The 5 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts – [2020 Reviews]

The Most Durable Smartphone Mounts For Motorcycles

A good quality motorcycle phone holder can be a convenience as well as a smart safety addition for any bike. Today I’m going to help you choose the best motorcycle phone mount for your style of riding and your type of bike.

We’ll also explain some of the different styles of motorcycle cell phone mounts in our How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount For You section.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

 RAM Motorcycle Clamp BaseeCaddy SLIDE Phone MountRoam Universal Phone Mount
editors choice

Mount StyleHandlebar Clamp BaseWindshield MountHandlebar Grip Style
Special FeaturesRAM brand universal accessory ball attachment pointSide arms and base bar adjust to wherever you need them, then lock in placeUniversal handlebar compatibility ; secure grip with two points of contact
Customer Ratings4.7 / 5.0 StarsNew Product4.4 / 5.0 Stars

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Quick Answer: The Best-Rated Motorcycle Phone Mounts

  1. RAM Mount Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Base
  2. eCaddy SLIDE Motorcycle Phone Mount
  3. Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount
  4. Ram Mount Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base
  5. Ram Mount Motorcycle Fork Stem Base

 Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews

#1 RAM Mount Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Base

motorcycle phone mount

Yup, the RAM Mounts universal clamp base makes the top pick on our list of the best motorcycle phone mounts available today. It’s practical, simple, functional, and reliable.

It can be used on virtually any motorcycle and there are tons of accessories compatible with RAM ball mounts.

Features of the RAM Mount Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Base

  • Universal fit
  • Simple design
  • Can be used with almost any accessory

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Now, to be clear, this is just the ball mount. In order to use this you’ll need an adapter and a phone holder. (see below) The ball mounts work with receivers that are adjustable using screw pressure and can be angled to adapt to practically any situation. Then you just pick the phone mount you want to use on the other side.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

One of the benefits of this is that you can swap it out easily with a GoPro mount, a GPS mount, or anything else you want. Once the ball adapter is mounted to your bike with simple M8 screws, you’re good to go.

Fortunately the ball end isn’t threaded so you’ll be able to use any screws up to about 5/16” or 8mm. That means as long as you have a place on your bars or windscreen that has an 8mm or smaller bolt you can mount this right up!

Here’s a sampling of the available RAM motorcycle mount accessories:

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount


Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

The RAM motorcycle phone mount system is best for a universal fit with durable, simplistic design that gets the job done right for an affordable price.

RAM Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Base (No Hardware)

#2 eCaddy SLIDE Motorcycle Phone Mount

While this is going to be most helpful to cruiser motorcycle owners and touring bike owners, it’s inarguably a high quality solution to phone mounting needs. Made from solid machined aluminum there’s no breaking or bending of plastic to worry about. It’s also designed to mount on the windscreen, right within easy view!

Features of the eCaddy SLIDE Motorcycle Phone Mount

  • Solid machined aluminum construction
  • Rugged design
  • High windscreen mounting position

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One of the major issues with handlebar mounts and tank mounts is that they’re often out of view while riding. This means you have to glance down to see what’s happening with your GPS or phone screen. What I love about this mount is that it put the phone right in view for those with tall windscreens.

Using solid metal construction this phone holder cradles your phone in an upright position. The bars on the sides can be adjusted to the width of your phone (measure first).

You’ll want to be sure to use some Loctite thread sealer when you install it so it doesn’t rattle loose and drop your phone, though!

A lot of Harley Davidson cruisers have fixed, as well as removable, windscreens. When selecting a cell phone holder for motorcycle the eCaddy SLIDE is an excellent choice as a Harley phone mount.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

While it’s a durable, adjustable, and functional phone mount it doesn’t offer much flexibility. For those who want to match the rugged look of your chrome motorcycle, this mount will help. It has that classic metal look. However, it does sacrifice a bit of flexibility and functionality in achieving that.

Best for tall windscreens where users can replace a bolt to mount up this phone holder.

#3 Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount

This handlebar phone mount is ready to go with tons of raving feedback from thousands of happy users. It fits almost any size of phone and is adjustable for both ⅞” bars and 1” bars without a problem.

Simply make sure your phone is within the accepted size range and you’re ready to go with no effort!

Features of the Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount

  • Universal fit
  • Works with 1” or ⅞” bars
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller

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The only measurement you’ll need to double check before ordering is the width of your phone plus case. All said, this mount will handle any cell phone up to 3.5” wide. For a full list of supported phones you can check the manufacturer’s sizing guide, but don’t forget to account for the size of your phone case.

Roam Bike Phone Mount Instructions / Assembly

All you need to do is wrap the mount around your handlebar, adjust the tension screw until it grips firmly, and put your phone in. Once mounted you just stretch the silicone gripper over all four corners of your phone and viola! You’ve got up to 6 points of secure contact to keep your phone in place while you zoom down the road with the wind in your hair.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

Don’t worry about durability. The silicone mount can stretch up to 4x it’s size without breaking and it’s resistant to cold weather. Just be sure to check the silicone condition before using to make sure it hasn’t been damaged or cut – that could result in a lost phone at 70 mph!

Best for a universal fit handlebar mount that’s easy to use and ready to go out of the box.

#4 Ram Mount Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base

Another great motorcycle mount product from our friends at RAM. They’re just knocking it out of the park with great mounting options and this brake / clutch mount option adds more to love. If you don’t have room anywhere else and you want a solid, reliable mount then this is your go-to option.

Features of the Ram Mount Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base

  • Solid hard plastic construction
  • Mounts to clutch or brake screw locations
  • Fits any 1” ball mount and all RAM products

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On one end is a universal 1” ball mount. This type of mount is common for phone mounts from cars to motorcycles. RAM particularly has popularized its use. Some advantages are the ease of use, flexibility, and adaptability. You can swap out a phone mount, camera mount, and GPS mount all on to the same 1” ball without having to change.

Motorcycle Accessories - RAM® Brake/Clutch Reservoir Cover Mount - GoPro - Smartphone

In order to use this mount you’ll need a clutch or brake mount with two screw holes, top and bottom. Then you quite simply remove the existing bolts, use the included longer bolts or get your own from the hardware store, and screw it all back together with the mount included.

One advantage that I like about this style is that it makes a very secure connection that you won’t have to worry about falling off. Just put it together with a little blue Loctite and it’ll be on there for as long as you want it to be.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

If the included screws don’t match the ones on your motorcycle, don’t worry. Just remove the screws you do have, take them with you to the hardware, and buy longer screws of the same diameter and thread pitch. Then you can put it all back together securely with ease.

Best for handlebars with no more room for a bar mount option.

#5 Ram Mount Motorcycle Fork Stem Base

RAM seems to have a solution to just about every motorcycle phone mount issue around. This one is a last ditch effort for those who just can’t get any other mounting option to work.

If you’ve tried everything else on this list and nothing will fit your bike, the fork stem mount is one of your last possible options, but it’s effective and functional when done right.

Features of the Ram Mount Motorcycle Fork Stem Base

  • Mounts to the fork stem
  • Can be used even when other options won’t work
  • May require some DIY know how

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While it’s not the perfect motorcycle phone mount, it is the only option for some. When other mounting options just don’t work for you, using the fork stem can be perfect. You’re going to need some patience, attention to detail, and DIY aptitude for this one.

Essentially you’ll be installing this mount inside the fork tube between your handlebars. That’s the part of the triple tree where the steering bearings are located.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

It goes in and holds itself with a rubber cone that expands and grips with friction as you tighten the mounting screws. There’s nothing to worry about because when installed properly it’s a very positive grip system that’s solid and secure.

By far the biggest drawback is that this requires some technical skill and aptitude. It’s better than drilling holes in your motorcycle to get other options to work, though.

RAM® Mounts Motorcycle Fork Stem Mount Installation Demo

Before ordering you might want to ask your mechanic (or a mechanically-inclined friend) to help you determine if it will fit and work with your bike.

Best for mounting a phone on your motorcycle when nothing else will work.

Motorcycle Phone Mount – Comparison Table

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount
Price Mount StyleSizeSpecial FeaturesCustomer Ratings
Ram Mount Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Base$11.49Handlebar Clamp Base1" Rubber Ball "B"RAM brand universal accessory ball attachment point4.7 / 5.0 Stars
eCaddy SLIDE Motorcycle Phone MountPrice not availableWindshield MountN/ASide arms and base bar adjust to wherever you need them, then lock in placeN/A
Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount$19.98Handlebar Grip Style
Works with 1” or ⅞” bars
Universal handlebar compatibility ; secure grip with two points of contact
4.3 / 5.0 Stars
Ram Mount Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base$21.49Mounts to clutch or brake screw locations
Fits any 1” ball mountSolid hard plastic construction
4.3 / 5.0 Stars
Ram Mount Motorcycle Fork Stem Base$29.38Mounts to the fork stem
Stem Base with 1" BallIncorporating a non-slip feature as well as shock and vibration dampening3.1 / 5.0 Stars

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Phone Mount for You

  1. Bar Mounted Phone Holders
  2. Clutch and Brake Mounts
  3. Universal Motorcycle Screw Mounts
  4. Measuring Your Phone
  5. Measuring Your Handlebars
  6. Choosing a Location
  7. Conclusion

I remember trying to find a good way to mount my phone on my K1200GT. I searched high and low for the best motorcycle phone mount for my bike.

Handlebar mounts weren’t quite right, I couldn’t use a triple tree mount, and finally I found a tank bag mount that worked just right.

What I learned is that there are nearly unlimited variations of motorcycle phone mounts and there’s always a way to find one that works for your bike.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

Finding the right phone mount for your bike can be a cinch. Many popular motorcycle models have phone mounts that fit right up and take only minutes to mount. Others may require a bit of inventive ingenuity to create the perfect phone mount.

Bar Mounted Phone Holders

These clip directly to the handlebars of your motorcycle. They’re ideal because most motorcycle have room for them on the bars and it’s a logical place to mount the phone. However, there are a few drawbacks.

For many motorcycles the bars are completely consumed with bar-mounted equipment already. The grip, turn indicator, headlight control, and other gadgets take up space on the bars.

My K1200RS doesn’t have any free space at all, so a bar mount won’t work in these situations.

Before considering a bar mount, take a look at your motorcycle handlebars to make sure you have enough room on your bare metal handlebars to fit a mount.

Clutch and Brake Mounts

For larger touring bikes or motorcycles that don’t have room on the bars, there are a few options. If you’re handy you can machine and drill your own mounting bracket pretty easily. Most of us don’t have that option, however.

One easy solution is to use a clutch or brake mount. These can come in many flavors and you’ll have to examine your current setup to determine if they’ll work for you.

Using a simple milled metal mount you just swap out a few screws on your clutch or brake and tighten it all back down with a new mounting plate attached.

I love these kinds of setups that bolt right down to the motorcycle because they provide some serious rugged durability and holding power. No need to worry about your mount slipping off – it’s permanently bolted to your bike!

Universal Motorcycle Screw Mounts

If all else fails there’s still one more option. RAM Mounts makes a universal ball mount adapter for motorcycles that’s so dead simple it works in just about any situation.

The solution is laughably simple. If you don’t have room for any other kind of mount, you can just buy one of these universal mounts that will fit in just about any screw hole.

It’s a ball mount with a single screw hole and the package comes with a handful of replacement screws to use.

You can use it on your triple tree, on the bars or grips, on other accessories and hardware, on the clutch or brake master cylinder, etc. Literally you just need to find a place on your bars where you can replace a screw.

Measuring Your Phone

First step is to measure your phone to make sure it will fit the mount you choose. If you don’t have a way to measure accurately, use an online search to find the manufacturer specifications for size.

Don’t forget to account for the thickness of any phone case you might have on your phone. If your phone just barely fits the specifications of the mount you’re ordering, you’ll probably want to go up a size.

If you decide to change cases later or upgrade you’ll end up having to order a whole new mount.

Measuring Your Handlebars

Most phone mounts will go on to the handlebars of your motorcycle. Of course there are other options out there, but if you’re ordering a handlebar mount make sure to measure first.

Not surprisingly there are several standard sizes of motorcycle handlebars. ⅞” and 1” are the two standard sizes available. It’s important to remember that this sizing refers to the outside diameter of the metal bar and not the grip.

When measuring your handlebar it’s usually best to use a dial caliper or a micrometer. If all else fails you can try wrapping a string around the bar, marking, and then measuring that string though this method is much less precise.

Many handlebar mounts are easily adjustable between ⅞” and 1” as the difference is not particular substantial. However, if you’re ordering a size-specific bar mount you’ll need to get it right or it won’t fit at all.

Choosing a Location

Before you settle on a location for your new motorcycle phone mount, take a moment to consider how it will function.

Mounting a motorbike phone holder in an awkward location can be unsafe and dangerous. If your chosen mount location causes you to have to look down, away from the road, for long periods it might not be very helpful.

The best locations are high enough to be within your field of vision while riding. This is one reason why handlebar mounts make good choices. If that’s not possible, try to mount your phone as high as possible or consider only glancing at your phone when at a stop.

Consider trying to locate an area on or near your windscreen where you could mount a phone holder. Sometimes the universal ball-type mounts can be fitted to the screws on or around the windscreen, positioning the device in a perfect location for glancing at GPS directions while riding.


There are tons of types of motorbike phone mounts. Motorcycle handlebar phone mounts are the easiest, but they’re not always a viable option.

Mounts that screw in to your windscreen or brake and clutch are another great option. If all else fails you can make your own or use a bit more difficult adapter like a fork stem mount.

No matter what type of mount you go with, you can find something out there to fit your phone. RAM mounts are great because they’re nearly universal and very popular.

It’s not necessary to buy the most popular phone mount, you just need to find the one that fits your bike. Remember to measure twice before ordering to make sure it fits!

Read reviews and ask questions before ordering your motorcycle phone mount to make sure it fits your make, model, and type of motorcycle.

Thanks for reading The 5 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts Reviewed.  We hope that this article gave you all the information you needed to select the brand and type of motorcycle smartphone holder that is right for you.

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We've singled out the Ram Mount Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Base along with all of its various components as Editor's Choice for best motorcycle phone mount.

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