✅ The 5 Best Custom-Fit Car Cover Brands [2021 Reviews]

Protect your car against adverse weather conditions, we break down this year's top custom-fit car cover brands

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If you don’t have the option of parking your vehicle in a garage or parking spot with overhead barrier, you may feel like you’re out of options when it comes to protection. However, custom-fit car covers are there to protect your vehicle, no matter what the situation is.

Car covers vary widely in the number of layers it’s comprised of, as well as the material, and other features. To obtain the best cover for your needs, it’s oftentimes easiest to look at the most reputable brands and go from there.

This guide will take you through each of the top brands on the market today, to lead you in the right direction. Also see Car Covers Buyers Guide.

Best Custom-Fit Car Cover Brands

editors choice
Total No. of Models21281464822
Materials AvailablePolypropylene, SFS Film Barrier/Spunbond, Proprietary Stretch Film, WeatherShield HP Fabric, Nylon Polypropylene, Microfiber, Quilted Blanket, Neoprene, PolyesterSentrex, Polypropylene, Spunbound
Locking MechanismGrommets and LocksGrommets and LocksGrommets and Locks
Customer Ratings4.5 / 5.0 Stars5.0 / 5.0 StarsN/A
Custom-Fit Car CoverCustom-Fit Car CoverCustom-Fit Car Cover

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated Custom-Fit Car Cover Brands

  1. Covercraft
  2. Coverking
  3. WOLF
  4. CarsCovers
  5. iCarCover

Custom-Fit Car Cover Brands Reviews

#1- Covercraft

rollator walker


Covercraft at a Glance:

  • Total Number of Models: 2128
  • Materials Available: Polypropylene, SFS Film Barrier/Spunbond, Proprietary Stretch Film, WeatherShield HP Fabric, Nylon
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks

Company Background

Founded in Southern California and currently based out of Oklahoma, Covercraft is one of the most well-known and respected manufacturer when it comes to protection products for all kinds of vehicles – whether on the road or water. They even produce products for home and garden use!

They came to develop such a great reputation in the auto industry and with enthusiasts through the consistent production of reliable, accurate, and well-made covers.

With more than an impressive 450,000 patterns spanning through automotive and outdoor protection products, each one is fine-tuned to perfection.

Product Groups

Ready-Fit Car Cover
  • Number of Products: 3
  • Materials Available: Polypropylene, SFS Film Barrier/Spunbond
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
Ready-Fit comes with 3 different fitted car covers; all providing a precise fit by using incremental sizing and a hatchback silhouette. Each allows for great airflow yet remains naturally resistant to moisture, as well as dust, pollen, and UV rays. This means that they will retain their color as if they were brand-new with no fading to speak of.

There are 3 types of products under the Ready-Fit umbrella: the Wolf Evolution, Wolf Block-It 380, and the Wolf Block-It 200. Let’s go through the main features of each.

Wolf Evolution – This is the most expensive of the 3, though it offers the best protection in all types of weather conditions.

It comes in only Tan, is made with tough polypropylene fibers, along with 4-layer construction to prevent dents and insulating against weather.

Wolf Block-It 380 – This is their middle of the road option, coming in Taupe. It offers 3-layer protection with SFS Film Barrier Fabric placed between 2 outer layers of Spunbond. It offers the perfect balance of breathability and resistance to moisture at an affordable price.

Wolf Block-It 200 – Coming in Gray, this is the most budget-friendly of the bunch. It’s made of 3-layer, non-woven polypropylene to provide great indoor dust protection and fair outdoor protection. It’s ideal for basic resistance, though not for all-weather.

Custom Noah Car Cover
  • Number of Products: 1
  • Materials Available: Proprietary Stretch Film
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
Another one of the best car covers on the market is the Custom Noah Car Cover. Coming in Gray, it’s made of their ultra-popular fabric from Kimberly-Clark.

This fabric resists moisture yet allows enough breathability so condensation evaporates away without issue. Not only is it water-resistant, but resistant to dust and UV damage as well.

This makes it an excellent option for all-weather outdoor use or indoor use, too.

As it’s so lightweight, it’s easy to transport and fold up. The 4-layer composite features 2 layers of Spunbond, and then the barrier layer/film.

Custom WeatherShield HP
  • Number of Products: 1
  • Materials Available: WeatherShield HP Fabric
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
Easily one of the most eye-catching custom covers out there, the Custom WeatherShield HP offers some of the most supreme outdoor protection for all weather conditions.

The fade-resistant, dual color scheme lets you choose from an array of bright and interesting shades, for a bit of personality to shine through. Not only the colors offer a good look, though. It’s very silky and smooth, giving that “custom” look so many strive for.

With silicon polymers, you’ll benefit from great paint finish protection, as it’s much less abrasive than flannel. If you live in an area that sees a lot of rainfall, you’ll love the efficient rain dispersion with the fabric letting the water run down and off the cover as soon as it makes contact. To dry it out, simply shake the cover and it will dry in mere minutes.

Urethane elastic is sewn into the front and rear hems to make installation a breeze, but also secure. When you’re not using it, it packs easily into around a third of the volume multi-layer fabric covers end up being for easy storage and transportation.

ViewShield Car Cover
  • Number of Products: 1
  • Materials Available: Nylon, 30D ripstop fabric
  • Locking Mechanism: n/a
If you don’t plan on leaving your vehicle outside and just need protection from dust, then the ViewShield is the best indoor car cover for you.

The cover isn’t 100% clear for potential safety reasons (you know you’d be tempted to drive with it on!), but it is translucent and comes made with a 30 denier ripstop fabric.

This fabric is incredibly durable and repels dust and fingerprints. Treated with a Teflon repellency finish, it even helps to prevent stains and water from permeating and harming your vehicle’s paint.

Built-in elastic comes sewn in on the front and rear hems so you can install it in mere minutes.


The prices do vary here, with the Custom WeatherShield HP being the most expensive of the bunch, and the ViewShield being the most affordable. All others fall in the $200 – $300 range, more or less.

Custom-Fit Car Cover

#2- Coverking


Coverking at a Glance:

  • Total Number of Models: 1464
  • Materials Available: Polypropylene, Microfiber, Quilted Blanket, Neoprene, Polyester
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks

Company Background

For over 27 years, Coverking has provided cutting-edge, innovative products to the public, always placing an important focus on quality.

Not only are they known for their custom car covers, but their seat covers, dash covers, and floor mats. Each one is made with the best materials, and they work their hardest to deliver products as quick as possible.

Something else that sets them apart from so many other fitted car cover brands out there today, is that they keep our future in mind.

They do not partake in practices which will harm our planet, instead living to the ethical and legal standards of the environment they operate in.

Not only that, but they provide fairness and the best treatment possible to everyone they deal with. They take their employees’ and customers’ ideas and feedback in mind always, which is part of the reason why they’re so successful.

Product Groups

  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: 3-Layer Material
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
We’ll first start out with the Triguard, which is made to be for occasional use, or use under a carport. While it may not be in heavy sunlight consistently, they’ve still made sure to fortify the 3-layer material with UV light retardants so it doesn’t even hit your vehicle.

The durable cover is also designed to protect against nicks and dings in lighter weather conditions. We do not recommend the Triguard for heavier weather conditions, however.

Made with double-stitching and waxed thread technology, leaks are a thing of the past. However, the fabric still breathes enough to not hold condensation inside.

  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: 4-Layer Material
  • Locking Mechanism: n/a
The Coverbond-4 takes things just a step up from the previous model, with 4 thick layers of fabric as opposed to the 3 the Triguard offers.

This fabric offers protection from nicks, dings, and dents that may occur from moderate to extreme weather conditions, such as light hailstorms.

It’s also significantly more water-resistant than the previous model, so if you need a bit more weather protection then this is the way to go.

The UV-resistant material also helps protect the paint from harmful UV rays, making it ideal for long-term storage. The Coverbond-4 comes in only Gray.

Mosom Plus
  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: 5-layer polypropylene and polyester spunbound
  • Locking Mechanism: n/a
It neither one of the previous covers offered enough weather protection for your needs, then check out the Mosom Plus.

This cover is comprised of sturdy 5-layer meltdown polypropylene and polyester spunbound. Both of them together work to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.

Working to minimize the number of seams, leaks are virtually eliminated. The non-woven cover comes with double stitching and wax-treated threads to combat leakage, while elastic around the edges keep dirt and dust out.

The top polyester layer keeps UV rays from penetrating through, while the inner layers are nice and breathable while resisting water.

While the outer layers are rough and durable, the inner liner is made of soft fleece to eliminate the risk of scratches.

  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: 300 dernier, silver-coated polyester
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
Are you planning on leaving your vehicle out in the sun for long periods of time? If so, then you have to take the Silverguard into consideration. Made of 300 dernier polyester, it’s one of the longest-lasting on the market today.

This fabric is special in that it’s nice and breathable, though will protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays, rain, snow, dirt, and just about anything else in the air.

It comes available only in a reflective silver, though this not only looks cool, but will help reflect the sun’s rays away from your car, truck, or SUV.

With a dense, robust weave that’s tear-resistant and rip-resistant, it is arguably one of the best car cover materials out there. Moreover, it comes with double-needle overlapping seams and a heavy wax-coated thread to prevent leaks.

To keep it in place perfectly over your specific vehicle, there are neoprene elastic tensioners in the back and front, along with covered grommets for you to use a cable and lock kit to keep it secure.

Tip: If you’d like an additional soft inner liner, look at the Silverguard Plus.

Moving Blanket
  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: Quilted blanket/Padding
  • Locking Mechanism: n/a
If you’re in the market for padded car covers, then the Moving Blanket Custom Cover may be just what you’re looking for.

We know it can be stressful leaving your vehicle in the garage when there are so many potential hazards. Kids riding their bikes, tools and yard supplies accidentally dinging or scratching it, and so on.

The ¼” thick, quilted blanket with extra padding will ease your worries by creating a soft barrier to eliminate the damage from occurring in the first place.

As it’s for indoor use only, there are no grommets for locking it down, and we recommend this cover to be used for extended storage periods, rather than recurrent cycles.

Indoor Satin Stretch
  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: Lycra, Plush Fleece
  • Locking Mechanism: n/a
The Indoor Satin Stretch Custom Car Cover is one of the most visually appealing, luxurious covers you can spoil your vehicle with.

You can completely customize the colorway of the base, sides, mirrors, thread and piping! Not only that, but you even have the option to add in sleek racing stripes!

It’s much more than just looks, though. The form-fitting lycra fabric is perfectly stretchy with elasticized edges to keep the dirt and dust out. It’s easy to put on and take off, and the fabric is thin and lightweight enough to easily fold up and store.

  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: Microfiber
  • Locking Mechanism: n/a
If you live in the Pacific Northwest or anywhere that gets heavy rainfall and storms, you know how hard it is to find a custom car cover that protects against them.

Enter the Stormproof: one of the best waterproof car covers by far. The unique microfiber fabric is naturally extremely water-resistant and breathable, so you never have to worry about moisture damaging your vehicle.

The multi-purpose model is very soft to the touch, so it will never damage the paint, either. The lightweight material is lightweight, yet tough against potential rips and tears.

Not only does it work well in the wet seasons, but protects against UV rays, snow, and pollutants that may be in the air. If you place your vehicle indoors, it works inside just as well.

Autobody Armor
  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: Neoprene, Silverguard, Polyester
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
If we were to combine the Satin Stretch with the Silverguard, you get the Autobody Armor. This model contours to the unique design of your vehicle, though still offers the incredible weather protection of the Silverguard.

In fact, this cover offers the highest level of protection from UV rays, as well as the max amount of water resistance and breathability. This makes it appropriate for indoor use just as well as outdoor use.

The 3 outer layers work to defend against harsh weather conditions, and potential dings, while the soft inner fleece lining offers a plush surface against your car.

The inner polyurethane liner is what keeps the water completely out, and the neoprene elastic tensioners keep it on nice and safe.


Pricing starts from lowest to highest, going off of the first model to the last model we reviewed. For example, the Triguard is incredibly affordable, and the Autobody Armor will be the most expensive (though also the longest-lasting and tough).

Custom-Fit Car Cover

#3- WOLF


WOLF at a Glance:

  • Total Number of Models: 822
  • Materials Available: Sentrex, Polypropylene, Spunbound
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
WOLF is one of the best car cover brands if you’re on a tight budget but still want high quality. Originating in England, they started out almost a whopping 200 years ago! As you can probably imagine, they didn’t start out with making custom car covers.

Rather, they got their start in leather-goods, designing and producing some of the most stunning jewelry cases, watch winders, and boxes. Today, you still see that same elegance, perfection, and style in their car covers today.

Their multi-cultural team is hardworking, thoughtful with everyone associated with them, and have become like a family who always delivers.

Evolution Car Covers
  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: Kimberly-Clark Signature Material
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
Evolution Custom Car Covers are extremely popular, offering enough for protection for indoor and outdoor use. The Kimberly-Clark signature material offers the highest UPF rating against the sun and is no chance for heavy weather conditions, tree sap, etc.

The 4-layer thickness is also sturdy enough to prevent nicks or scratches from happening from bikes, kids playing, tools, and more.

Available in either Gray or Tan, you do get some options here but not much. Made from polypropylene the exterior is strong, with a soft inner liner so it never scratches your paint. Naturally moisture-resistant, acid rain and pollutants are no match. However, it is breathable enough to let air flow in and out.

  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: Polypropylene, Polyethylene Composite Spunbond
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
If the previous model offered more protection than you need, take a look at the Dustop. 4-layer fabric cushions against potential dings and scratches caused by kids playing, bikes, tools, and so on.

The 2 outer layers are comprised of a polypropylene/polyethylene composite spunbond which provide the perfect balance of softness against the vehicle, and strength against the outside conditions. Durable overlapped, double-stitched seams only help with this.

The polypropylene layer creates a solid barrier to dust, dirt, and pollution, offerings a world of difference when compared to traditional woven models.

Urethane elastic is sewn into the front and back hems which offer a secure and easy fit, with reinforced grommets for added safety.

Despite this resistance to outside materials, it is still very breathable to let our hot air and possible moisture that has formed underneath the cover.

  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: 3-layer SFS
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
The next all-weather custom car cover we have for you is the 380. The 380 is made up of top-notch, non-woven fabric. The 3-layer SFS is made to offer the highest level of performance at the most cost-efficient price. Made for both indoor and outdoor use, it’s incredibly versatile despite the low price tag.

The 3 layers are made up of inner and outer spunbond layers, and a middle film barrier with microscopic holes. These holes let air in and out but are smaller than water droplets and the majority of dust particles to keep out what you don’t want.

  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: Polypropylene, Sentrex
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
For affordable indoor protection and occasional outdoor use, the BLOCK-IT 200 is a middle-of-the-road option in terms of price and one of the top selections in terms of performance. 3-layer polypropylene construction keeps out moisture and dust, but also protects against harmful UV rays.

The US-made, non-woven fabric also moves moisture out from underneath the cover in case condensation happens to form. If you live in a humid environment, this would be an excellent choice for you.

Due to how soft and malleable it is, you never have to worry about it scratching paint. It’s also resistant to mold, so if you plan on storing it for a long time, give the 200 a go.


The 200 that we just went over is actually the least expensive of the bunch, though if you’re looking for heavier weather protection you’ll have to put out some more cash.

Custom-Fit Car Cover

#4- CarsCovers


CarsCovers at a Glance:

  • Total Number of Models: 475
  • Materials Available: Fleece, 5-Layer Fabric
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks

Company Background

CarsCovers is a crowd favorite for many reasons, but particularly because they provide supreme quality at some of the most affordable prices.

The brand stands behind their value of always providing the customer with products that you can count on, and they pride themselves in their honesty and integrity in every business transaction.

Product Groups

While they don’t have that many types of products, those they do offer work incredibly well.

  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available: Fleece, 5-layer Fabric
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks
The Ultrashield is the brand’s pride and joy, coming in just about any make, model, and year you can imagine. Made with the auto enthusiast in mind, the cover is designed to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. No matter what the weather condition may be, you can count on the Ultrashield to see it through.

Snow, rain, bird droppings, pollutants, and much more – they’ll never affect your car’s finish. On top of that, sun has no chance of damaging your vehicle, thanks to their patented UV stabilizer called “Remafim”.

The 5-layer fabric comes with a fleece lining to offer a luxurious feeling against the surface of your car, so the finish is always perfect. It’s also waterproof, though breathable enough that mildew and rot are a thing of the past.

The ultrasonic welding method along with patented fiber encapsulation makes seams impermeable, keeping dust out as well.

With a tie down strap and buckle attached, it’s easy to secure. The strap pocket comes sewn into the cover so you can quickly store it when not in use.

Custom-Fit Car Cover

#5- iCarCover


iCarCover at a Glance:

  • Total Number of Models: 1
  • Materials Available:
  • Locking Mechanism: Grommets and Locks

Company Background

Lastly, we have the iCarCover, which is actually owned by LK Auto Factors. Based out of Donegal, they are not only the most well-known car cover brand in Ireland, but one of the most popular in the world!

They know how much you invest in your vehicles – it’s only fair that you receive adequate protection for them at a fair price.

They do only currently have one model available, which is also named “iCarCover”, though it’s proven worthy on its own.

Product Groups


It’s definitely not a fitted car cover, but the iCarCover certainly does stand out, as you can see right away. The unique active airflow process is unlike any other, consisting of a blower unit which provides constant air circulation inside the cover. Why? To create the ideal climate every second of every day and night to keep your vehicle in flawless condition.

As you can imagine dust and moisture will be something you never have to worry about again, as the air circulation eliminates condensation. While it may look complicated, the process of setup is actually quite easy.

Simply cover the garage floor with the base mat which comes included, park your vehicle on the mat, place the top cover over your car and attach it to the base with the zipper. Plug in the power supply, and you’re ready to go! If you’re looking for the best indoor car cover, here it is.

Custom-Fit Car Cover

Custom-Fit Car Cover Brands Comparison Table

  Total No. of ModelsMaterials AvailableLocking MechanismCustomer Ratings
CovercraftCovercraft-Custom-Nissan12128Polypropylene, SFS Film Barrier/Spunbond, Proprietary Stretch Film, WeatherShield HP Fabric, NylonGrommets and Locks4.5 / 5.0 Stars
CoverkingCoverking-Custom-Select-Chevrolet-Camaro21464 Polypropylene, Microfiber, Quilted Blanket, Neoprene, PolyesterGrommets and Locks5.0 / 5.0 Stars
WOLFWOLF-Indoor-Dustop-Custom-Cover3822Sentrex, Polypropylene, SpunboundGrommets and LocksNew
CarsCoversWOLF-Indoor-Dustop-Custom-Cover475Fleece, 5-Layer FabricGrommets and Locks5.0 / 5.0 Stars
iCarCoveriCarCover-adapta-Mustang57High Quality Silver-Gray Color Material and Paint-Pampering FabricGrommets and LocksNew

Car Covers Buying Guide

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read all about the best car cover brands, do you know which one you’ll be looking into? It can be complicated, and we’re aware. There are so many amazing options, how can you pick?

That’s where we come in. We’ve decided to go ahead and write up the comprehensive buying guide below, which will take you through each step of the decision process so that by the time you’re finished, there will be no doubt which is the brand for you and your car! Whether it’s top-quality options for truck seat covers, Jeep seat covers, leather seat covers, universal seat covers, custom car seat covers and more!

best custom fit car cover brands reviews


No matter whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor car cover, the size is the most important factor here.

Custom car covers are so coveted because they’re designed to work exactly which each contour of the specific make, model, and year of your vehicle.

This not only shows off the style that lies beneath, but the size affects how it works.

If it’s too big for your car, it can easily let water, dust, and debris to get in. If it’s too small it’s not going to cover your car the way it should.

Habits & Necessities

With easily more than a dozen fabrics available across the brands and models, there are various factors you need to take into consideration before we proceed.

  • Where do you actually park?
  • How often do you use the vehicle in question?
  • What is the weather like where you park?
  • Which color of fabric would you like to have?
All in all, it comes down to where you park and how often you are going to use the car. For example, if you’re using it for your daily commute it’s going to require a different cover than if you’re just using it for a hobby car.

Will you leave it in your garage when not in use, or do you park it outdoors?


Lightweight: Let’s say that we’re talking about a daily driver that you park outside. You’ll want a lightweight cover in this case. Lightweights are the most convenient in terms of portability and storage as they’re easier and quicker to fold up.

If we had to recommend one from our guide, it would have to be the Covercraft WeatherShield, which is extremely lightweight and folds up to just the size of a sleeping bag! Despite this, it offers incredible protection for mild weather conditions.

custom fit car cover brands

Dent and Ding Protection: If you’re parking your car outside igoing to need a level up in terms of protection.

The Evolution or Noah would be great here, providing ton an environment with a lot of foot traffic, near a park where kids play, an area with a lot of bikes, etc. you are p-notch protection though they are a bit bulkier than the former.

Indoor Covers: If you park your daily commuter in the garage, you want to keep it free of dings, dents, and scratches, too.

Pets, kids, spouses, and ourselves are all potential risks to the pristine finish of your car when given the opportunity. In this case, look for a lightweight indoor car cover.

The Satin Stretch and Dustops are great options, offering luxurious softness and light weight.

If it’s an indoor cover for a hobby car, then go with the iCarCover, which will protect very well against dings and scratches, blocking dust and keeping it at the perfect temperature and climate 24 hours a day.


Remember we asked just a while ago how the weather was in your area? Well, how is it? Where do you live? If you live in coastal places along the Pacific, Atlantic, or even the Gulf Coast, you need a cover that can hold up against salt.

We can’t recommend the WeatherShield HD enough here, offering perfect protection even within a mile of the ocean!

If you live in other particularly wet places like the Pacific Northwest, you need a particularly water-resistant cover. It’s just as important that the cover can breathe so no humidity or condensation build up underneath.

Even a best car cover for snow may do the trick when temperatures drop.

If you live in a desert area like Nevada or New Mexico, for example, that probably isn’t what you’re looking for. Instead, you need heavy UV protection and something that will keep heat to a minimum. The Silverguard is the way to go here.

Outdoor Environment

Here, we’re talking about what the exact outdoor environment is where you park your car. Do you park it under a tree? If so, then you need something that can protect against possible bird droppings, tree sap, branches falling, and even pollen.


That brings us to our next point, which is color. The fabric color is not only about visual appearance – it’s about the kind of protection each one delivers. For example, if you live in the desert, then you should opt for a lighter color, like silver! Aside from the Silverguard, the Block-It 380 or Noah are also nice alternatives.


If you’ve never used a custom car cover before then you may not know how many people like to steal them! It may seem bizarre, but the truth is, is that it’s easy to do if they do not come with a protective preventative measure!

Any good outdoor car cover will come with something to keep a potential thief from scoring your belongings. These usually come in the form of no-scratch grommets and locks.


The lining of the cover is just as important as the exterior which faces weather directly! One of the biggest reasons why many people don’t use car covers is because not too long ago, they were known to scratch the paint very easily.

Newer, higher-quality covers often come with a soft lining of fleece, polypropylene, microfiber, or woven nylon. Sometimes you’ll even see sheepskin and velour used!


Let’s talk a bit more about the different materials you’ll find with the models here today.

Neoprene: Neoprene doesn’t offer much protection in terms of dents, but it’s very stretchy and sleek, forming perfectly to all the individual contours of your car. It typically offers excellent protection against dust and light weather conditions.

Polyester: 300D+ polyester is great for all-around car cover use and weather conditions except serious rainfall, snow, or ice. In that case, we’d recommend opting for a Stormproof. 300D+ polyester will not rip or tear easily.

Spunbond Polypropylene: These are found in a huge amount of models on our guide. They offer protection against extreme weather conditions like UV rays, snow, or even ice.

Microfiber: Microfiber is soft to the touch and will never scratch your vehicle’s paint. It rolls up into a nice compact and lightweight form for easy transportation and storage.

Canvas: Canvas does great against animal damage, water, UV damage, dust, and debris. However, they’re insanely heavy and bulky when folded up.


How much are you willing to spend on one of the best custom car covers for you and your vehicle? It’s a smart idea to figure out a budget for yourself before you really start digging in and shopping around.

It can be all too simple to spend more than you’d originally intended on doing by window shopping and getting carried away. So, create a budget and stick to it!

However, know that oftentimes if you can spend a bit more, it will be worth it and essentially end up paying for itself in the long run. While it’s not a rule, the more expensive models often last significantly longer than the more affordable alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the benefits of using a custom car cover?

A; You know that it will actually fit your vehicle perfectly. They protect against dust, pollutants, weather damage, and is even a good deterrent for would-be thieves.

Q: Will the car cover scratch my car?

A: No, a good quality model like all those listed on our guide will never scratch your vehicle as they’re non-abrasive and very soft to the touch.

Q: Can I put the car cover on when my vehicle is still wet?

A: Yes, as they’re made to be breathable, they’ll release the moisture underneath.

Q: How do I install a custom car cover?

A: The first time you do it, it’s probably going to be a little bit of a pain and we recommend having someone who can help you out. Generally speaking though, they’re pretty easy and straightforward.

Simply unfold the cover, line it up with your vehicle and use the pockets for the wing mirrors. Then pull down the correct end over the trunk and bonnet.

Some use extra straps or drawstrings to keep them secure while others simply use stretchy ends.


Now that you know just about everything you could ever want to about the best custom car cover brands, which one will you be using to protect your vehicle with?

No matter which one you choose, know you’ll be receiving one of the best on the market today. However, what is most important is that you select the one that perfectly fits your car, your needs, your personal color tastes and your environment.

We really hope that our guide has helped you do just that. Thanks very much for tuning in and we’ll see you again soon!

How We Researched

To come up with the top custom-fit car cover brands, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as 4×4 Magazine and Outside Online Magazine along with our own personal experience.

We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used Fakespot.com to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options were for the price. The staff authors have a wide and varied background in offroading, motorcycling, and auto mechanics. They are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

To help narrow down the selection we used personal experiences along with recommendations from fellow auto-enthusiasts and industry experts.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.



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Shayanne Weeks

Shayanne is a freelance writer and marketer based in LA, California. Describing herself as a nomad, she has lived in Boise, Idaho and Seattle, Washington as well as Guadalajara, Mexico. As an extremely active person, she loves to snowboard, skateboard, and ski. She enjoys sharing her love for active sports with others through her “how to” sports guides and sports equipment reviews. Shyanne is addicted to the adrenaline rush she experiences during her outdoor pursuits, from ziplining in Mexico to snowboarding in Idaho.

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