The 7 Best Mini Bikes – [2021 Reviews & Guide]

Get a fun to ride, no-hassle minibike, we look at this year's top models

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There is no question mini bikes are fun to ride and can generally be less of a hassle than their larger, full-motorcycle counterparts.

So how do you go about finding the best mini bike for you? Or for your kids, if they’re old enough to safely ride one?

First, you’ll probably want to read some reviews and look at some features; and luckily, we’ve made that easy by compiling it all here for you.

After going through them all you should have a good idea which is best for you.

Best Mini Bikes

 Coleman Powersports Mini BikeRazor SX350 Dirt RocketFit Right Kids Mini Dirt Bike
editors choice
Engine:98cc/3.0HP, 196cc/6.5HPTwo, 12V batteries40cc
Max Weight:150 - 200 pounds140 pounds160 pounds
Max Speed:15 / 25 mph 14 mph15-20 mph

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Mini Bikes For 2021

  1. Coleman Powersports Mini Bike Trail Scooter
  2. Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross
  3. XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke
  4. Fit Right Kids Mini Dirt Bike
  5. SYX MOTO Kids 50CC Mini Dirt Bike
  6. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike
  7. Mega Moto MM-B80-MG 2.5HP 80CC Youth Mini Bike

Our reviews to the top rated mini bikes with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right one for you.

Mini Bike Reviews

Coleman Powersports Mini Bike Trail Scooter at a Glance:

  • Type: Gas-Powered
  • Engine Size & Horsepower: 2 Sizes (98cc/3.0HP, 196cc/6.5HP)
  • Max Rider Weight: 150 – 200 pounds respectively
  • Max Speed: 15 – 25, respectively

This mini bike is perfect for riders that are at least 13 years old, including adults up to 200 pounds. Though, there are reports of heavier individuals riding as well, up to 300 pounds.

The higher weight class and respectively, the higher horsepower, applies to the 196cc bike model rather than the 98cc one.

The installation and assembly instructions for this bike are a little complicated for some, but once it’s put together it’s a mini bike that works well with riders of various heights and weights. It rides well on a range of terrain types.

See the Coleman Powersports Mini Bike in action:

Minibike - Coleman Powersports CT200U-A Product Showcase

It has an uncommonly high engine displacement, which makes it ideal for providing a powerful, reliable riding experience. This is the best gas-powered mini bike that you can get.

Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross at a Glance:

  • Type: Electric
  • Battery: Uses two 12 volt batteries
  • Max Rider Weight: 140 pounds
  • Max Speed: 14 mph

The best electric mini bike is the Razor SX350. This isn’t a bike intended for adult use, and should only be used by children and teens up to 140 pounds.

You can purchase it with or without expert assembly, but even if you choose to assemble this mini bike yourself, it takes almost no time at all.

This mini bike is inspired by one of the most decorated supercross riders in history, Jeremy McGrath. It sports authentic McGrath graphics, MX-frame geometry, and is a scaled model of Jeremy McGrath’s iconic bike for young aspiring riders.

See the Razor SX 350 in Action:

Razor SX350 McGrath Ride Video

It carries children and teenagers up to 140 pounds across various terrain at a top speed of about 14 mph. The batteries allow this bike to run continuously for up to thirty minutes.

So it’s not the best for longer riding sessions, but it’s definitely great for keeping a child occupied for a bit while you work in the yard or take care of external house maintenance.

XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-Stroke at a Glance:

  • Type: Gas-Powered
  • Engine Size & Horsepower: 49cc
  • Max Rider Weight: 128 pounds
  • Max Speed: 15-20 mph

XtremepowerUS lives up to its name by providing high-quality equipment and products. The Mini Pocket Dirt Bike is no exception.

This is, by far, one of the best mini dirt bikes on the market and it’s easy to see why.

It’s designed to be stable and fast without having to sacrifice control or safety when in operation.

This bike has large, knobby tires and when paired with the excellent suspension and grip, it’s able to traverse all kinds of terrain no matter how bumpy or uneven.

It’s also got hand-operable front and back brake discs for quick, efficient braking when necessary.

This bike utilizes a pull-start style to get going. It also requires a mix of fuel and oil. It’s advised to use unleaded fuel and 2-Cycle engine oil for mixing.

Fit Right Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Fit Right Kids Mini Dirt Bike at a Glance:

  • Type: Gas-Powered
  • Engine Size & Horsepower: 40cc, 1.54HP
  • Max Rider Weight: 160 pounds
  • Max Speed: N/A

The Fit Right Kids Mini Dirt Bike is one of the most premier minibikes available on the market today.

We’ve found that it’s the best mini bike for smaller kids specifically, though younger teenagers should have no problem riding this bike as well.

There’s no need to worry about the hassle of assembling this mini bike because it arrives at your home pre-assembled.

All you have to do is attach the handlebars and add gas, and you’ll be good to go. It’s built to last and is bigger and stronger than many other bikes out there.

Large, wide off-road tires increase overall ground clearance and improve traction on all surface and terrain types.

It also comes with a chain guard, exhaust heat shield, and engine stop switch. Not only will your ride be comfortable, but it’ll be safe, too.

SYX MOTO Kids 50CC Mini Dirt Bike a Glance:

  • Type: Gas-Powered
  • Engine Size: 50cc
  • Max Rider Weight: 160 pounds
  • Max Speed: 25 mph

If your kid or teen wants a fast, stylish gas-powered mini bike, look no further than the SYX MOTO 50cc mini dirt bike.

These bikes aren’t intended for adults, but they can handle people up to 160 pounds so if you’re petite you might be able to skirt by on this dirt bike.

The box arrives with the bike, a tool kit, and all the necessary hardware needed to put it together.

It does come mostly intact, though, so the remainder is easy to piece together if you follow the included manual. It also comes with a decal set, if you’d like to use it.

It’s got both a front and rear disc brake and a pull start for easy operation. The seat sits up at 21 inches, which is more than enough for most kids and teens to reach easily.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike at a Glance:

  • Type: Electric
  • Battery: Uses two 12 volt batteries
  • Max Rider Weight: 140 pounds
  • Max Speed: 14 mph

This is another fantastic mini bike from Razor. The Dirt Rocket MX350 is an electric mini dirt bike that is scaled-down for use by younger riders that are at least 13 years old.

It’ll reach speeds of up to 14 miles per hour for up to thirty minutes of continuous use.

With a steel construction and a high-torque, chain-driven engine, this bike is meant to be used. It’s incredibly durable and can handle all kinds of terrain.

The acceleration is controlled by a twist grip and will let the rider control the speed of the bike when in use.

The handlebars are adjustable, so no matter how tall the rider is there’s a comfortable position to be found.

It also comes with a retractable kickstand, folding footpegs, and a hand-operated rear brake. The two 12-volt batteries are rechargeable and the bike comes with the necessary charger.

Mega Moto MM-B80-MG 2.5HP 80CC Youth Mini Bike at a Glance:

  • Type: Gas-Powered
  • Engine Size & Horsepower: 80cc, 2.5HP
  • Max Rider Weight: 150 pounds
  • Max Speed: 23 mph

Our review list is rounded out with the Mega Moto Youth Mini Bike.

It’s modeled after more classic, old-school mini bikes but has some notable improvements that make it much safer and easier to operate.

It uses an 80cc, 2.5 horsepower engine to carry its rider at speeds of up to 23 miles per hour.

Note that the rider’s weight shouldn’t exceed 150 pounds, so this bike is best used for younger riders like teenagers.

The bike comes pre-assembled for the most part. All that you have to do when it arrives is to attach the handlebars, check that the oil level is right, and fuel it up before you try to ride it.

Also, it’s important to note that the handlebars of this bike are adjustable, so you’ll be able to move them as needed until you’re comfortable with your overall positioning.

It also has numerous safety features included. These include a chain guard, exhaust heat shield, and an engine stop switch.

Additionally, the actuated rear disc brake is operated by hand for reliable, safe braking. With these safety measures and a reinforced, welded tube steel frame, you are getting a remarkable mini bike.

It’s safe, extremely durable, and will give you a reliable, smooth riding experience.

Mini Bike Comparison Table

Mini Bikes Engine TypeEngine SpecsMax WeightMax SpeedRating
Coleman PowersportsGas-Powered98cc/3.0HP, 196cc/6.5HP150 - 200 lbs15 / 25 mph3.9 / 5.0
Razor SX350 Dirt RocketElectricUses two 12 volt batteries140 lbs14 mph5.0 / 5.0
XtremepowerUS 49CC 2-StrokeGas-Powered49cc128 lbs15-20 mph3.2 / 5.0
Massimo MB200Gas-Powered196cc, 6.5HP200 lbs24 mph4.2 / 5.0
SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt BikeGas-Powered50cc160 lbs25 mph3.9 / 5.0
Razor MX350 Dirt RocketElectric2, 12 volt batteries140 lbs14 mph4.4 / 5.0
Mega Moto MM-B80-MGGas-Powered80cc, 2.5HP150 lbs23 mph3.6 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Mini Bike – Buyers Guide

best mini motorcycle
Razor SX350 Dirt Rocket

When you choose to get a mini bike, you’re choosing to take on an impressive amount of responsibility. So, there are some things that you should keep in mind when you’re shopping for your new bike, including what kind of maintenance will need to be done, the area you’ll be riding in, the bike’s height and weight limits, and more.


The cost of your minibike should honestly be one of the last things on your mind while deciding on which bike to purchase. You should remember to shop within your budget, certainly, but also keep in mind that you get what you pay for. For a quality mini bike, you’ll have to pay a quality price.

Necessary Maintenance

Arguably one of the most important things you need to consider before purchasing a mini bike is how to properly care for and maintain it.

If the mini bike is for your child, let them get involved in the regular and routine maintenance as well. They’ll need help and supervision, though, even for simpler tasks!


The tires are the easiest part of your mini bike to check and maintain. Use your bike manual to see the suggested or recommended tire pressure.

Once you’re aware of the recommended pressure, you can inflate or deflate your tires as necessary or appropriate. Remember to always check for any visual damage to your mini bike tires before riding.

Air Filter

The engine of your minibike uses clean air to help it run smoothly and keep it cool enough to operate safely. As a result, proper filtration is key for optimal operation.

If dirt and other particles get into the engine due to a lack of proper filtration, it can cause serious damage to your engine.

The air filter should be located under a protective cover positioned at the front of the engine. Make sure that you clean it regularly and replace it as needed for optimal performance.

Spark Plugs

This is another simple component to check visually on your minibike. Spark plugs are used to ignite the fuel, so if the plug is dirty or damaged, your bike simply won’t start.

When you check your spark plugs, look for any white discoloration or rust on the plugs. This discoloration could mean that the fuel is mixed incorrectly or that your engine is running too hot.

Make sure to check for both of these issues, keep the spark plugs clean, and replace them as needed.

Typically, you’ll change the spark plug when you notice a bad connection, or when it shows damages of wear and tear.


Chains are another component that you can simply check for physical, visual damages. You should also make sure that the chain is taut enough to allow the bike to run without falling off or locking up.

Lubricate the bike chain before riding. Remember, the chain is how energy from the engine turns the wheels of your bike. Therefore, it’s a key component of your mini bike and should be treated as such.


The throttle is the part of your mini bike that will start the ignition process.

It’s connected to the engine via a cable. Make sure that there are no breaks or other damage to this cable and that it’s clean before trying to ride your minibike.


The brakes are one of the most important things that you should check before trying to ride or otherwise operate your minibike.

If there’s a problem with the brakes, not realizing it before you start riding could prove to be dangerous, if not fatal.

With the brakes of your mini bike, there are two main parts to check.

You need to check both the cable and the drum of your brakes. For the cable, this check can be entirely visible – make sure that there are no breaks in the line and that it is clean.

For the drum, you will need to check and make sure that it is properly fit into place and that it’s not worn down too much to be effective. If you’re unsure, ask a fellow bike enthusiast or check with a mechanic that you trust.


This is one of the most complicated parts of your mini bike, and one that you need to keep an eye on. The carburetor mixes the clean air from your air filter with the fuel your bike needs to operate, where applicable.

If the mix of air and fuel is too rich or poor and not balanced, the engine will sound rough and will easily become damaged with continued or forced use.

If your carburetor isn’t operating how it’s supposed to, this is the one part of your bike that you may not want to work on yourself if you’re inexperienced. Take it to a professional mechanic or a more experienced bike enthusiast.

Fuel and Oil

Check your manual for this portion. Some minibikes use a mixture of fuel and oil for proper operation.

Others will require you to change the oil in your bike and make sure that it is clean. If it’s not, it will need to be replaced regularly.

If your mini bike does use a mixture of fuel and oil, typically it will take 25 parts of fuel to one part of oil. But always double-check your manual before mixing.

Performance and Durability

One of the biggest factors you’re going to need to look for in your new mini bike is how well it performs and how durable it is. Chances are, you won’t be riding it on the street.

So you want a bike that can handle gravel, dirt, mud, sand, grass, and any other terrain types you might try to ride across.

You might find it hard to find a mini bike that reaches particularly fast speeds though. Since they’re built primarily for younger riders, this is more of a safety factor than anything.

However, on most models of these bikes, you can adjust the speed at which the bike can reach and safely handle.

Available Riding Space

Understand that most minibikes, unless otherwise specified by the bike’s manufacturer, are not street legal.

If you cannot find any relevant information by the manufacturer about your bike’s street legality, always assume that the mini bike is not properly equipped for use on a street or road where other vehicles may be operating.

As a result, you need to either legalize your mini bike for street use, or have a park, bike path, trail, or open property or area to ride your minibike.

If you plan to only be riding your bike around your property, you probably don’t need an exceptionally-powerful bike.

Weight Limits

Every mini bike has a weight limit or capacity, and some will even have height suggestions for the intended riders. Not all bikes can handle all people.

For this reason, you must check the bike’s capabilities and recommendations on what age the rider should be as well as their height and weight.

This is particularly important if you’re an adult or adult-sized rider. Most minibikes are made for children and teenagers.

So, you must make sure your intended bike can handle the size and weight of an adult, particularly your size and weight if you intend to be the rider.

Electric vs. Gas Powered Mini Bikes

When you go shopping for the perfect mini bike for you or your family, you’re going to see choices that are either gas-powered or electric mini motos.

Both bike options are great, depending on your intended uses with your mini bike and what kind of power you’re looking for.

Additionally, you’ll need to consider what kind of maintenance tasks you’re comfortable with.

Both gas-powered and electric mini bikes have their pros and cons, and comparing the two options to one another might help you make your decision more easily.

gas vs electric mini bike
Razor Electric & Coleman Gas Powered Mini Bikes

Electric Powered Mini Bikes

Electric mini bikes tend to be less expensive than their gas-powered counterparts. They also usually require less overall or regular maintenance. For these reasons, some people prefer them. However, some other things to keep in mind about these bikes are:


  • Tend to be easier to operate and use by even beginning riders
  • These bikes are usually more efficient when comparing power delivery
  • Electric bikes are less messy since you don’t have to mix or use fuel
  • There’s no need to warm up an electric bike or mess around with idle settings
  • They have an extremely quiet noise level even during operation, which makes them ideal for residential areas if you take the steps to make them street legal
  • Overall, electric minibikes are cleaner and more environmentally friendly


  • As with any battery in this type of machine, the recharging time needed can be exponentially longer than the continuous use time. Most of them have a continuous running time of about thirty minutes at their top speed.
  • Some people prefer the noise of the more traditional, gas-powered mini bikes that is closer to the noise a full motorbike makes
  • Charging the battery of an electric mini bike is extremely difficult unless you live in an area with a lot of charging stations or happen to keep a portable generator with you.

Gas-Powered Mini Bikes

Gas-powered mini bikes are usually more powerful and have more range than electric bikes. They’re a little bit more expensive and require more regular maintenance, but they are also more convenient in their own way. Additionally, some other points about them include:


  • Gas-powered mini bikes have the best power delivery between the two bike types
  • They are typically faster than the electric-powered mini bikes
  • Gas-powered bikes are almost always characterized by their more traditional motorcycle sound, which brings with it a sense of authenticity
  • You can just fill them with gas or a gas-oil mix, where necessary, and be on your way instead of waiting for a battery to charge
  • The engines are designed in such a way that they’re easy to work on and maintain for the most part


  • If you live in a quiet residential area, these bikes may not be appreciated due to their noise level
  • They tend to be messier than electric bikes because they have to use fuel and oil to operate
  • They’re less environmentally-conscious than the electric mini bikes, the burned gas during operation causes exhaust fumes
  • There may be some restrictions in some states, such as California, about the purchase or operation of these bike types.

How to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Mini Bike

Teaching Kid How to Ride Mini Bike Mega Moto / Monster Moto Mini Bike

FAQs About Mini Bikes

Q: Are mini bikes street legal?

A: Most minibikes don’t come as street-legal models unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. This means that, if you want to ride your mini bike on the road, you’ll have to make modifications to it. Make sure that you check with your local county or state authority on street-legal vehicles. It’ll help to ensure that you follow all of the necessary rules and regulations, which means you’ll be less likely to earn a fine or ticket.

Q: Can you ride a mini bike in a neighborhood?

A: This really depends on your local or state laws regarding mini bikes as a transportation option. If you haven’t made your minibike street legal, the predominant answer is no. Without street legalization, you cannot ride it on the streets of your neighborhood. You also shouldn’t ride your mini bike on the sidewalk, as you may injure yourself or others without meaning to.

However, you can ride your mini bike on most bike paths, parks, and across acreage that you own or have permission to ride on.

Q: Can adults ride mini motos?

A: Adults can ride mini motos, but only those that they can comfortably and securely sit on. You also need to pay attention to the available capacity of the minibike. Most will come with height and weight capacities, and if you fall within the range, whether you’re a child, teenager, or adult, you should be able to handle riding the mini moto with no problem.

In general, however, adults should ride minibikes that are specifically rated for adult use. This is because these bikes are typically rated for larger sizes and heavier weights than most other mini bikes.

Q: Which is better, an electric or gas mini bike?

A: This is one of the biggest considerations that new bike owners or perspective mini bike owners need to consider when looking for their new bike. Gas or battery, and which is better? There are pros and cons of each, but the gist of it boils down to your needs and preferences versus what kind of work you want to put into the bike itself.

Electric mini bikes are usually less expensive, but also have less power and range than their gas-powered counterparts. Gas mini bikes can also be quickly and easily refueled under most circumstances, where an electric bike will need to fully recharge before being able to be ridden again.

However, gas-powered mini bikes typically require more frequent and more intensive maintenance than electric models. With these things in mind, you can make the decision for yourself which bike type is better for your specifications.

How We Researched

To come up with the top mini bikes we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as Target, Dicks Sporting Goods and Best Buy along with our own personal experience.

We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options for the price. The staff authors, have extensive experience with a variety of outdoor sports like paintball, roller skating, baseball and golf.

To help narrow down the selection they used their personal experience along with recommendations from instructors and retailers.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.


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