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The 7 Best Paintball Masks Reviewed For 2019

Paintball is an exciting sport that can be played recreationally or professionally as well as indoors and outdoors.

To safely enjoy the sport, protection is crucial. Having the best paintball mask serves to shield your head and critical areas such as your eyes, nose, and ears.

It’s required gear that comes in as many styles and types as the sport itself, so we have reviewed the top paintball masks to help you choose the right equipment.

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Paintball Masks For 2019

  1. V-Force Grill Paintball Mask
  2. Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask
  3. JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask
  4. Virtue VIO Extend Paintball Mask
  5. Tippmann Intrepid Paintball Mask
  6. Empire Helix Paintball Mask
  7. Save Phace Diss Paintball Mask

Best Paintball Masks

 V-Force Grill Paintball MaskEmpire E-Flex Paintball MaskJT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask
Style:Speedball light-weight with visor Speedball gogglesWoodsball
Features:ThermoCured AntiFog and AntiScratch lensesAnti-fog clear lens with no optical distortion
Full Coverage design for maximum protection
Best For:High performance, beginners & prosPaintballer who wears glasses underneath googlesLong matches and tournaments

Paintball Mask Reviews

#1 V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask at a Glance:

  • Ultra-lightweight design, low profile and great comfort – good for speedball
  • Highly customizable with interchangeable foam, lens & strap
  • Fog and scratch resistant lenses with distortion-free optics & unrestricted vision
  • Forehead visor for face and lens protection
  • Soft rubber area to maximize bounce of paintballs

The V-Force Grill paintball mask is designed lightweight with minimum bulk to offer speedball players high-performance protection.

The aggressive and low profile emphasizes agility, speed and full range of motion without compromising safety. It appeals to beginners and experts alike with its top-notch and low maintenance lenses.

They’re thermally treated to prevent fogging and thermo-cured to resist scratching. The spherical shape is inspired by sunglasses and gives you unrestricted peripheral vision and distortion-free optics.

The center face grill area features soft rubber to prevent paintballs from exploding. At the same time, it allows for ventilation and easy communication.

Each individual part of the mask is replaceable, so you can fully customize it to fit your needs. Yet out of the box, the comfort of the V-Force Grill is already excellent, thanks to super soft dual density interior foam, which is changeable as well as fast-drying.

The stubby visor protects the lenses and shields you from sunlight or rain. The V-Force Grill paintball mask is an optimal choice for beginning and professional speedball players who value comfort, versatility and high performance.

This is not a full-sized mask, so you need to complement it with additional protection for your forehead, hair, neck and ears as needed. The V-Force gets the nod as the best paintball mask.

#2 Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask

Empire E-Flex Paintball Mask at a Glance:

  • Light goggle design, reduced profile and soft comfort for speedball matches
  • Interchangeable, thermal distortion free dual-pane lens & 270-degree view
  • You can comfortably wear regular glasses underneath these goggles
  • Thermo-foam ear pieces and face foam
  • Good breathability

The Empire E-Flex paintball mask combines a quick-change lens system and thermo-foam ear pieces with a flexible face skirt to deliver lightweight, yet durable and reliable protection for high paintball action.

Owing to the foam and the beaded silicone strap, the mask is very comfortable to wear with good breathability and unimpeded hearing and voice projection.

The thermal, anti-fog and dual-pane clear lens provides excellent optics with no distortion and a viewing angle of 270 degrees. You can change it within seconds and without tools.

To avoid facial hits, the skirt is flexible and has a reduced silhouette to make you less of a target in any situation. Inside the mask, you have enough room to wear regular glasses even when they’re wide.

The Empire E-Flex paintball mask allows you to step onto the playing field without having to worry about fogged lenses, durability or impaired comfort or vision.

Because of the low profile, you’ll need additional protection for your head. If you wear glasses, this is the best paintball mask for glasses!

#3 JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask

JT Spectra Flex 8 Paintball Mask at a Glance:

  • Thermal-treated Spectra lens with clear visibility & 260-degree field of vision
  • Full head protection including top and back for woodsball play
  • Tactical mask with balance of performance, comfort and versatility through modular system
  • Dual layer ventilation for great breathability
  • Flexible, durable and long-lasting

The JT Spectra Flex 8 paintball mask protects your entire head and is well-suited for long matches, all-day events and high performance during tournaments.

The removable visor does not fog due to thermal treatment and provides 260 degrees of vision with no distortion.

The mask accepts the Vortex 2 fan system and dual layer venting allows for maximum breathability while keeping your face free of paint.

The skirt is flexible for paintball deflection, yet hard and durable to last. The soft foam protecting your ears does not hinder hearing. For a full helmet-like mask, the Spectra is surprisingly light and very comfortable thanks to sufficient airflow.

This equipment is geared towards high-end players who wear their mask often and for longer stretches, and who require modular customization options.

It is possible to wear regular glasses inside this paintball helmet, although it might take longer getting used to than with lower profile goggles.

The JT Spectra Flex 8 is a great value and perfect if you’re a dedicated woodsball player and want the best paintball mask for woodsball.

#4 Virtue VIO Extend Paintball Mask

Virtue VIO Extend Paintball Mask at a Glance:

  • Superb field of vision with distortion-free, clear optics
  • Quick-change mirrored dual-layer thermal lens with UV-protection and coating
  • Improved airflow, excellent communication and hearing
  • Highly customizable, chromatic lenses available
  • High performance and great comfort with good protection

The Virtue VIO Extend paintball mask can be considered a hybrid: although styled as goggles, this protective gear appeals to speedball and woodsball players alike since it’s quite unique.

The mask is all about the lense: the huge, mirrored visor is very wide and provides excellent vision. With no fogging, the lens achieves maximum clarity and perception with a dual pane and thermal treatment.

It comes with a special coating to resist scratches and water. You can choose from mirrored lenses in many colors with 100% UV protection and chromatic options for increased eye comfort.

Although the Extend has a higher impact than other Virtue VIO models, it still keeps a low profile to allow for all tactics on the field.

It’s durable yet elastic and sits a bit removed from your face, which combined with ventilation openings optimizes breathability. The comfort is uncompromised with dual inside material and clear hearing thanks to high-quality foam pads.

The Virtue VIO Extend paintball mask has a higher price tag and is geared towards performance players of all types who demand a customizable mask with excellent vision and technical properties.

#5 Tippmann Intrepid Paintball Mask

Tippmann Intrepid Paintball Mask at a Glance:

  • Spherical, dual pane thermal lens with quick-release
  • Flexible skirt with expanded coverage & ear protection
  • Detachable visor
  • Lined with tri-layer open cell foam for great comfort

The Tippmann Intrepid paintball mask is a budget option that provides adequate protection paired with high visibility. Any beginner will prefer this piece of equipment over a rental mask.

For a low investment, you get expanded coverage for ear, chin and jaw. The spherical, dual pane lens has been thermally treated to prevent it from fogging up even during heavy paintball action.

The silicone head strap paired with the tri-layer foam on the inside ensure a secure, yet comfortable fit. The forehead visor is detachable and the quick-release system enables easy changing and cleaning of the lense.

The ventilation on the skirt is good thanks to a meshed grille fabricated from soft yet sturdy material. The lens sits at a distance that allows you to wear glasses under the goggles.

The Intrepid paintball mask is the best cheap paintball mask that’s durable with a shape that’s suited for both speedball and woodsball.

#6 Empire Helix Paintball Mask

Empire Helix Paintball Mask at a Glance:

  • Quick-change lens with dual pane and thermal treatment
  • Anti-fogging, optically correct vision with 270-degree field
  • Firm, rigid plastic skirt for facial protection
  • Brow shield / visor included

The Empire Helix paintball mask features the same quality lens as the manufacturer’s high-end models. Yet this gear is clearly in the low budget range without sacrificing visibility, comfort or protection.

On the downside, though you can quickly and easily change the lense, the mask is less customizable and the hard plastic skirt offers less bounce than other masks.

That being said, it protects you well while being comfortable to wear, thanks to a silicone strap and dual density foam on the inside. The forehead visor shields you from paintballs and protects the lense.

The clear material is optically correct with no distortion. The dual pane has been treated to prevent fogging even in long matches. You can comfortably wear most glasses underneath.

The lightweight mask is well suited for speedball use but can easily be fashioned for woodsball action with additional protection for your head.

#7 Save Phace Diss Paintball Mask

Save Phace Diss Paintball Mask at a Glance:

  • Single pane thermal interchangeable polycarbonate lense
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV coating for lense
  • Tough, durable plastic
  • Skull-like rising forehead protection with no brow visor
  • Unique artwork options, protected by high-gloss clear coat finish

The Save Phace Diss series is a range of paintball masks that keep a low profile but stand out with distinct artwork (an all-black version is also available).

The low impact allows you to wear further head protection on top, yet where this model excels is on the speedball battleground and rapid fire combat in close quarters.

The hard plastic shell is durable and offers protection for ears, jaws, chin and forehead without a mounted visor to shield the lense. Ventilation slits are minimal, keeping you from tasting paint, yet the breathability is acceptable.

The lens is constructed from a single pane of clear polycarbonate that has been treated thermally against fogging up.

The coating ensures a scratch-free surface and UV protection, yet it lacks anti-glare treatment and thus performs below average in outdoor conditions with sunlight.

With a sure-grip strap and open cell foam on the inside, the mask is comfortable to wear and stays put. Should you opt for the show-off artwork, know that it has been treated with high gloss finish that is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

We recommend the Save Phace Diss masks for short but heavy speedball action and indoor matches as well as players who want a special design.

How To Choose The Best Paintball Mask

Safety is your foremost concern and the reason you wear a paintball mask.

None of the models in our selections have any safety issues and all provide sufficient protection for your eyes and face, while some have additional protection.

Choose your gear to match your game type: speedball players prefer light equipment to go with the fast-paced rounds and quick, unhindered movements.

In a woodsball encounter, a more tactical style and helmet-like mask are your best companion for longer rounds. In the following, we highlight the features to which it’s worth paying attention in order to select the right mask for your paintball game.

Best Mask For Paintball

Deciding on the Right Mask

A paintball mask is just as important as your marker (the paintball “gun”).

Here are some aspects to consider: you need quality lenses to provide a good and unhindered view, ventilation to minimize respiration and keep you cool, and protection to keep you safe and comply with playing regulations.

Some teams also use masks of a certain style to identify other players. Paintball games can roughly be divided into two categories. Speedball features shorter rounds in usually a confined environment with fast movement.

These players might prefer lighter masks. Woodsball matches are longer and encompass a larger terrain where a tactical, helmet-like mask serves you best. Our selection of the best paintball masks includes both types.


If your vision is compromised, you’ll be out of the game quickly, so the lens is a critical element of your paintball mask. You want a field of vision as wide as possible of 260 or better 270 degrees.

Cheap rentals sometimes limit your peripheral vision with a flat and narrow lens. Higher-grade lenses are spherical with no distortion. Being able to spot things out of the corner of your eye is crucial, especially in close quarters.

Since you’ll be sweating, body heat will fog your lens unless it has been thermally treated. You cannot take off your mask mid-game for safety reasons.

Anti-fog treatment is standard, but it helps if the lens sits at distance from your face. This allows you to wear glasses underneath and keeps your body heat away.

Too great a distance will hinder you and make the mask too bulky, so middle ground is best.

Anti-scratch coating increases the functional lifespan of this element, and interchangeable lenses are good if you need to swap out a broken one or want to customize your mask with new optics.

Chromatic, colored or mirrored lens can help fight glare and serve you well in sunny conditions. A forehead visor shields from hits and weather conditions.

Best Paintball Mask For Woodsball


Your paintball mask shouldn’t hinder your movements and be comfortable to wear even under extreme conditions.

Ideally it remains in pace with minimal adjustment on the field and doesn’t apply too much pressure on your face, ears or the back of your head. Pay attention to a quality strap.

The foam padding on the inside determines how the contact with your mask feels, and how well moisture is absorbed or wicked away. Some models feature a quick-change system so you can insert fresh foam between matches.

The longer you wear the mask and the more protection it offers, the more you need to pay attention to ventilation to stay cool. Large vents let in more air, but a hit there might splatter you with paint.

Dual layers seek to prevent this. Most models offer some padding for the ears yet keep them open to allow you to hear gameplay around you.


The less you abuse your mask, the longer it will last. That being said, look for materials that can take the wear and tear of rough situations. Hard plastics are sturdy and resistant, but result in stiffer equipment with hardly any paintball bounces.

Higher-grade masks feature a skirt and facial area from softer material that is durable yet more flexible to wear where not every paintball  impact results in a hit.

A dual pane lens is definitely more durable than a single pane one.

Paintball Mask Comparison Table

V-Force Grill Speedball light-weight with visor Yes, all parts High performance, beginners & pros Goggle-style with forehead visor
Empire E-Flex Speedball goggles Yes, lenses Glasses underneath googles Thermo-foam ear pieces
JT Spectra Flex 8 Woodsball Yes, removable visor/lenses, modular system Long matches and tournaments Dual layer venting system, soft ear protection
Virtue VIO Extend Googles for Speedball / Woodsball Yes, highly customizeable Advanced players, high performance Many different lenses available
Tippmann Intrepid Woodsball / Speedball Quick-release lens & removable visor Players with glasses, beginners, regulars Budget option
Empire Helix Speedball / Woodsball Quick-change lens system Beginners & intermediates, allround action Budget option with high quality lense
Save Phace Diss Speedball Quick-change lens system Quick & lightweight action, indoor use Minimal mask, unique artwork


After your marker, a paintball mask is the most essential gear you need to safely enjoy the sport. No venue will allow you onto the field without one.

Uncompromised vision during matches can make you a better player, so go for a wide field of vision and a quality lense. If you’re a weekend player, it’s fine to go with one of the budget options we’ve reviewed.

If you’re ambitious, consider your mask and investment and a piece of equipment that will stay with you for a long time, especially when you can interchange individual components in a modular system.

Neither the V-Force Grill, Empire E-Flex, JT Spectra Flex 8 nor the Virtue VIO Extend make any compromise between functionality, comfort and safety, so you can safely choose among them according to your playing style and preferences.

I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best paintball mask to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a mask I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

Be safe on the field and enjoy your paintball matches!

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