The 5 Best Jumper Cables – [2020 Reviews]

Amazon Best Sellers v1.1 150pxIn this side-by-side product review Outside Pursuits compares and choose the best jumper cables for your vehicle’s requirements.

We’ll take a look at the top-rated and best jumper cables for the money. Also see: How To Select The Best Jumper Cables For You later in the article.

Best Jumper Cables

 EPAuto 1 Gauge x 25 Ft. 800A Heavy Duty Booster Jumper CableMetrostreet 1 Gauge 25ft. Booster/Jumper CablesEnergizer 2-Gauge 800A Jumper Battery Cables
jumper cables review
discount jumper cables
Wire Gauge#1 gauge#1 gauge#2 gauge
Cables Length25 feet25 feet16 feet
Special FeaturesSuper-strong "parrot-style" clampsFlexible cables and durable carrying casePowder coated clamps and carrying bag
Customer Ratings4.9 / 5.0 Stars5.0 / 5.0 Stars4.8 / 5.0 Stars

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Quick Answer: The 5 Top-Rated Jumper Cables

  1. EPAuto 1 Gauge x 25 Ft. 800A Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cable
  2. Metrostreet 1 Gauge 25ft. Booster/Jumper Cables
  3. Energizer 2-Gauge 800A Jumper Battery Cables
  4. Paka Tools Industrial Heavy Duty 30 feet Jumper Cable
  5. Always Prepared Jumper Cables 4 Gauge Extra Long (20 feet)

Jumper Cables Reviews

#1 EPAuto 1 Gauge x 25 Ft. 800A Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cable

good quality jumper cables

With the low cost of great jumper cables these days, it’s time to leave behind the credit union freebies. Upgrade to ones that actually will work, like the EPAuto 1 gauge cables!

  • 25 feet long
  • Steel clamps w/ copper teeth
  • 800 Amp capacity
We didn’t talk about amperage in previous sections, but it’s a great way to measure the capacity of a jumper cable. If you know how many amps your motor draws when starting, you can choose a cable that’s guaranteed to keep up! Most of us don’t know that info off the top of our head, though.


For the rest of us, we can rest assured that 1 gauge cables are plenty big enough for almost any needs. Honestly, you could probably jump start a huge semi-truck with these cables.

They do have a drawback, however. Because of their thick cable size and 25 foot length, they’re a bit bulky. If you’re driving a compact car and don’t have a lot of room for gear you might want to go for a smaller set of jumper cables.

For trucks, larger cars, and those looking for beefy reliable cables, however, look no further!

Best for an affordable, durable, and high quality jumper cable that can handle pretty much anything.

#2 Metrostreet 1 Gauge 25ft. Booster/Jumper Cables

What’s that? Another set of 1 gauge cables that are 25 feet long? That’s right, but there are a few differences that might help you make up your mind about which one you’d prefer to keep in the trunk!

  • Insulated clamp handles
  • Extra flexible cables
  • Carrying case
These jumper cables are more expensive than some other similar cables. However, they have a few finishing touches that got left off other cables on our list.

First of all, they have a nice hard sided carrying case. This helps keep their bulk to a minimum when packing them into a crowded trunk.

jumper cable clamps

You’ll also find that the rounded and insulated plastic handles help with comfort in use. These plastic clamps conceal full copper bodies and teeth which can handle loads up to 800 amps.

Honestly because of the extra price I would say these cables make a top pick only for those who highly value the extra features like plastic handles, carrying case, and extra flexible cables. If budget is a priority for you, then you’ll be just fine with using the EPAuto cables above.

Best for finished features and upgrades if your budget allows.

#3 Energizer 2-Gauge 800A Jumper Battery Cables

From a company that makes batteries and electrical accessories we can expect a good set of jumper cables, right? I would say that’s fair. So, are these jumper cables up to par?

  • 16 feet long
  • Steel clamps with copper teeth
  • Included carrying bag
I have to admit that at the price of these cables they make a no brainer for those on a tight budget. They also come with a nice carrying case and the smaller wire and shorter length make them a good choice for compact cars.

For a lower price, though, you’ll have to be happy sacrificing a few comfort features. The clamps are steel  with a powder coating. While they’ll be comfortable enough and function just fine, they’re not as fancy as the plastic handles from some other jumper cables.

Energizer Battery-Booster-cables clamps

16 feet is shorter than some other cables on our list, but it’s long enough for the majority of situations anyways so maybe you don’t need anything longer!

Best for small cars and small budgets where “good enough” is acceptable!

#4 Paka Tools Industrial Heavy Duty 30 feet Jumper Cable

For some, only the biggest and longest jumper cables are acceptable. If you’re one of those people, this might be your best bet for a reasonably priced cable that can get ‘er done!

  • 1 gauge
  • 30 feet long
  • Steel clamps with copper teeth
These cables can be summed up easily and quickly. They have everything you need and nothing you don’t. They’re thick, long, and durable and they won’t break the bank. That’s about all that needs to be said, really.

Included with the cables is a carrying bag to keep them organized. You’re going to need it, too, because these long cables are pretty bulky and heavy.

heavy duty car jumper cables

I would recommend these cables for those with large, heavy duty vehicles. They’re a bit overkill for smaller cars so don’t jump the gun.

Best for large vehicles and heavy equipment starting.

#5 Always Prepared Jumper Cables 4 Gauge Extra Long (20 feet)

Okay, they’re a bit smaller than other options on our list but let’s be real. They’re cheap and they’re ideal for most passenger cars these days!

  • Plastic clamps
  • Copper teeth
  • 400 amp capacity
With 4 gauge wire, you’ll be able to jump start just about any passenger cars. The 400 amp capacity of the cables will only be a problem if you’re trying to jump start something truly massive.

If I had to choose one aspect of these (extremely affordable) cables that I don’t like it’s the plastic clamps. Most users find them adequate but I worry about the long term durability of plastic clamps.

emergency jumper cables

They’re a great 20’ long which should be perfect for almost any situation and they’re lightweight due to the smaller 4 gauge wire.

Best for small budgets and small engines where you don’t need anything too big!

Jumper Cables – Price Comparison Table

  PriceWire GaugeCable LengthSpecial FeaturesRatings
EPAuto 1 Gauge x 25 Ft. 800A Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cable$44.97#1 gauge25 feetSuper-strong "parrot-style" clamps4.9 / 5.0
Metrostreet 1 Gauge 25ft. Booster/Jumper Cables$70.00#1 gauge25 feetFlexible cables and durable carrying case5.0 / 5.0
Energizer 2-Gauge 800A Jumper Battery Cables$29.99#2 gauge16 feetPowder coated clamps and carrying bag4.8 / 5.0
Paka Tools Industrial Heavy Duty 30 feet Jumper Cable$54.99#1 gauge30 feetStrong clamps, best-suited for heavy trucks and equipment4.7 / 5.0
Always Prepared Jumper Cables 4 Gauge Extra Long (20 feet)$24.99#4 gauge20 feetPlastic clamps, best-suited for smaller cars and other vehicles4.7 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Jumper Cables for You

Jumper cables used to be the only way to save your skin if your battery failed on a lonely highway. Today there are many options from cellphones to extra batteries that motorists can use to get their car to behave if it decides to fail you. What is the best pair of jumper cables?

In this side-by-side product review Outside Pursuits leads you through everything you need to know in order to compare and choose the best jumper cables for your specific needs and vehicle’s requirements.

These are durable and quality jumpers able to jump start vehicles requiring as much as over 800 cold cranking amps !!!

No matter what type of car or truck you’re driving on any given day, having that handy set of car jumper cables in your possession will make you the hero every time. So choose from among the best jumper cables in this article and keep a set in each of your vehicles.

We’ve reviewed and compared the industry’s standout best quality jumper cables to help you make the best purchase decision.  And here is a primer on how to jump start your car safely:

How to Jump Start Your Car

In a world full of effective, portable car solutions there’s no reason to carry just one! Personally, I carry a tire repair kit, tire inflator, car jumper cables, battery pack, tow strap, and more in my trunk! There’s no excuse for getting caught with your pants down when the car fouls up.

Battery Jumper Cable Size

I think most of us can logically understand that trying to jump start a car with something thin and flimsy just isn’t going to work. I mean, after all, those big old car batteries are carrying a ton of juice to start up the engine!

So, what size jumper cables do you need?

The best heavy duty jumper cables honestly make a top choice in everyone’s car or truck. There’s a reason you want big, durable, heavy duty jump starting cables and it boils down to science!

The size of your jumper cable directly affects something called “resistance”. Essentially, the smaller the cable electricity has to travel through, the harder it is for that electricity to move. It’s like trying to suck a thick milkshake through a tiny straw – it’s hard!

Best car Jumpers image

When it comes to jumper cables their size is measured in something called gauge. Wire gauge refers to the diameter of the copper wire used inside your jump starting cables. The bigger that wire, the lower the resistance. And, of course, low resistance means easier starting and charging!

  • Higher gauge means harder charging

  • Lower gauge means easier charging

Remember that gauge is measured backwards. Lower numbers mean bigger cables, and bigger cables mean easier starting.

Commonly starting cables from about 4 – 0 gauge make great choices. They have very low resistance which means easy and efficient starting and charging. The lower the gauge the better.

Jumper Cable Length

It’s easy to try to save a buck and go with some short cables. If you choose this route, however, you may end up being the next joke of YouTube as someone films you attempting to get two cars close enough together to use your cable.

Don’t be that person!

Make your life easier and go with some decently long jumper cables. Generally, when you buy good low gauge (thick) cables they’re quite long anyways.

Best car Jumper Cables images

What’s long enough? 15-20 feet should be plenty.

If you end up needing a jump when you’re nosed in somewhere tight, the cables need to be able to stretch to the rear of your vehicle so someone else can get their car close enough to help you!

Just remember, the longer the cables the more important it is to have a thick (low gauge) wire.

Jumper Cables Clamps

Can the clamps of your jumper cables really make or break the entire thing? I would argue that they can!

So, you’ve got a nice set of low gauge cables and they’re a good 20 feet long. Nice work! But you go to use them and the clamps are short and their spring is weak.

You clamp them on to the battery and then start working on setting up the other end of the cable. That’s when the clamps slip off and short out, shocking you and throwing sparks everywhere.

Best car Jumpers clamps

Okay, maybe that’s a dramatization but it’s a thing that happens!

In order to avoid these problems I look for a few important factors in jumper cable clamps:

  • Comfortable shape

  • Strong springs

  • Aggressive clamp teeth

  • Copper clamp teeth

  • Insulated to prevent shocks

Good aggressive clamp teeth combined with a strong spring keep the cables attached so they don’t slip off your battery leads. Copper connections and wiring are important to keep your jumper cables as efficient as possible. And, of course, good comfortable handles with insulated grips keep you safe!

Once trick to picking out great cables is to look for steel clamps. I know, I said copper but just bear with me.

Steel clamps are stronger and more durable than copper. They can also handle stronger and more robust springs which helps them hold on better.

The real measure of good steel clamps is the copper teeth. The cables should be attached directly to copper teeth inside of the steel clamp. These copper teeth take advantage of the conductive nature of copper while still maximizing the strength and durability of steel clamps!

Cable Insulation

Okay, the power inside a car battery is a lot more than those AAA batteries in your cupboard. So, in order to be safe, you should probably have some safety precautions, right? Right!

One of the biggest lines of defense between you and that surging electricity of a starting car motor is the cable itself. Good cables have great cable insulation because you don’t want that electricity going anywhere except to the battery!

When you’re searching for good jumper cables, look for thick quality insulation. Good insulation does two things well:

  • Prevents abrasion or slashing

  • Remains flexible

Jumper cable insulation should be plenty thick and durable enough to protect the cable and you! However, in doing so, cheap jumper cables can be made from stiff and inflexible plastic or rubber.

Great jumper cables have thick, durable insulation that remains pliable and flexible so you don’t have to fight with them to get them to behave!


While it’s fun to go for the best and biggest jumper cables available to all of humanity, sometimes we just don’t need them! If you’re driving a small Honda Civic, you might just go for a set of reasonable and affordable jumper cables on our list. If, however, you drive a huge diesel truck and regularly jump start bulldozers, you better get the biggest and best cables!

Remember that they’re an investment you’ll make once and keep for years until you need them. When it’s time to use the jumper cables, however, a few extra dollar spent on the best ones will really save your butt!

There are several options for jumper cables on our list that are both durable and affordable.

Thanks for reading The 5 Best Jumper Cables. We hope this article has helped you to discover the best battery jumper cable set for your needs and your preferences.

If you have any questions or comments just use this Contact Form.

And if you’re shopping for other gear take a look at these related review articles from Outside Pursuits:


Amazon Bestsellers for Jumper Cables

Bestseller No. 1
Energizer Jumper Cables, 16 Feet, 6 Gauge, Heavy Duty Booster Jump Start Cable, Carrying Bag Included - UL Listed
  • ENERGIZER 16 FEET JUMPER CABLES - 6 Gauge, 16 FT booster battery jumper cables for jump starting a dead or weak battery. Ideal for SUVs, mid-size cars and small/compact cars - UL Listed
  • THICK VINYL COATING - Includes a strong spring and a comfortable handle for secure placement and easy positioning. Fits both top and side post batteries. Safety Featured of Shelled Vinyl coated clamp for rust and corrosion protection.
Bestseller No. 2
Cartman Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft in Carry Bag (4AWG x 20Ft) UL-Listed
  • Fits top and side post batteries; Luxurious carry bag for free.
  • Sufficient CCA (Copper coated Aluminium).
Bestseller No. 3
AmazonBasics BC120749AAmazonbasics Jumper Cable 10Gauge, 12 Feet
  • 10-gauge copper-clad aluminum (CCA) jumper cables for jump starting a dead or weak battery; UL certified; ideal for small/compact cars
  • Heavy-duty, tight-grip alligator clamps with a 110 amp rating; strong spring and comfortable handle for easy positioning
SaleBestseller No. 4
NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter Pack For Up To 6-Liter Gasoline And 3-Liter Diesel Engines
  • Start Dead Batteries - Safely jump start a dead battery in seconds with this compact, yet powerful, 1000-amp portable lithium car battery jump starter pack - up to 20 jump starts on a single charge - and rated for gasoline engines up to 6 liters and diesel engines up to 3 liters.
  • UltraSafe - Safe and easy to use car battery jump starter pack without the worry of incorrect connections or sparks. Safely connect to any 12-volt automotive car battery with our mistake-proof design featuring spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Bestseller No. 6
TOPDC Jumper Cables 4 Gauge 25 Feet Heavy Duty Booster Cables with Carry Box (Or Bag) (4AWG x 25Ft)
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: CCA(Copper Coated Aluminum) for easy electrical conductivity and power transfer
  • DURABLE CABLES: 4Gauge 25FT 150Amp heavy-duty battery jumper cables. Tangle-free design. PVC insulated cables remain flexible at -40F/-40C to 167F/75C
Bestseller No. 7
TOPDC Jumper Cables 4 Gauge 20 Feet Heavy Duty Booster Cables (4AWG x 20Ft)
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: CCA(Copper Coated Aluminum) for easy electrical conductivity and power transfer
  • DURABLE CABLES: 4Gauge 20FT 200Amp heavy-duty battery jumper cables. Tangle-free design. PVC insulated cables remain flexible at -40F/-40C to 167F/75C
Bestseller No. 8
TOPDC Jumper Cables 1-Gauge 25-FT 700Amp Heavy Duty Booster Cables with Carry Bag (1AWG x 25')
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE: CCA(Copper Coated Aluminum) and pure copper jaw both sides for easy electrical conductivity and power transfer
  • DURABLE CABLES: 1Gauge 25FT 700Amp heavy-duty battery jumper cables. Tangle-free design. PVC insulated cables remain flexible at -40F/-40C to 167F/75C
Bestseller No. 9
Voilamart Auto Jumper Cables 1 Gauge 1200AMP 20Ft w/Carry Bag, Instruction Slip, Commercial Grade Automotive Booster Cables, Heavy Duty for Car Van Truck
  • GREAT PERFORMANCE - Heavy duty 1 Gauge 1200amp with 12mm Thicker. (The lower the gauge the thicker the wire and the more power goes through.)
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - PVC insulation jump leads with resistance to heat, oil and acid. All-insulated handles over the clamps ensure safe in use.
Bestseller No. 10
CARTMAN BC120738B (10AWG x 12Ft) Booster Cables 10 Gauge 12 Feet in Carry Bag
  • Fits top and side post batteries; Luxurious carry bag for free.
  • Sufficient CCA (Copper coated Aluminium).

Cranking AMPs Capacity
Clamps Holding Effectiveness
Lifelong Durability

EPAuto 1 Gauge x 25 Ft. 800A Heavy Duty Booster Jumper Cable is our Editor's Choice for the best jumper cables for the money.

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