The 5 Best Compound Bow Cases – [2021 Reviews]

Transport your bow with confidence, we break down this year's top compound bow cases

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We’ve included our top 5 picks for compound bow cases. Whether you are looking for the best hard bow case or the best soft bow case, we’ve got great options for you to check out.

To help you figure out exactly what you need when it comes to the many compound bow and arrow case options out there, check out our guide on Choosing the Best Compound Bow Case.

Best Compound Bow Case

 Plano Bow Guard Bow CasePlano SE Pro Bow CaseAllen Company Compound Bow Case
editors choice
Exterior dimensions:48” 20.75” x 7.5”44.7” x 20.4” x 8.7”41” x 17” x 2”
Interior dimensions:46.5” x 16” x 6.75”43.09″ x 15.3″ x 8″Not specified
Key features:4 dual-stage spring-loaded latches, 2 lockable latches, 2 sets of eyelets for padlocks4 dual-stage latches, bow tie-downs, included hard arrow case, carrying handleSoft interior lining for protection, bow tie downs included, easy arrow storage, rubber handle

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated Compound Bow Cases – [2021]

  1. Plano Bow Guard Bow Case
  2. Plano SE Pro Bow Case
  3. Allen Company Compound Bow Case
  4. Flambeau Outdoors Compound Bow Case
  5. Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

Compound Bow Case Reviews

#1 – Plano Bow Guard Bow Case

Plano Bow Guard Bow Case At A Glance:

  • Exterior dimensions: 48” 20.75” x 7.5”
  • Interior dimensions: 46.5” x 16” x 6.75”
  • Key features: 4 dual-stage spring-loaded latches, 2 lockable latches, 2 sets of eyelets for padlocks
This is the first of several Plano bow case choices we have on our list of recommendations! Plano is an incredible brand with a wide range of versatile options for storing your compound bow.

This first pick is seriously top-of-the-line! It is impressively durable and well-designed to give your bow protection while vastly increasing your level of convenience. It is a very sturdy hard case with thick walls and a special weather-proof design.

The case features a Dri-Loc rubberized seal that keeps out water, dust, and outside air. The special PillarLock system makes the bow case crush-resistant as well.

The pillars are placed specifically in a way that should allow almost any compound bow to easily and safely fit into the case. This is a great compound bow case for security purposes as well. It features 4 individual dual-stage spring-loaded latches.

Two of the four latches are also lockable to greatly increase the level of security you get with the case. Taking it even a step further, though, you will find that the case features two spaces on it where you can actually add on padlocks.

This does a great job to truly ensure that the case will not be opened if you don’t want it to be opened.

If you ever have children in your home, or anyone else that may not know better than to open the case when they shouldn’t, this case is a great way to increase safety and protection of both your bow as well as those around it.

Elastomeric arrow storage located at the top of the case will easily hold up to 10 of your choice of either standard or carbon fiber arrows.

Alternatively, if you choose to purchase a mounting bracket, you can store a fully loaded quiver in this part of the case. The bottom half of the case features firm but adaptive foam where you will place your bow at.

The foam gives it support and helps keep it secure and safe from impact. With an interior length of 46.5 inches, this case has plenty of room for almost any compound bow.

It also comes with an extra tie down on the inside to help you secure additional accessories. On the bottom of the case, there are small stands that allow the case to stand up straight whenever you prefer that over the case being flat.

Overall, this is undeniably an incredible case with lots of great and very beneficial features. The only thing that might have you holding back from this case is the high price.

Most of our picks are about half this price or less. Regardless, this is absolutely one of the best compound bow hard case options you can get!

#2 – Plano SE Pro Bow Case

Plano SE Pro Bow Case At A Glance:

  • Exterior dimensions: 44.7” x 20.4” x 8.7”
  • Interior dimensions: 43.09″ x 15.3″ x 8″
  • Key features: 4 dual-stage latches, bow tie-downs, included hard arrow case, carrying handle
Here is another great Plano bow case that is a bit more compact and much more affordable. This case has some really nice features even though it doesn’t have quite as many durability features.

The price is significantly lower coming in at just over half the price of the Plano Bow Guard Case. This option is a little simpler. It doesn’t have the DriLoc weather-proof seal or lockable latches.

Even without these features, though, it is still a great case perfect for someone that doesn’t necessarily need all those other extras and maybe has a lower budget.

It does have a couple of spaces where you can add your own locks to the case. This case is still very durable with Plano’s special crush resistant PillarLock system. It does also include 4 dual-stage latches and a convenient and comfortable carrying handle.

Inside the bottom half of the case, a dense heavy-duty foam padding protects your bow with the help of included tie downs to keep it securely in place.

There are even additional tie downs included that allow you to secure other bow hunting accessories. In the top half of the case, there is built-in arrow storage.

Additionally, there is universal quiver storage designed to secure any quiver into place in the lid of the case.

One of the best features that really adds a lot of value to this case is that it actually includes a free arrow storage case that can be secured into the lid as well!

It may not have all the bells and whistles of our first pick from Plano, but overall it really is a very nice compound bow case that has nearly unbeatable value thanks to the more affordable pricing.

#3 – Allen Company Compound Bow Case

Allen Company Compound Bow Case At A Glance:

  • Exterior dimensions: 41” x 17” x 2”
  • Interior dimensions: Not specified
  • Key features: Soft interior lining for protection, bow tie downs included, easy arrow storage, rubber handle
Now if you want the best soft compound bow case, it is definitely this impressive choice from Allen Company!

This bow case obviously isn’t going to provide the same level of protection as hard bow cases, but it does still do some to protect your bow while also greatly increasing your level of comfort and convenience while transporting or storing it.

The soft interior lining of the case and thick outer fabric helps to prevent damage and keep the bow safe. There are special tie down straps inside the case to keep the bow secured right where it needs to be in the bag for maximum protection.

You can also easily store arrows on the opposite side of the bag. Each zipper on the bag features a pull tab to make access easy and quick for your bow and all your accessories.

Speaking of accessories, there is an impressive total of 10 different pockets on the bow bag. This gives you a ton of storage and allows you to keep all of your items nice and organized for better efficiency and convenience.

The case features two different carrying strap options. There is a smaller handle with a rubber grip to make it easy to carry the case in your hand.

Then there is also a longer strap that allows you to carry the bag hands-free on your shoulder. The strap features padding for increased comfort and to help prevent it from slipping.

You can also remove the strap altogether if you prefer. With an exterior total length of 42 inches, the bag can accommodate bows with up to 35 inches between axles.

This is a little bit on the smaller side compared to our other picks but still fits many bows. It also can make a great youth bow case.

The best part is that it is one of our most affordable picks and shouldn’t be too hard for most people to fit into their budget. It is absolutely a great compound bow soft case with good value to it.

#4 – Flambeau Outdoors Compound Bow Case

Flambeau Outdoors Compound Bow Case At A Glance:

  • Exterior dimensions: 49” x 21” x 7”
  • Interior dimensions: 47.5″ x 19.25″ x 5″
  • Key features: 4 latches, 2 sets of pillars create crush-resistance, high-density heavy-duty foam padding
This Flambeau compound bow case is similar in many ways to the second Plano bow case that we looked at.

The biggest difference is the cost, with this slightly lesser-known brand costing less than $40, or about half of the Plano SE Pro case.

This case is slightly larger than the Plano case, but it is also not quite as deep as the Plano SE Pro.

Just like the Plano case, though, this option has 4 different latches and 2 sets of eyelets for padlocks if you would like to add them.

It also has the high-density heavy-duty foam padding as well as tie downs for the protection of your bow. On the opposite side of the case, there is built-in arrow storage that can hold up to 12 individual arrows.

Inside the case, there are two sets of pillars that provide crush-resistance similar to the PillarLock system found in many of Plano’s cases.

Overall, this is a very highly durable case and a great alternative to one of the Plano cases if you want an incredibly affordable option that still gets the job done effectively.

#5 – Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case

Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case At A Glance:

  • Exterior dimensions: 43″ x 19″ x 7.5″
  • Interior dimensions: 41″ x 17″ x 7″
  • Key features: 4 dual stage latches, customizable pluckable foam, integrated arrow storage, convenient carrying handle
Our final recommendation is another Plano case! This is our most affordable pick from Plano, but still costs more than the Flambeau case.

So, it is a nice in-between option for someone that wants to go with Plano but prefers something less expensive than our first two picks from Plano.

This is another option of bow case that features 4 individual latches. Each one is a dual-stage latch that helps increase security.

Additionally, two of the latches feature a set of eyelets that lets you have the option of adding padlocks to your case.

A simple, but durable, handle makes it easy to carry the case. Just like the Plano Bow Guard case, this has Plano’s PillarLock feature.

This one is a little different, though. The pillars are fully adjustable! You choose where to install the pillars in the case.

This is great because it guarantees that any bow can fit and regardless of make or configuration, the pillars won’t get in the way because you decide where they go.

They’re easy to install and the foam in the case is even specially designed to make the customizable pillars work. It is pluckable foam that allows you to easily customize openings in the foam.

This way you can leave openings for the pillars without taking away from the foam protection your bow gets.

The included tie downs are also fully adjustable allowing you to put them just where you need them to most efficiently secure your bow into place. The top of the case also features integrated arrow storage for your convenience.

Best Compound Bow Case Comparison Table

Best Compound Bow Case Exterior dimensionsInterior dimensionsKey features
Plano Bow Guard Bow Case48” 20.75” x 7.5”46.5” x 16” x 6.75”4 dual-stage spring-loaded latches, 2 lockable latches, 2 sets of eyelets for padlocks
Plano SE Pro Bow Case
44.7” x 20.4” x 8.7”43.09″ x 15.3″ x 8″4 dual-stage latches, bow tie-downs, included hard arrow case, carrying handle
Allen Company Compound Bow Case
41” x 17” x 2”Not specifiedSoft interior lining for protection, bow tie downs included, easy arrow storage, rubber handle
Flambeau Outdoors Compound Bow Case49” x 21” x 7”47.5″ x 19.25″ x 5″4 latches, 2 sets of pillars create crush-resistance, high-density heavy-duty foam padding
Plano Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case43″ x 19″ x 7.5″41″ x 17″ x 7″4 dual stage latches, customizable pluckable foam, integrated arrow storage, convenient carrying handle

Choosing the Best Compound Bow Case

If you hunt or plan to hunt with a compound bow, you definitely need the best compound bow case! A compound bow is a relatively delicate piece of equipment.

You don’t just want to throw it around and toss it in your trunk or truck bed or closet for storage or transportation. You want to take good care of it to guarantee optimal performance and ensure it lasts you a long time.

The best bow case will help guarantee your compound bow is taken care of and safe while you transport it while also greatly increasing convenience for you.

Carrying your bow in the case allows you to move it around easily and lets you also carry arrows and other accessories all right there with the bow.

Different hunters use different bows and each bow is unique. Additionally, different hunters have different experiences, habits, and expectations. All of these things mean that choosing the right bow case might not be so simple.

There are multiple different factors that must be considered to guarantee you choose the right option that is best for your specific situation.

Below, we have listed and discussed the different factors you should take into consideration before purchasing a compound bow case.

Interior Dimensions

First off, you will obviously want to make sure that your bow is going to fit into your case. Otherwise, it’s completely useless to you.

That is why the interior dimensions of the case are easily the most important thing to look at before you make your purchase. The most important dimension to look at is the interior length.

This is pretty much what is going to tell you if your bow will fit or not. Remember that you want to give your bow a little bit of space on each side so that the bow isn’t pressed on in a way that may be damaging and so that it has adequate protection. So, add about an inch or so to your bow’s length and choose an option that will fit that number.

Exterior Dimensions

Interior dimensions are very important, but keep in mind that exterior dimensions vary from the interior ones and definitely can play a role in the experience you have with a case.

Exterior dimensions are affected by the shape of the case, the design of the case, and the thickness of the materials used in the case.

The most relevant consideration here is that the larger the case is, the harder it is to store and transport. More compact cases will, of course, be more convenient. Interior dimensions are still more important than the exterior, though – so, consider them first.

Latch Style

The latches on the case are the way that the case closes. This only applies to hard bow cases, though. Soft bow cases simply use zippers as closures.

Hard cases have latches but the number of latches and the way that they work varies. Obviously, more latches mean a higher level of security.

However, too many latches can make unnecessary work for you when opening and closing the case. Most of the more popular case options have 4 latches, which seems to be a good balance of security and convenience.

Also very important, is the way the latches work.

If they can be opened in one motion, that may be a little bit simpler, but it is also less secure. Not only is it easier for someone you don’t want to access it, but it is also more likely to fail.

Dual-stage or multi-stage latches are great because they do help increase the overall security of your compound bow case. Keep in mind that there are some options that have lockable latches as well.

Padlock Eyelets

In addition to the typical latches, it can be a good idea under certain circumstances to add padlocks to your case. Many cases feature eyelets that make this not only possible but very easy to do.

The padlocks will vastly increase the security and safety of your bow. Most hard cases do have some of these eyelets, but not all of them will. Soft cases are also not able to be locked in this manner.

Protective Features

A huge function of your compound bow case is to protect your compound bow. So, naturally, you will want to look at the specific protective features that different cases have.

This can really help you narrow down your options and find the perfect case for your specific needs.

Options with more protective features are great for those that use their bow more regularly, put their case under more extreme conditions, and/or have a more generous budget.

If you don’t expect your case to have to stand up to as much or you simply need to save your money, a case with fewer bells and whistles will still be able to get the job done with no problems.

Here are some of the protective features to look for, how they work, and how they vary in different cases:


The padding inside the case that the bow actually sits against will have a huge impact in protection and durability. Most cases simply use a high-density foam that is highly effective.

A case with customizable foam has the benefit of the customization but may not provide quite as much protection. Soft cases typically just have a soft lining instead of actual foam.

Tie Downs

Tie downs are what you use to secure your bow in place within the case. This is important to prevent the bow from moving freely or shifting in the case, which could cause damage.

More tie downs and/or customizable tie downs mean better safety and security for your bow. Extras can also give you a convenient way to secure accessories.


A crush-resistant case is designed to withstand large amounts of weight and pressure without being crushed. This keeps everything inside protected from outside forces.


A case that is weather-resistant typically features a special seal around the opening of the case. When closed, the seal keeps out water, air, and dust. Even if the case is in a storm, the contents remain untouched by the elements.

Arrow Storage

Most compound bow cases also feature some space for arrow storage. Many of them have arrow storage built right into the design.

One of the important things to consider with this is the number of arrows that can be stored. This can vary a good bit among different cases.

Some cases also are able to store a loaded quiver inside the lid, sometimes even in addition to other arrow storage.

Knowing what you want to be able to bring along inside your bow case will help you know exactly what you need from your case in terms of arrow storage capabilities.

Additional Storage

Finally, you may also want to look at additional storage beyond just that for the bow and arrows. Some hard cases have extra tie downs for accessories, which can be helpful for sure.

The cases that typically have the most extra storage, though, tend to be soft cases.

They usually have a lot of opportunity for additional pockets. This is good for things like arrowheads or even a bow sight or anything else you may want to or need to bring along.

Options with plenty of pockets even give you an easy and safe space for your keys, gloves, wallet, and phone.

Compound Bow Case FAQs

Is a hard compound bow case better than a soft compound bow case?

Hard cases and soft cases for compound bow cases each have their own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Obviously, a hard case will provide much more protection.

However, if you don’t feel like the higher level of protection is necessary for you, then a soft case can be easier to transport, more comfortable, and often has lots of storage for added convenience.

How important is it to have a case for my compound bow?

Choosing to not have a case for your compound bow can really complicate things for you and cause a lot of problems. First of all, it is just inconvenient.

Storage and transportation for a bow without a case is tricky because of the delicate parts of the bow as well as the awkward shape.

It greatly increases your chance of damaging the bow and it greatly limits where you can put it and how you can carry it comfortably – especially when carrying anything else.

A case lets you put everything together (bow, arrows, accessories) and carry it all in one convenient piece. It also protects everything from outside damage.

So, it really is in your best interest to have a good case for your compound bow.

Buyer’s Tips for Compound Bow Cases

There is no doubt that anyone that will be using a compound bow should have a good case for it. It saves so much trouble and even time.

As you choose your case, consider what level of protection you need, how big the case needs to be for your bow, what accessories you would like to store in the case, and how much you’re able to and willing to spend.

Then, choose where to purchase your case. Aim to choose a reliable retailer like Amazon, for example. This will help ensure you get your case in a timely manner and that you have great customer support if anything goes wrong for any reason.

Plus, they also tend to have some of the best pricing available. Whatever case you decide on and wherever you purchase it from, your compound bow case will soon make your life much easier and your bow much safer!

Thanks for reading The 5 Best Compound Bow Cases. We hope this article has helped you to discover the best choice for a bow case for your needs and preferences.  You might also be interested in our related and informative deer hunting article entitled, Deer Hunting Regions of the United States.

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After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.


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