The 5 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes – [2021 Review]

Wear the best shoes for any indoor surface, we break down this year's top indoor soccer shoes

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First, we review and compare the top-rated indoor soccer shoes, and then provide buyer’s technical information in the section, How To Pick The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes.

Keep in mind, all of the shoes in this review are also considered best-in-class for indoor hard-court soccer, also called futsal.  What are the best indoor soccer shoes? Also see: Amazon Top 10 Bestsellers

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

UpperSuede toe, kangaroo leather Quilted leatherSuede toe, full grain leather upper
OutsoleGum rubberRubber cleat for turf useGum rubber
FeaturesForm fitting, EVA cushioning, extended tongue, EverTrack multi-studded Ground Control, PUMA CELL ultimate cushioning EVA cushioning
ColorsBlackBlackBlack / White

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated Indoor Soccer Shoes

  1. Adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes
  2. PUMA Men’s King Allround TT Soccer Cleat
  3. NIKE Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather IC Soccer Shoe
  4. Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe
  5. PUMA Men’s 365 Netfit CT Soccer Shoe

Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviews

#1 Adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes

indoor soccer shoes editor's choice

Adidas Performance Mundial at a Glance

  • Thin, soft, kangaroo leather
  • Gum rubber sole
  • Form fitting
  • EVA cushioning midsole
  • Classic black

The Mundial Goals are the best choice for indoor shoes. This classic Adidas indoor soccer shoe performs well and looks good on and off the court. If you’re looking for comfort, support, and traction, these have it all.

adidas-Mundial-Soccer-Cleat-rubber sole

The soft kangaroo leather upper confirms to foot will conform to your foot for optimal dribbling and ball feel, and the gum rubber outsole is non-marking and provides excellent traction for fast paced changes in direction on a smaller indoor pitch.

They may fit snugly out of the box, but will stretch a little since they’re leather. The split-suede toe abrasion patch balanced with the leather upper offers long-lasting durability without sacrificing ball control.

adidas-Mundial-Soccer-Cleat-leather uppers

The Mundial’s aren’t available in a women’s indoor soccer shoe or youth indoor soccer shoe, but these have the widest range of sizing, so it’s easy to size down for women or kids who opt to wear men’s indoor soccer shoes.

 #2 PUMA Men’s King Allround TT Soccer Cleat

Puma Men’s King Allround at a Glance

  • Quilted leather
  • Rubber cleat
  • EverTrack multi-studded Ground Control
  • PUMA CELL ultimate cushioning midsole
  • Classic black

If you’re looking for turf soccer shoes, the Puma King Allround TT is one of the best. The cleats are just the right length to offer excellent traction for indoor or outdoor turf use. They’re a little more expensive that the Adidas soccer shoes on this list, but they’re durable and will last for years.

PUMA-Allround-Soccer-Cleat-rubber sole

They’re also some of the most comfortable shoes on the market, which is one of the many reasons the classic style of these indoor soccer cleats hasn’t changed in years. The Kings have a soft, durable leather upper, which will give you good touch on the ball; ball feel only gets better as the leather continues to break in.

These Puma’s are great for those with wider feet, so for that reason it may be harder to find the right fit if you’re sizing down to buy as a boy’s indoor soccer shoes.

#3 NIKE Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather IC Soccer Shoe

Nike Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather IC Soccer Cleat at a Glance

  • Full grain leather upper
  • Gum rubber sole
  • EVA cushioning midsole
  • Three colors

The Nike Tiempo Genio II Soccer Shoe is ideal for those looking for a high quality, comfortable, stylish, yet cheap indoor soccer shoes.

NIKE-Tiempo-Genio-Leather-White-rubber sole

The gum rubber outsole offers excellent traction for indoor and street playing. These have a tighter, narrower fit than many other indoor soccer shoes. This combined with a suede toe and soft leather upper is great for ball touch and the extra ball control you’ll need on a smaller indoor court.

NIKE-Tiempo-Genio-Leather-White-leather upper

The suede toe provides durability for dribbling and striking. For the quality and comfort, these are fairly cheap indoor soccer shoes. If you’re between sizes, I recommend going a ½ size down.

#4 Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe at a Glance

  • Full grain leather upper
  • Gum rubber sole
  • EVA cushioning midsole
  • Removable insole
  • Two colors

Samba’s are another classic Adidas indoor soccer shoe with exceptional style and performance. They have a gum rubber outsole for good grip on the court, allowing for agility and quick changes in direction.

best-indoor-soccer-shoes rubber sole

The suede toe and a soft leather upper offer long-lasting durability, though a little less ball feel than the Adidas Mundial Goals. If you’re okay with a longer breakin time, I recommend sizing down for a snug fit that will give you greater ball control. The EVA insole offers great comfort for long or back to back matches.

best-indoor-soccer-shoes leather upper

It’s also removable so you can replace it with an insert of your choice. Though they aren’t women’s specific, they’re another popular women’s indoor soccer shoe due to that narrow fit and wide range of sizes. Similarly, if you’re looking for youth indoor soccer shoes, you can find Sambas in kid’s sizing here.

#5 PUMA Men’s 365 Netfit CT Soccer Shoe

 Puma Men’s 365 Netfit Ct Soccer Shoe at a Glance

  • Synthetic & textile upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Customizable lacing
  • Form fitting
  • Seven colors

PUMA-Netfit-Soccer-Black-White rubber sole

The Puma 365 Netfit CT’s are unique and appealing for their glove-like fit and customizable lacing system, not to mention they come in seven different colors to help you stand out on the court. These are some of the lightest indoor soccer shoes you can buy.

They have a thinner synthetic upper and due to the lacing customization, you can adjust them to your preferred tightness to give you the best ball feel and control for your unique foot. The Netfit’s are narrower than the Puma King Allround’s, but can fit a wide variety of feet because of their lacing system.

PUMA-Netfit-Soccer-net synthetic nylon upper


They come up higher around your ankles for a mid-top look and feel that supports quick side to side movements. The rubber sole provides great traction for hard and indoor courts.

Indoor Soccer Shoes Comparison Table

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes UpperOutsoleFeaturesCustomer Rating
Adidas Performance Men’s Soccer Mundial Goal ShoesSuede toe, kangaroo leatherGum rubberForm fitting, EVA cushioning, extended tongue,4.1 / 5.0 Stars
PUMA Men’s King Allround TT Soccer CleatQuilted leatherRubber cleat for turf useEverTrack multi-studded Ground Control, PUMA CELL ultimate cushioning4.0 / 5.0 Stars
NIKE Men’s Tiempo Genio II Leather IC Soccer ShoeSuede toe, full grain leather upperGum rubberEVA cushioning4.3 / 5.0 Stars
Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer ShoeSuede toe, full grain leather upper
Gum rubberEVA cushioning, Extended tongue, removable insole4.4 / 5.0 Stars
PUMA Men’s 365 Netfit CT Soccer ShoeSynthetic & textileRubberCustomizable lacing, form fitting, extended tongue4.3 / 5.0 Stars

How to Pick the Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

When you transition from a traditional grass field to an indoor soccer court, the gear is primarily the same, with one large exception: the shoes. Trying to play indoor with outdoor cleats is tough, not to mention uncomfortable. You’ll need the right shoes for the right surface, and choosing the best indoor soccer shoe isn’t an easy process.

indoor-turf soccer-shoes traction

Indoor surfaces vary widely. Artificial turf is flatter and faster with much less give than a grass field. Futsal courts are harder and smaller than a typical football pitch, and surrounded by walls on all sides, you’ll want to start, stop, and turn with precision.

The right soccer shoes will keep you safely moving in the right direction, even when the walls are quickly approaching. The wrong cleats can catch on turf seams, and the wrong indoor or futsal shoes can slip and weaken agility. You’ll want light, comfortable shoes that are right for your feet and the conditions you play in.

They should have enough grip to keep you from slipping and getting unnecessary court or turf burns during a game, and they should be the right fit for your foot type in order to set you up for precise dribbling, passing, and striking.

There are a few things to take into consideration when shopping for indoor or turf soccer shoes, such as outsole material, upper material, durability, fit, and price.

Different Types of Soles


best-indoor-soccer-shoes rubber sole


Flat indoor soccer shoes are typically used on a hard indoor or futsal court. They are lightweight and have a rubber outsole.

Gum rubber

Gum rubber has the best traction for flat-soled indoor or futsal shoes. It’s a little softer than regular rubber which makes it stickier and gives it excellent traction when you’re moving quickly on a smaller indoor court. The softness does, however, make it a little less durable.

To improve the lifespan of indoor shoes with gum rubber soles, be sure to only wear them on indoor surfaces. The natural tan color looks nice against the black leather of most indoor soccer shoes, and many people prefer it simply for its style.

Solid rubber

still has excellent traction and, unless marked otherwise, is what most soles are composed of. These soles can be worn on indoor or turf courts and despite being a little stiffer than gum, will still give you plenty of traction during a fast-paced game.

The solid rubber is harder and therefore more durable than gum rubber soles and can be worn on indoor and outdoor courts.


These soles have small solid rubber studs that improve traction on artificial turf, though they can also be used on harder natural grass fields. Often referred to as indoor turf shoes or turf boots, you’ll want cleats to improve traction when the surface isn’t a hard, flat court.

Be sure you’re looking at turf cleats with smaller rubber studs, not longer or metal studs or spikes–those are reserved for outdoor standard grass courts.


A good fitting soccer shoe does more than just keep you comfortable; it also increases your performance. For indoor soccer, the court is smaller, keeping you moving and changing directions even more so than on a traditional field. The right indoor soccer shoe will keep up with your feet and the ball during faster-moving matches.

Because of the smaller court, you’ll need up your skills game. You need better ball control and for that, you need to be able to have the closest contact possible with it. Different types of leather or synthetic uppers lead to different levels of contact between your foot and the ball. Finding a soccer shoe that fits your feet will help it also fit your needs.

Because fit and performance go hand in hand, you’ll need to consider what type of materials are best suited for your needs. Your decision about the best fitting indoor soccer shoe for you will likely come down to the actual upper shoe material–full grain leather, k-leather, or synthetic.

Upper Shoe Material

The upper material–any material above the outsole–will determine two things: (1) fit and (2) ball control. Indoor soccer shoes should fit snugly without extra room or bulk between your foot and the upper material. This leads to better ball control, something you’ll especially need on a smaller indoor futsal court.

That said, the upper material also determines the amount of ball control you’ll get out of your shoes. The upper is going to be either leather or synthetic, so let’s look at the differences and their impact on your performance.


Not all leather uppers are the same. What you gain in durability with thicker calf leather, you’ll lose in the feel on the ball. Conversely, what you gain in ball feel, you’ll lose in durability with thinner k-leather. You’ll want to think about how much you value durability vs. ball control and feel.  

NIKE-Tiempo-Genio-Leather-White-leather upper

Thicker Leathers

Thicker Leathers like the full grain and quilted varieties create more of a barrier between the top of your foot and the ball, and make it harder to get a perfectly snug fit. This will make it harder to feel and control the ball up top.

However, thicker leathers are more durable and will last longer, so if price is an issue, you may want to go for a slightly thicker leather upper that you won’t have to replace in just a few months due to stretching or holes.

Thinner leathers

Thinner leathers, especially k-leather (aka kangaroo leather), are preferred by many players looking for better ball feel. It’s softer, more pliable, and creates a glove-like fit around your foot. Because it’s thin, there is less of a barrier between the top of your foot and the ball.

This leads to more accurate and controlled passing and dribbling. Thinner leathers will stretch a little more than thicker leathers or synthetics (which don’t stretch at all), so you’ll want to consider ordering a half size down.

It’s also less durable, so despite its higher performance, you will end up buying new soccer shoes more often if you go this route.


Synthetic indoor soccer shoes are often much lighter and utilize more technological features, such as customizable lacing systems. You won’t need to size down on these since they won’t stretch out, but you may need to try on several pairs to find the right fit for your foot.

PUMA-Netfit-Soccer-net synthetic nylon upper

Unless they have something like a customizable lacing system, they won’t shape to your foot quite as much as natural leather. Synthetic shoes are more durable than thinner leather shoes, but the man-made upper isn’t as thin or form fitting as k-leather, so some ball feel may be lost.



Some players are looking for soccer shoes that will allow them to perform at a the highest level. And while all players want their indoor shoes to perform, some also want to look good while playing. A classic style like the Mundials or Sambas will always get the job done on the field and still look good off the field.

Although these styles technically only come in men’s sizing, they are also available in smaller sizes, making them an excellent and good looking choice as a women’s soccer shoe. Some players choose a pair they can play in and use for casual wear.


A great benefit to synthetic shoes is that it’s easier to make them in a wide range of colors. You may just want your style to stand out on the field, or perhaps you want to find shoes that match your team colors. If this is a priority, your best bet is to search for synthetics.

The Puma 365 Netfit’s, for example, come in 7 different colors.  so you can play in style or find a pair that matches your team colors. It’s less common for leather shoes to come in multiple colors, but if you don’t want synthetic, Nike is starting to make leather turf shoes and indoor soccer shoes in multiple color combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use running shoes or cross trainers for indoor soccer?

If you’re playing in running or cross training shoes, you’ll be losing out on the amount of ball control provided by a pair of well-fitting, pliable, indoor soccer shoes. It’s not just the soles that matter; it’s also the upper.

The material used up top will determine the amount of ball feel, and the amount of ball feel will determine your ability to dribble, control, and strike efficiently.

How long do indoor soccer shoes last?

Unfortunately there is no exact answer, and how long your soccer shoes last will vary wildly based on the shoe and player’s schedule.

If you’re looking for long-lasting durability, you’ll want to go with a slightly bulkier, heavier shoe. Very lightweight soccer shoes with a barefoot feel will be high performing, but inevitably will have less durability due to thinner materials.

Synthetic materials will generally outlast organic leather, but there are quality grades of each to be factored in. For instance a well cared for leather upper will always outlast a faux leather (some call it “pleather”) because the synthetic leather will crack and breakaway while real leather won’t.

Plastics and all manner of rubber combo composites exist in the show world. You end up getting the level of quality that you pay for in synthetic-constructed shoes of all types. Assuredly, all of the shoes in this review are of high quality synthetics, whether its plastic eyelets or rubber soles.

One way to make your shoes last longer is to wear the right soccer shoes for the playing surface. See more about this below.

Can I use grass cleats on indoor courts or turf?

I would not recommend this. Artificial turf surfaces tend to be a little stickier than natural grass, meaning your grass cleats, even those made for hard surfaces, will dig in too far to the turf. They might get stuck in turf seams and can potentially be dangerous, not to mention uncomfortable.

Similarly, you won’t want long cleats on an indoor or futsal court. Not only can the wrong cleats hurt the court, they’ll take away from your ability to quickly change direction. You’ll want a rubber or gum rubber flat sole for indoor, and for artificial courts, you’ll need indoor soccer cleats or turf soccer shoes made specifically for artificial turf play.

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