The 8 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits [2021 Reviews]

Transform your old cycle into an e-bike, we examine the top electric bike conversion kits

Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

In this product review we narrow the field to the 5 top-rated best electric bike conversion kits. These e-bike kits are the ones available for several years now to prove their quality, dependability and durability.

Also see our buyer’s guide How To Choose The Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit.

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits

 Best Mid-Drive Ebike Conversion KitBest Mid-Drive Torque Sensor Ebike Conversion KitBest Front & Rear Wheel Ebike Conversion Kit
BAFANG Mid-Drive EBike KitsTONGSHEN Mid-Drive Ebike KitsEBIKELING Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits
editors choice
Drive Type Mid DriveMid Drive (Torque Sensor)Front Or Rear Wheel
Voltage48V 48V48V
Top Speed up to 30 mph up to 30 mph up to 32 mph
Customer Ratings 4.7 / 5.0 Stars3.8 / 5.0 Stars4.5 / 5.0 Stars
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Quick Answer: The 8 Best-Rated E-Bike Conversion Kits

  1. BAFANG Mid-Drive EBike Kits
  2. TONGSHEN Mid-Drive Ebike Kits
  3. EBIKELING Waterproof Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits
  4. BAFANG 8FUN MidDrive E-Bike Kit
  5. AW Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit
  6. AW Front Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit
  7. Tongsheng TSDZ2 E-Bike Kit
  8. Pinty E-Bike Conversion Kit

 E-Bike Conversion Kits Reviews

#1 – BAFANG Mid-Drive EBike Kits


BafangUSAdirect, often simply called Bafang, is a really great trustworthy company focused on quality and affordability. The Bafang company started up back in 2014 and has grown immensely since.

Located in Los Angeles in the Southern part of California, Bafang focuses solely on helping customers convert their bikes into e-bikes with ease.

The company believes strongly in working towards greener solutions for transportation and supports this belief by making e-bikes more accessible to everyday people.

They work with small and large bike shops all over the United States to help make e-bike conversion a reality for more Americans. Choosing not to participate in any type of rebranding with their motors is one way that Bafang works to keep costs low for customers.

Bafang keeps their product line versatile without becoming complicated or overwhelming. They offer 2 different complete mid-drive e-bike conversion kits – the 750w kit and the 1000w kit.

After choosing the best ebike motor for you, you will have several options of what will be included within the kit. This gives you an opportunity to build the best electric bike conversion kit for your specific needs.

You will choose between several different sized batteries, chargers of different strengths, and your preferred LCD display.

Of course, you also have the choice of purchasing Bafang motors, batteries, and even spare parts separately. This allows you to choose just what you really need and want rather than an entire pre-made kit.

As far as cost goes, Bafang falls around the middle of the market range. They aren’t the most expensive or the most affordable. They are particularly high value, though, as the quality is outstanding for the cost.


#2 – TONGSHEN Mid-Drive Ebike Kits


Tongsheng is an older company that was first founded back in 1998. It is located in China in the Suzhou Industrial Park in the Yangtze River Delta.

It was the first company in China that specialized in e-bikes and remains one of the largest suppliers today.

They manufacture a variety of e-bike kit components and then offer those components for purchase individually as well as in partial and complete e-bike conversion kits.

Some of the options include motors ranging from 250w to 500w as well as 36v and 48v batteries.

While they don’t tend to have the power you can find with Bafang, Tongshen mid-drive ebike kits still get a lot of love from the e-biking community due to performance and accessibility.

Easy-to-use displays and additional included tools add even more value to Tongsheng kits.

When comparing similar kits of Bafang and Tongsheng, Tongsheng comes in as more affordable than Bafang overall.

This is another part of why it is such a popular brand. They don’t have quite as wide a variety and aren’t able to offer as much in terms of power, but they are very accessible and one of the more affordable brands on the market.


#3 – EBIKELING Waterproof Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits


More than halfway across the country from Bafang, Ebikeling is located in Chicago, Illinois. First established in 2014, Ebikeling originally offered just a few ebike conversion kit options.

Now, they have quite a variety including some very cool and unique features for many of their kits. One of the first things you will notice is that Ebikeling primarily offers kits that are structurally different than most other brands.

Rather than just add-on pieces that you put onto your existing bike, Ebikeling provides an entire rim that you actually transfer your tire onto and then install onto your bike.

This actually eases installation as much of the kit is already together for you. The kits they offer are complete aside from the batteries which they sell separately.

Options offered in their kits include mostly motors up to 1500w. Although, they do sell one option that is an impressive 3000w.

This isn’t needed for most ebikes, but may be a nice option for a small niche of ebikers. You will also be able to choose between rear or front installation, LED or LCD display, and thumb or twist throttle.

Another highly desirable feature that Ebikeling offers is that many of their kits are waterproof.

Even options that aren’t waterproof do feature water resistance. All of this does come at a cost, though. When you take into consideration that Ebikeling batteries are sold separately from the conversion kits, their overall cost is pretty high.

That being said, the cost does match what you are getting in terms of quality, durability, and value.


#4 BAFANG 8FUN BBS03 MidDrive E-Bike Kit

bafang bbs03 mid drive ebike converson kit

Mid-drive is the most advanced and highest power/torque performing E-bike conversion type. Bafang is possibly the most popular mid-drive electric bike conversion kit.

Granted, there is not a massive amount of choice on the market but the BBS03 offers huge amounts of power, making it suitable for road, trail, or even cargo bike use.

BBS02-8fun-Bafang-Drive-bicycle electric kit cover

The motor mounts to any frame with a bottom bracket between 68-73mm wide. Fat bikes, which commonly have a 100mm bottom bracket cannot be converted with this kit.

The output is 1000W, which is huge and has a top speed of 28 mph. 9 levels of pedal assist and (twist activated) throttle-only modes are available.

One of the best features of this conversion kit is the inclusion of a color LCD display with lots of options and information. You can view speed, an odometer, battery level, choose one of the pedal assist levels, and much more.

bafang bbs03 mid drive ebike converson kit specs

How much range you can get will depend on what kind of riding you will be doing. Obviously a fully laden cargo bike will not get as far as just you riding on flat roads.

It is a very efficient kit, as long as you use it sensibly. This means choosing an appropriate gear for where you are riding.

Setting off using motor power while in a high gear will make the motor work hard, draining more power, and straining the chain and chainrings.

There is no sensor in the motor to detect gear changes. This means there is no reduction in power when doing so, which can also lead to over-torquing and excessive wear.

electric bike mid drive kit

While we are talking about gears, one thing to note is that this kit replaces your cranks, chain and chainrings. If you have multiple gears up front, these will be replaced by the single chainring included in the kit, meaning you will only have the gears on your cassette. With the pedal assist, this should never be a problem.

The kit includes everything you need to get started, with the big exception of a battery, which you will need to purchase separately. All other parts are included.

Installation is relatively easy. You will need a crank puller and wrench to remove your existing cranks.

If you need any more convincing that this is a great e-bike conversion kit, it is often used on complete e-bikes. If these manufacturers trust it, then so can you. The Bafang 8Fun BBS03 comes with a 1-year warranty.

#5 AW Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion Kit

Another option is the full replacement of your rear wheel. 1000W motor in this rear hub is surprisingly quiet considering it has so much power. A thumb throttle controls whether pedal assist is on or off. There are levels to choose from to customize the assist/full-electric mode.

AW rear wheel ebike conversion kit review 2

There is an LCD display to show battery power, time, speed, mileage and gear setting. Pedal Assistance System (PAS) allows you to pedal and get the exercise you want while you can go farther and faster. Especially for difficult hill-climbs, pedal-assist will make for a totally different ride duration and distance.


AW rear wheel ebike conversion kit

Three LED indicator lights on the controller show you how much battery life is remaining. This kit is suitable only for road use. Although the power matches what is needed for off-road use, the included tire and wheel are not suitable. If you want to convert the rear wheel of a cargo bike, then this kit is perfect.

Although a charger for a lead-acid battery is included, the kit does not come with a battery.

#6 AW Front Wheel Kit E-Bike Conversion Kit

Another small but powerful electric bike conversion kit, The AW delivers 1000W of power to the 26” replacement front wheel. In general the front wheel drive option is simpler to install because the chain drive doesn’t come into play.

Many people will have all of their electric bike functionality needs met with a front wheel e-bike conversion kit. It isn’t the preferred drive type for any offroad or trail riding because traction is lessened on the front wheel. And also, if you intend to load up any significant weight to the rear cargo rack then the rear wheel drive option is better.

AW front wheel image ebike conversion kit

You can reach up to 28 mph with this kit. For most flat pavement, commuter-style riding this kit is a great option.

You will need to purchase a battery separately and we would recommend that you mount it with the included battery bag on the frame rather than a rear rack to avoid accidental wheelies. This is especially a danger with such a powerful motor.

Power-cutting brake levers for mechanical brakes are included and the whole kit is easy to install, even if the instructions are not particularly clear. Previous knowledge of bicycle mechanics is a must.

#7 Tongsheng TSDZ2

This mid-drive electric bicycle conversion kit has all the power you need and is lighter and simpler than the Banfang.

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-Conversion-Torque-Sensor electric motor

The 350W motor mounts to bottom brackets between 68mm and 73mm wide. Installation requires removing your existing cranks. Included in the kit are cranks and a chainring. Just like the Bafang, this kit will replace any gears and chainrings that you have at the front.

The controller displays speed, battery level, and the power mode you are in. A grip shift is used to switch between modes. There is no throttle, just pedal assist.

Tongsheng-TSDZ2-Conversion-Torque-Sensor electric bike kit diagram

You can choose to limit the power, allowing a top speed of 15 mph, or leave it open, allowing you to reach up to 25 mph.

No battery is included.

#8 Pinty Front Wheel

If you want an easy to install electric bike motor that replaces a wheel on your existing bike, there is a Pinty model for you. Pinty produces both front and rear wheel motors. This model is for your front wheel and will replace any 26” wheel and fit into forks with an axle between 0.39” and 0.55”.

Pinty-Conversion-Controller-Electric-Bicycle kit spec sheet

You get a powerful 48V 1000W motor inside the hub, and the 4 levels of power can be controlled with a thumb throttle. This is a lot of power. Thankfully, the hub is compatible with disc brake rotors, so you can install a powerful brake to help you slow down from the fast speeds that can be reached. Top speeds between 20-30 mph are normal. Maybe more if you are a light rider on a light bike.

This e-bike conversion kit is only suitable for use on the road. You would struggle to get enough traction with this much power going through the front wheel off-road.

Pinty-Conversion-Controller-Electric-Bicycle kit battery

Only the battery is missing from the kit and Pinty claim you will only need an hour to get it installed. Despite there being no battery, a battery bag is included, helping you to store the battery on the bike.

Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits Comparison Table

  Drive Type VoltageTop Speed Customer Ratings
BAFANG Mid-Drive EBike KitsBAFANG-Display-Electric-Conversion1Mid Drive48V up to 30 mph4.7 / 5.0 Stars
TONGSHEN Mid-Drive Ebike KitsSensored-Electric-Bicycle-ConversionMid Drive48V up to 30 mph3.8 / 5.0 Stars
EBIKELING Electric Bicycle Conversion KitsBAFANG-Electric-Conversion3Drive Front Or Rear48V up to 32 mph4.5 / 5.0 Stars
BAFANG 8FUN BBS03 MidDrive E-Bike Kitbafang bbs03 mid drive ebike converson kitMid Drive48V up to 30 mph4.6 / 5.0 Stars
AW Rear Wheel E-Bike Conversion KitRear Wheel48Vup to 32 mph3.8 / 5.0 Stars
AW Front Wheel Kit E-Bike Conversion KitFront Wheel 48Vup to 28 mph3.8 / 5.0 Stars
Tongsheng TSDZ2Mid Drive 36V up to 14 mph3.4 / 5.0 Stars
Pinty Front WheelFront Wheel48V up to 30 mph3.9 / 5.0 Stars

How To Choose The Best Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Electric bikes (or E-bikes) are gaining a lot of popularity among commuters, sport riders and hobbyists.

New electric motor technology and powerful rechargeable batteries have ushered in the era of high-performing battery-powered bicycles. Converting your own favorite make and model bike to an E-bike gives you the best of both worlds.

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes are great. They have all the benefits of a standard bicycle but you can get around faster or further with less effort.

An electric bicycle is more appealing to some people, especially commuters because they can arrive at their destination without getting sweaty.

If you want an electric bike, the easiest but most expensive option is to purchase a complete bike. A purpose built e-bike is designed around the motor and battery. The extra R&D, engineering, and marketing all push up the price.

e bike kit

Lots of money can be saved by converting your existing bicycle to an electric bicycle. If you want to go down this route, you can purchase all the individual components and assemble the whole thing yourself. You will need a battery, a controller, a motor with a throttle, and all the necessary wiring.

On top of this, you will need the required technical know-how to set everything up safely. This is the cheapest way to convert but also the hardest.

There is one more option that saves lots of money and doesn’t require advanced electrical skills: an electric bike conversion kit.

An e-bike conversion kit comes with everything you need. All the hard electrical work is already done and you just need to fit the kit to your bike. This can be done by anyone with a few tools, a bit of time, and ideally some previous knowledge of bicycle mechanics.

The Different Types of Electric Bike Conversion Kits

There is more than one way to power a bike with an electric motor, so as you can imagine, there are different types of conversion kits available:

E-Bike Wheels

This is the most commonly found conversion kit. Either the front or back wheel of the existing bike is replaced by a wheel containing a special hub and gearing.

A battery may also be in the hub or mounted elsewhere. If the battery is mounted separately, a front wheel motor is good for road riding as the whole weight of the kit is distributed evenly across the bike. Otherwise, all the weight sits on the front wheel, making the steering heavy.

electric bike kit rear wheel drive

The strength of the fork also needs to be considered, as the torque from the motor can be high. As a general rule, you will need something stronger than a road bike to mount a front wheel motor to.

A rear wheel motor is better for off-road use due to the better traction. However, if you have a hub gear on your existing bike, you will have to replace this with a cassette and derailleur.

Again, an external battery that can be mounted to the frame is optimum but not a must. Batteries that are integrated in the wheel or mount on a rear rack put all of the weight onto the rear wheel, which can cause unexpected wheelies if you suddenly apply too much power.

Mid-drive Conversion

electric bike mid drive kit

This design mimics how many complete e-bikes are built and is also a popular design. A battery and motor are mounted to the frame, with the motor often attached to the bottom bracket.

Weight is kept low, which helps the ride feel but the motor can be prone to damage in the exposed position, especially when riding off-road.

Friction Drive

electric bike friction wheel drive kit

With this kind of electric bike conversion kit, a motor and roller sits on the rear wheel, using friction to push the bike forward. This is a somewhat crude solution and is not particularly popular. Not only do you have the same weight distribution issues, but the system is not particularly efficient.


This is a sneaky but expensive solution for anyone who might want to hide the fact that they have an electric bike. A motor and battery fits inside the seat tube and drives the bottom bracket. Due to the cost involved, this kind of conversion kit is only worth it if you want such a secret e-bike.

E-Bike Power

On top of choosing what type of conversion kit you want, you also have to look at the technical details of what is on offer. There is always bunch of numbers and values indicating the power and performance of the kit.


You will see motors advertised with 250W, 500W, 750W. This refers to the power output of the motor. The more watts means more power. More watts also means you will need a larger battery.


An electric bike motor is powered by a (usually lithium-ion) battery. The voltage of the motor needs to match the voltage of the motor. 24V, 36V, and 48V batteries are usually found in e-bike conversion kits.

Amp Hours

This is the amount of energy that can be extracted from the battery, measured in amp hours (Ah) and also referred to as the capacity.

A higher capacity means the battery can run for longer, meaning you can ride for longer (range). Between 8-20Ah is normal in conversion kits.

How much power and capacity you need depends on what you will use your e-bike for. If you will be commuting on flat roads, then a small battery and motor will do the job. For off-road use, you will want more power and a greater capacity.

Be sure to check your local laws regarding the legality of using an electric bicycle on the road. There may be speed or power restrictions in place.

Battery Capacity

E-Bike Range

Electric Bike Components


A display showing you information like speed, battery level, power output etc is a must. You do not necessarily need it to show anything beyond battery level.

Electric bike controller with voltage watts digital display readout

However, the more ambitious your ride plans are, the more information you will need displayed to ensure that you make it home before the battery dies.

Pedelec or Throttle

Check if you kit has pedal assist, or a throttle as well. If it has the latter, you can just press a button or twist the throttle to get power and not need to use your legs at all. If it just has pedal assist, the motor will only engage when you pedal.

Brake Levers

Some kits included special brake levers that cut power when applied, so you cannot be accelerating and braking at the same time. These brake levers will only work with cable actuated brakes. If you have hydraulic disc brakes, there may be sensors available or even included to do the same job.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit FAQs

What is the best ebike conversion kit?

It would be hard to choose a single kit as the best e bike kit for anyone. Each brand and kit are unique in their own ways and better match different sets of needs. It all comes down to what you specifically want and need from your ebike. The reviews above include a variety of some of the best electric bike kit choices on the market including a variety of options to best fit the needs of many.

How much does it cost to convert a bike to electric?

The actual cost to convert a bike to electric varies a good bit. It depends on the brand you choose, how powerful the motor you choose is, what type of battery you get, and a few other important specifications.

A general range you can expect to land in could be anywhere from around $400-$1000. Even at the higher end of the range, converting a bike you already have to electric will generally be more cost-effective than purchasing a premade electric bike.

Can I convert my bike to an ebike?

Yes, almost any bike can be converted into an electric bike. The best electric bike kit options even make it a relatively simple and easy process for anyone with just basic mechanical knowledge.

How much does a Swytch kit cost?

Swytch is a relatively new electric bike conversion kit brand based out of London. It offers just one complete kit option that runs around $800 before tax.

Thanks for reading The 5 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits. We hope this article has helped you to discover the best kit for your specific E-Bike conversion needs and your preferences.

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Enjoy your E-Bike conversion kit and always wear a bicycle helmet.

Thanks for reading The 5 Best Electric Bike Conversion Kits Reviewed. We hope that this article was helpful to you in your search for the electric bike conversion kit to meet your specific needs. Also see these informative articles, Top 10 Road Biking Routes in the United States and How To Get Started Road Biking – A Beginner’s Guide.


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