The 7 Best Bird Feeders 🦅 [2021 Reviews & Guide]

Lure beautiful birds into your yard without feeding the squirrels, we review this year's top bird feeders

Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

If you like to watch the birds roam around your community, you may want to lure them to your home with a bird feeder.

You can attract a variety of bird species depending on the seed or nectar used and the type of bird feeder. You can spend hours looking at the birds outside your window as they enjoy your bird feeder.

Want to know the best bird feeders available and learn all about how to use them properly?

Let’s get started…

Best Bird Feeders

 Brome Squirrel Solution Bird FeederNature's Hangout Bird FeederHome Products Hummingbird Feeder
editors choice
Type:Hanging hopperWindow mountHanging nectar
Features:Ventilated to allow moisture to escape and keep the feed mold freeRemovable tray makes it easy to cleanColorful hand blown glass
Squirrel Proof?YesNoYes
Rating:4.6 / 5.04.8 / 5.04.7 / 5.0

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Bird Feeders For 2021

  1. Brome Squirrel Solution200 Wild Bird Feeder
  2. Nature’s Hangout Windows Bird Feeder
  3. Perky-Pet Sapphire Starburst Bird Feeder
  4. Best Home Products Hummingbird Feeder
  5. Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Wild Bird Feeder
  6. GrayBunny Deluxe Clear Window Bird Feeder
  7. Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder

If you are looking for a bird feeder or two, these are the top bird feeders and will give you the results you want: plenty of birds stopping by for a dinner or drink.

Bird Feeder Reviews

Brome Squirrel Solution200 Wild Bird Feeder at a Glance:

  • Bird Seed/Nectar: Capacity: 5+ Pounds Bird Seed
  • Feeding Ports or Tray: Tray
  • Overall Size: 30” x 5.5” x 5.5”
  • Materials: Chew proof metals and RoxResin™

The Brome Wild Bird Feeder is our Editors Choice for the best bird feeder and features several handy features that allow you to attract birds to your yard without feeding squirrels or larger pesky birds.

The support ring will close off access to the bird seed if a certain weight is on it, the weight approximately equal to one fully grown squirrel.

While a cardinal ring is included, to help you attract Northern Cardinals, there are several other items available, purchased separately.

You get: the Seed Buster, a weather guard, as well as a pole adapter. The Squirrel Buster Plus comes apart easily, without the use of tools. This aids in cleaning the feeder. The bird seed will also stay fresher with the special ventilation feature.

It allows both hot air and humidity to be replaced with fresher, cooler air.

The material this bird feeder is made of is resistant to chewing by squirrels and other pests, made of either metal or RoxResin™. RoxResin™ isn’t just chew-proof but also waterproof and rustproof.

Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder at a Glance:

  • Bird Seed Capacity: 4 cups bird seed
  • Feeding Ports or Tray: Tray
  • Overall Size: 12” x 5” x 4”
  • Materials: Clear Acrylic

Window bird feeders are becoming increasingly popular as both kids and adults can view the visiting birds up close and personal without disturbing them.

The Nature’s Hangout Outdoor Bird Feeder comes with strong suction cups to fix it securely to your window. These suction cups are backed by their warranty – if the bird feeder ever falls off. If it does, you will be provided a full refund on your purchase.

You can also keep this window bird feeder up all year round, despite any inclement weather. Drain holes in the bottom of both the main feeder as well as the removable tray keep the bird seed dry, preventing the growth of mold.

You will also receive a cover to help attract birds even in less than perfect weather. The large design allows you to fill the bird feeder less often and will also help attract different birds.

If your looking for the best bird feeder for cardinals, the Nature’s Hangout is probably it!

Perky-Pet Sapphire Starburst at a Glance:

  • Bird Seed Capacity: 8 ounces bird seed
  • Feeding Ports or Tray: Tray
  • Overall Size: 11” x 8” x8”
  • Materials: Vintage Glass and Metal

If you are looking for an attractive bird feeder that will add a touch of class to your yard, the Sapphire Starburst Vintage Glass Bird Feeder will do just that.

With a rich, deep blue color, visitors will never be able to miss it in your yard, making it a beautiful focal point. It features a circular perch to reduce crowding for feeding birds and also a wide mouth making for easy cleaning and re-filling.

The decorative hanger for the Sapphire Starburst Bird Feeder allows you to easily hang it from a tall shepherd’s hook, a tree branch, or even a trellis.

The metal feeding tray is designed with drain holes to keep any bird seed that may be exposed to the elements clean and dry.

This is a great gift for those who enjoy watching birds, and it can be used to attract birds that feed on unwanted insects.

Best Home Products Hummingbird Feeder at a Glance:

  • Nectar Capacity: 3 cups of nectar
  • Feeding Ports or Tray: Ports
  • Overall Size: 9” x 5”
  • Materials: Glass

The hummingbird feeder by Best Home Products has a unique and eye-catching design with multi-colored blown glass and is probably the best hummingbird feeder on the market!

You can hang this feeder with the included “S” hook or it can even sit flush on a table, railing, or other flat surface.

The porch encourages hummingbirds to land while drinking the nectar, making them easier to view or even snap a photo. There are several feeding ports to keep birds from feeling crowded.

This beautifully eye-catching hummingbird feeder has a wide mouth which aids in keeping it clean as well as properly filled.

It is also covered with a 100% money back guarantee. Put this feeder in your yard to attract stunning hummingbirds!

Squirrel Buster Standard at a Glance:

  • Bird Seed Capacity: 24 ounces bird seed
  • Feeding Ports or Tray: Tray
  • Overall Size: 22” x 5” x 5”
  • Materials: Metal and RoxResin™

We featured the Squirrel Buster Solution200 at the top of this list. However, if that’s a little larger than than you need there is the Squirrel Buster Standard.

This one is smaller than the Solution200 version, but it can still attract just as many birds. Just like the Solution200, the Standard is made of materials resistant to chewing from squirrels and other pests and will help deter squirrels from feasting on your bird seed.

There are no tools required to assemble the Squirrel Buster Standard, it’s ready to go right out of the box. It comes apart easily for proper, regular cleaning.

Both the Standard and the Plus versions come with a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence. we felt the Brome Squirrel buster was appropriately named and the the best squirrel proof bird feeder!

GrayBunny Window Bird Feeder at a Glance:

  • Bird Seed Capacity: 4 cups bird seed
  • Feeding Ports or Tray: Tray
  • Overall Size: 12” x 5” x 3”
  • Materials: Clear Acrylic

The GrayBunny Deluxe Clear Window Bird Feeder is yet another way for you to view the beautiful birds you want attract to your yard from the comfort of your home.

It is made of thick, clear acrylic and comes with strong suction cups to keep it safely secured to the window. There are drain holes designed into the window bird feeder that keep the seed dry for your feathered friends.

This Deluxe Clear Window Feeder comes with a money-back guarantee, in the event that you are dissatisfied with it within the first 30 days after purchase.

Choose the type of seed you need to attract the birds you most enjoy watching. This is a perfect gift idea for kids who can stay entertained for hours watching the beautiful birds and learning about them.

Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder at a Glance:

  • Nectar Capacity: 20 ounces of nectar
  • Feeding Ports or Tray: Ports
  • Overall Size: 10” Tall
  • Materials: Hand Blown Glass

We have one more hummingbird feeder to tell you about. This bird feeder is made of hand blown glass for a truly unique look, adding a touch of class to your yard or patio.

The twist off lid is large enough for easy cleaning and filling, and the threads are blown into the glass instead of an added plastic ring with threads. This allows it to be hung safely and securely.

The Grateful Gnome Hummingbird Feeder comes with an “S” hook for easy hanging. Hang this feeder out to attract those elusive humming birds.

How to Choose the Best Bird Feeder

You’ve seen the 7 bird feeders we feature here but how do you narrow it down? The following buying guide shows you what bird feeders are out there. Knowing what types of feeders work for different birds and how they can be maintained will go a long way toward your decision to buy a bird feeder, or maybe two.

Best Hummingbird Feeder

Types of Bird Feeders

Ground Feeders

These types of feeders allow birds to come closer, but it can also invite their predators who are also close to the ground to reach the birds. It is important to place a ground feeder at least 10 feet away from predator hiding places. Ground feeders shouldn’t be used if there are outdoor cats nearby.

Birds Attracted: Doves, Juncos, Towhees, Sparrows, Goldfinches, and Cardinals

Hopper Bird Feeders

Hoppers allow for a large bird seed capacity for those who have many birds in the yard stopping by or for those who have a hard time refilling the feeder. As a bird lands on the bird feeder, it triggers the release of bird seed for them. Because there isn’t a constant flow of seed, this type is perfect for those who are dealing with pesky squirrels.

Birds Attracted: Cardinals, Goldfinches, Jays, Nuthatches, Finches, Siskins, Redwinged Blackbirds, Chickadees, Grackles, Titmice

Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbirds are notorious for flying into windows. Placing a hummingbird feeder just a few feet from a window will help reduce these accidents.

These feeders should be placed in the shade to keep the nectar from going bad. Place them near a large window or close to your garden to take advantage of the perfect opportunities to watch and photograph the hummingbirds.

Birds Attracted: Hummingbirds

Suet Bird Feeders

A suet brick is a tightly compacted brick of bird feed held together by a sugary substance, usually honey. There are feeders specially designed to hold a suet brick or you can hang one, as is, from a tree branch.

It is possible to make your own suet bricks for this type of bird feeding, but you can also make suet from peanut butter and regular bird seed. Place this mixture in the crevices of a pine cone and hang appropriately.

Birds Attracted: Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches, and Woodpeckers

Window Bird Feeders

A window bird feeder is the only way to get up close and personal with the birds you attract. You can safely view them feeding through the window without fear of startling them.

Because they are affixed to the window, it greatly reduces the chances that a bird will fly into the window, injuring themselves. Birds have a tendency to stand on top of the seed while feeding.

This can cause contamination with droppings. Because of this, it is important to change the seed daily.

Birds Attracted: Finches, Titmice, Chickadees and Sparrows

Squirrel Proof Feeders

To keep your squirrels out of the bird food, you may want to place a squirrel feeder on your property but away from the bird feeder locations. This will keep them occupied well away from the feeding birds. You can also get a  “squirrel proof” feeder.

Squirrels love bird feeders as much as birds do! So to keep our feathered friends well fed we need to keep the squirrels away and it’s most commonly done by a weight sensor that closes off feeding or a barrier on the bottom keeping squirrels away from the feeder.

Misc Considerations


Another desirable feature is “venting” of the bird seed. If the seed sits for long, the feed can quickly get moldy. Good air flow through the feed keeps it dry so this doesn’t occur.


A handy feature to prevent spillage and wasted bird feed is a funnel that automatically directs to feed to the feeding ports. Some may have it built in or come as a separate funnel.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

You will want to clean your feeder every so often to remove dirt and bird droppings. Another consideration is how to refill the feeder. There are a variety of methods from screw off tops, others “pop” off. Window sill feeders are the simplest, you just pour the feed in the bottom.


Bird feeders come in a variety of colors and styles to meed the décor of your house or apt. There are also a variety of materials such as wood, glass, acrylic the most common a wire mesh. Feeders in glass usually come in the most color options.

Durability & Materials

Bird feeders are made with a variety of materials depending on the type of bird they are intended for and style. Humming bird feeders are almost always made from glass to offer spouts for the humming birds to suck the nectar from.

Acrylic or Plexiglass is most often used on window sill feeders and is usually clear. Bird feeders that are menat to hand are almost always made from a wire mesh. These type of feeders are vulnerable to rust so be sure the feeder is coated with a rust resistant material.

best squirrel proof bird feeder

FAQs For Bird Feeders

If you’ve never purchased a bird feeder before or you are looking at attracting some different birds than you have experience with, you may have questions about not only which one to get but also how to properly use it to get the best experience. Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions about bird feeders.

Q: What is the best way to keep squirrels away from my bird feeders?

There are several ways you can keep squirrels out of your bird feeders. Because squirrels eat seeds as well, they may decide it’s there for the taking. If you have a hanging bird feeder, you can suspend it from thin wire with plastic rods or tubes over it.

If squirrels try to walk across the wire, they will fall. However, when placing a hanging feeder, make sure it is suspended at least 5 feet in the air and that there are no surfaces with a 10-foot radius that squirrels can use to get at the feeder.

There are “squirrel baffles” available that are placed above and below the suspended bird feeder. These make it difficult for a squirrel to climb up to the feeder or jump at it from above.

However, as you’ve seen from our featured products, many bird feeders are made with squirrel resistant materials or designs. This is still the most effective way to keep squirrels out of the bird seed.

Q: Do I need to take down my bird feeders during Summer months?

Suet bricks are not suitable for the warmer weather of summer and will spoil rather quickly. If you live in an area where bears will be active in the summer, you want to bring in all bird feeders. However, if there are no threats in the area, it is perfectly fine to leave your bird feeder out year round. You won’t need as much seed in the summer, however, as many birds are looking for insects instead of seed.

Q: If I go on vacation, will the birds go away? Will they survive?

Birds only depend on the bird feeders for about 25% of their total nutritional intake. If you aren’t available to fill the bird feeders for a while, birds will look for a source of food elsewhere. Usually, this will be their naturally occurring food sources or will go to other bird feeders in the area.

Q: How should I store bird seed?

All bird seed should be stored in a cool, dry place. You can use a plastic bin that offers an air-tight seal if you want to store the bird seed indoors, such as in your garage. If you want to store the bird seed outside, an appropriately sized metal trashcan be used, provided it has a tight-fitting lid.

Q: How do I clean a bird feeder?

Birds that are meeting in a central location, such as a bird feeder, can spread disease from one bird to another. High traffic at your bird feeder also contributes to the spread of diseases among birds. A regular and in-depth cleaning at least once a month is ideal.

Make sure all bird feeder surfaces are disinfected and then rinsed well before being dried thoroughly. You also want to clean below the bird feeder. Any dropped seed can quickly absorb moisture from the ground. This can cause salmonella poising.

Tips For Using Bird Feeders

bird feeder for cardinals

If you want to have the best experience possible with your new bird feeder, you will want to follow these bird feeder tips. While there are more things you can do to enjoy your bird feeling hobby, these 5 tips will set you off in the right direction.

Tip #1: Placement of Bird Feeders

Each type of bird prefers to feed in different areas and on different things. If you place several bird feeders around your yard, you will have greater chances of seeing a large variety of birds. Some birds prefer feeders at ground level and some in trees.

Tip #2: Use a Variety of Feeders

By catering to any birds that may be in the area by offering a large variety of types of feeders as well as type of seeds, you will have more traffic to your yard. You may want to offer suet as well as place a hopper. Hummingbird feeders are always a must.

Tip #3: Attract Many Types of Birds

The best way to attract a variety of birds is to offer several bird feeders to them. Some birds will feed at all of them, but some feeders will attract a smaller crowd. Placing them strategically around your yard so squirrels and other pests can’t get to them when feeding is ideal as they can scare off the birds and leave bird feeders empty.

A variety of both types of feeders and types of seed will help. Birds also need water not only to drink but to keep themselves clean and pest free. Having a water source nearby will help attract birds to your yard.

Tip #4: Keep Birds from Hitting Windows

Birds can get distracted with the reflections from your home’s windows causing them to fly into them. It may only stun them, but it can cause injury or even death as well. The best way to prevent this is to place your bird feeders within 3 feet of the windows of your home.

If they fly away from the feeder and toward the window, they don’t have much time to speed up and the accident is less likely to cause major injury. If you want to place bird feeders farther away from your home, it is best at least 30 feet away.

Tip #5: Keep Feeders Clean

A dirty bird feeder can send birds away and it can also cause birds to get sick. Make sure to follow the directions that come with your new bird feeder or feeders so you know how to properly clean them, and maintain them.

Enjoy Birds All Year Round with Bird Feeders

Bird feeders not only attract birds for viewing, but it can help them supplement their diet with specially formulated seed.

Depending on your yard’s size, where you have to hang or set them, as well as what seed you use, you can see all shapes and sizes of birds right from your window or from your patio.

Why not bring a few bird feeders into the yard to help you birdwatch in comfort.

I hope this guide was helpful in picking the best bird feeder to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a feeder I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

How We Researched

To come up with the top bird feeders, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as Home Depot, Lowes, Target and Wayfair  along with our own personal experience.

We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options were for the price. The staff authors have a wide and varied background in yard design and home repairs.

The authors have decades of experience and are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

To help narrow down the selection we used personal experiences along with recommendations from landscapers, bloggers and contractors.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.


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