pool fences with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right pool fence for you.

Pool Fences Reviews

WaterWarden WWF300 in-Ground Pool Fence

WaterWarden WWF300 In-Ground Pool Fence at a Glance:

  • For: In ground
  • Height: 5 feet
  • Length: 12 feet (each section)
  • Poles: Aluminum

Easily considered to be the best pool fence by many, the WaterWarden WWF300 5 Foot In-Ground Pool Fence has everything you need. Coming in either black or beige, it actually complements your pool instead of working against its natural beauty.

Measuring 5’ high and 12’ long, sections come with a spring-loaded safety latch system as well so you can easily conjoin different sections of fencing together!

Comprised of aluminum metal, the fence comes with super strong poles that won’t waiver or bend – even in inclimate weather conditions. Not only that, but you get UV-protected meshylene fabric complete with reinforced edging to avoid fraying and keep it looking and performing like the day it arrived on your doorstep.

Installation is surprisingly easy, and should take you no more than 30 minutes – especially if you have someone else helping you!

You do have to drill small holes, but nothing like the heavy-duty drilling other models often require. You’ll also receive a drilling template, a detailed instructional guide, all necessary hardware, hooks, and insert caps in order to completely cover holes.

Poles are held into the ground by means of a ½” stainless steel pin, and is made to UL standards so you don’t have to worry about quality being compromised.

VINGLI Pool Fence Swimming Pool Fence in Ground Life Saver Fencing

VINGLI Pool Fence Swimming Pool Fence at a Glance:

  • For: In ground
  • Height: 4 feet
  • Length: 48 feet
  • Poles: Aluminum

Next up, is the VINGLI 4Ft x 48Ft Swimming Pool Fence, which is another in-ground model. This best pool safety fence measures a total of 48 feet long, with each section measuring 12 feet. This makes it incredibly versatile so no matter what shape your pool is, it’ll work for you.

Each barrier is easy to remove and reinstall thanks to the hook-and-eye design which is great if you only need the fence occasionally rather than all the time.

As you can roll it up, storage is incredibly convenient, too! It’s a great selection if you have events where children will be in attendance, but don’t normally have kids around otherwise.

Even if you decide to use it every day though, it is sure to hold up well. Made of high-quality aluminum and mesh 1000D Textilene fabric, it is durable enough to withstand rain, wind, and much more! Not only that, but it won’t crack or become weak, retaining the original appearance for years.

The in-ground design does obviously require a bit of installation time, though it’s one of the simplest to set up. Coming in a solid black color, it’s sleek and professional quality so you don’t have to worry about it being an eyesore!

Giantex Pool Fence in Ground Fencing Section at a Glance:

  • For: In ground
  • Height: 4 feet
  • Length: 12 feet
  • Poles: Aluminum

Are you on the hunt for the best removable pool fence? Maybe you are someone who only needs a fence part of the time, or part of the year and don’t want to hassle with taking it down/putting it up. If that’s the case, then we highly recommend the Giantex Pool Fence in Ground Fencing.

Coming in solid black, the fence goes well with all types of décor and moods so you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place. The nearly-transparent mesh not only adds to the attractive appearance but offers improved air circulation and lets you keep an eye on kids while in the pool.

Made of high-quality aluminum, it’s manufactured to the highest standards in durability and safety. It is incredibly lightweight so on the off chance that it does fall over or manage to come out, there’s virtually no risk of injuring someone nearby.

With that being said, that’s very unlikely to happen, considering it works with grass, mud, cement, asphalt, and more. The fence is 4 feet tall and measures 48 long in total, coming in various sections that connect with hook-and-eye buckles to tightly and securely attach.

If you have pets, you don’t have to worry about them figuring out how to unlatch or make their way through.

Happybuy Pool Fence for Inground Pools at a Glance:

  • For: In ground
  • Height: 4 feet
  • Length: 12 feet
  • Poles: Aluminum

What should the best mesh pool fence look like? Just like the Happybuy Pool Fence for Inground Pools! This is one of the best-rated models out there due to its simplistic yet effective design that will last through countless summers!

Comprised of lightweight yet durable 1000D aluminum, it’s even powder-coated to add extra lifespan and avoid rust or cracking. The 340GMS Teslin grid fabric that makes up the rest of the fence is also resistance to heavy wear and tear and won’t crack under exposure of UV rays or other weather conditions.

The strong tubes are also made to be put into the ground, which is more convenient in the long run for most pool owners. They attach securely to the ground, with the hooks similar to other models’ holding each section tight together to keep pets and children out.

Measuring 48 feet in total, the sections are each 4 feet tall and 12 feet long, just like many other models on our guide. This makes it easy to shorten or lengthen the fence, depending on your needs. Installation and re-installation are also easy processes – so easy that you can do it on your own if you need to!

When not in use, if you’d like to stow it away for longer periods of time, you can. The fences are simple to roll up and put away without becoming bent, wrinkled, or taking up a lot of room.

XtremepowerUS 90130 Pool Safety Fence

XtremepowerUS 90130 Pool Safety Fence at a Glance:

  • For: In ground
  • Height: 4 feet
  • Length: 12 feet
  • Poles: Steel

Coming near the end of our list, we have the XtremepowerUS 90130 Pool Safety Fence HD. This 4-foot-tall fence is designed to keep your pets, children, and even toys or other objects out so you can rest easy and fully be able to relax. The safety fence is one of the easiest we’ve installed, and is so simple anyone can do it – even without prior experience!

Not only does the 90130 stand out because of its durability and convenience, but because of its looks. Coming in a unique Sand Beige color, it gives off beach vibes, making it the perfect addition to any pool or lounge area! Not to mention, it complements the blue color of the pool well!

If you’re looking for an affordable pool fence, this one is it. While it’s not the biggest one out there, a lot of times we don’t need that much material. Each section is 12 feet long, so you can shorten or lengthen it to suit your needs.

The tubes are made of lightweight yet tough aluminum which can hold up to all kinds of weather conditions, while the rest of the fence is practically impossible to be climbed on.

To assemble it, you’ll need the included hardware and instructions, though you’ll need to have your own drill! We would have appreciated a drill guide thrown in, but you can purchase that separately for cheap.

Sentry Safety Pool Fence at a Glance:

  • For: In ground
  • Height: 4 feet
  • Length: 12 feet
  • Poles: Aluminum

The Sentry Safety Pool Fence is another excellent option, should you need something for a bigger pool. Just like many others, this model is made up of various sections: each 4 feet tall and 12 feet long.

The all-black color is sleek and comes with a completely transparent mesh that keeps kids and pets out but allows you to see in and keep an eye on those in the water.

Again, the posts on this fence are comprised of aluminum and even has a black powder coating. Together, these materials work to practically eliminate the risk of weather damage. The powder coating will keep rust and corrosion away, so you can use the fence for many years of fun to come!

The stainless steel hook-and-eye closures keep the sections secure and tight together so no one can go in that shouldn’t. PVC reinforcement only adds to the robustness and structural integrity, with ½-inch stainless steel at the base. All deck sleeves and caps are included, allowing you to use it in a variety of ground types.

With a 5-year warranty against any manufacturer defects, you can rest assured that the product you’re getting is held to very high standards.

GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit at a Glance:

  • For: Above ground
  • Height: 2 feet
  • Length: 64.5″ (each section)
  • Poles: Plastic

Up until now, we’ve just covered pool fences that are ideal for inground use. However, we know that not everyone needs that style. That’s where the GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base Kit comes in!

The 8-section model is lightweight, relatively compact, and easy to handle. In fact, we were hard-pressed to find an alternative that was easier to set up! This is largely due to the smaller size, as each section is just 2 feet high.

Made of rigid vinyl and plastic, it’s very lightweight yet sturdy enough to keep kids out. Each part of the fence is maintenance free as well, so you can really assemble it and leave it out with no issue or worry that it’ll start disintegrating. Even the UV-protected paint won’t fade or discolor, ensuring it always looks high-class and brand-new.

The kit doesn’t include any mesh like the others, but rather small bars placed closely together. This will allow you to see in perfectly, for the safety of everyone. All necessary sections, instructions, and hardware comes included and as you don’t have to drill into the ground it’s a breeze!

Pool Fence Comparison Table

Pool Fence Pool TypeHeightLengthPolesRating
WaterWarden WWF300 In-Ground Pool FenceIn Ground5 feet12 feetAluminum4.4 / 5.0
VINGLI Pool Fence Swimming Pool FenceIn Ground4 feet48 feet (12' & 96' avail)Aluminum4.4 / 5.0
Giantex Pool Fence in Ground Fencing SectionIn Ground4 feet12 feetAluminum4.2 / 5.0
Happybuy Pool Fence for Inground PoolsIn Ground4 feet12 feet (48' avail)Aluminum4.0 / 5.0
XtremepowerUS 90130 Pool Safety Fence HDIn Ground4 feet12 feetSteel4.2 / 5.0
Sentry Safety Pool FenceIn Ground4 feet12 feetAluminum4.4 / 5.0
GLI Above Ground Pool Fence Base KitAbove Ground2 feet64.5" (each section)Poles: Plastic4.0 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Pool Fence  – Buying Guide

best pool safety fence
Sentry Safety Pool Fence

When it comes to the safety and look of your pool, we take things seriously. We should never compromise on either aspect, which means that it can be difficult to choose just one! That’s why we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to write up the comprehensive buying guide below.

This guide will take you through each step of the selection process and break down what you should be looking for so that by the time you’re done reading, there will be no doubt which fence is right for you!


Before doing anything else, you first need to determine the type of pool fencing you need! The two main types are above ground and inground. Inground fences are for inground pools, and are typically taller as they’re made to protect from the ground up.

Above ground fences are typically for overground pools, and are usually much shorter as they’re designed to attach to the top of the above-ground pool wall uprights. Once you have this figured out, you’ll seriously narrow down your options.


Next up, you need to determine the size that you need. Most fences actually come in various smaller sections so you can remove and add them depending on if you need more or less coverage.

Just make sure that you’re buying the right size and quantity as you don’t want to be wasting money nor do you want to be short some fencing, which can ruin the whole concept of keeping children and pets out of the pool!

You probably already know how big your pool is but if you don’t, get out that tape measure and measure around the perimeter. For above-ground pools you could probably just count out the number of uprights as well, which will give you an idea of how many uprights you need.

Height doesn’t vary much, as overground models are typically around 2 feet tall, and inground is either 4 or 5 feet tall. That’s really up to personal preference, so it’s your call. There’s no “better” option here.


This will also vary, depending on the type of fence you’re selecting. The overground models are typically made of more lightweight materials, as the pool walls have to be able to support it. With this type, you’ll usually have a fence made up of just vinyl and/or plastic.

These are incredibly lightweight yet strong enough to hold up against chlorine, sunlight, wind, and more. They won’t usually have other materials like mesh, as they consist of bars.

Inground fences, on the other hand, are made of much stronger stuff. The highest-quality inground models will always be comprised of steel or aluminum poles. These poles are tough on their own, and will stay firmly in the ground.

However, the top models will cover the metal with a powder coating to further weather-proof them, making them resistant against rain, corrosion, rust, etc. The mesh should be just as tough, resistant to cracking, ripping, and should make sure that no children or pets can climb up and over them.

Ease of Installation

Installation with overground models is pretty simple as no drilling is required. This process should take you no more than perhaps 15 to 20 minutes, and each time will be easier. The more difficult ones are the inground models which do require drilling.

Depending on the type of ground you’re drilling in, this could also make it more challenging. Make sure ahead of time that the fence you’re looking at will work with your ground, whether that be grass/dirt, cement, asphalt, etc.

Check to see if your fence comes with drilling guides and everything else you need (aside from the drill itself of course). The best models should be so easy to set up that it should take you no more than 30 minutes; less if you have someone who can help you out.

Ease of Takedown/Storage

There’s a good chance that you aren’t going to use the fence 24/7. Perhaps you just want it set up for certain seasons, while you have family visiting, and so on. If that’s the case, you don’t want it to be a hassle each time you have to drag it out and set it up.

Most good models will cost a bit more but are more than worth it due to the overall quality and convenience. They’ll be able to simply be rolled up and stowed away safely, without taking up much room in your garage, shed, or closet.


How much are you willing to spend on a good pool fence? It’s important that you figure out a budget for yourself beforehand so you don’t accidentally spend more than you wanted to. However, we should also mention that in this situation, you really do get what you pay for.

While we do have some more budget-friendly options, generally, the cheaper products aren’t going to last as long or serve you as well. When it comes down to the safety of your loved ones, you just can’t put a price on that and really should try to get the best option possible for your budget.

Not only that, but you’re buying something that will last longer which means you aren’t going to have to go out in a few years and purchase another one which will end up costing you more in the long run.


We know that looks aren’t everything, but who doesn’t enjoy having a beautiful poolside area? Think about the surrounding furniture, existing decor, style, plants, etc. and plan which color would look good with it.

All-black seems to be the most popular option currently, as it is sophisticated, sleek, and goes with just about everything. However, there are other lighter options like beiges and whites which seem to offer the perfect contrast to blues – ideal for a pool.

How to Install a Pool Fence

How To: Sentry Safety Pool Fence DIY Installation Guide

FAQs About Pool Fences

Q: How tall should a pool fence be?

A: If we’re talking about an inground fence and pool, you need a fence that’s at least 4 feet tall. 4 feet is the norm, though some like an extra foot of material just for added peace of mind.

Q: Are pool covers safer than fences?

A: Nope, not at all. In fact, they’re more dangerous than fences. Fences prevent any children or pets from coming in, which is a preventative measure that is very effective. Pool covers, in contrast, are there only if someone already falls in or tries to get into the water. Not only that, but they can actually trap someone underneath, making it even more worrisome. And if that weren’t enough, pool covers are much more of a hassle to set up and take off.

Q: Are mesh pool fences safe?

A: They sure are! Mesh pool fences offer just the right amount of protection, ensure no one climbs up them, yet don’t harm anyone. They’re durable yet transparent so you can see inside.

Q: Does above ground pool need fence?

A: Yes, they do. Above ground pools usually don’t have walls high enough to preventing many kids and pets from getting in. Fences will solve that risk, adding extra height and protection.

Q: Do pool fences save lives?

A: They absolutely do. One of the biggest (or only) worries of tentative or current pool owners is that a child or animal somehow falls into the pool or makes their way in, unattended. Pool fences keep this from happening.

Tips For Choosing Pool Fences

#1: Make sure everything is securely installed.

Try to set out a few hours during a day where you don’t have a pool party or plan on having anyone over so you don’t feel pressured and accidentally miss something. Make sure everything is drilled properly, and that the posts are 100% secure inside the holes. With overground fences, the fence panels should be securely attached to the wall uprights. Remember, it doesn’t do any good if it’s not strong enough to resist against curious hands.

#2: Regularly perform maintenance and revise the fencing.

Usually, overground fences don’t require any or little maintenance but there’s always a risk that they somehow come loose. We recommend just doing a simple safety check a couple times a week or every time after you use the pool: whichever is more frequent. Also check for any cracks, any loose hardware, the hook-and-eye closures, mesh, or anything else that may affect the structural integrity.

#3: Try to get a fence that’s UV-protected.

While each of the fences on our guide are incredibly durable and well-made, having added UV protection just takes it to the next level. It will make sure that it not only looks good and won’t fade/discolor the appearance, but also won’t weaken the material which is even more important.


Now that you know just about everything there is to know about good pool safety fences, have you decided which one is right for you and your household? Remember, that no matter which one you select on our guide, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting one of the best out there.

We hope that our guide has been able to help you narrow things down to just the one that’s perfect for your situation. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again soon! Remember, pools should just be about fun and relaxation and should never bring you any worry or concern. That’s what a pool fence will eliminate!

How We Researched

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We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options were for the price. The staff authors have a wide and varied background in yard design and home repairs.

The authors have decades of experience and are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

To help narrow down the selection we used personal experiences along with recommendations from landscapers, bloggers and contractors.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.


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