The 7 Best Bikes For 4-5 Year Olds – [2021 Reviews]

Looking for a bike for your boy or girl? We break down the year's top models

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For both girls and boys between the ages of 4 and 5, learning to ride a bicycle is a fun adventure. It’s a big milestone as they grow up, so having the right bike is important.

The right size and accessories can help a child learn how to ride a bike much easier and possibly without as many bumps and tumbles.

Plus, the right style is going to make them both look and feel like the biggest kid on the block. Are you ready to pick the best bike for your 4- to 5-year-old?

Best Bikes For 4-5 Year Olds

 RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids BikeDynacraft Magna Major Damage BMX BikeHuffy Moto X Boy's Bike
editors choice

Sizes:12", 14", 16", 18", 20"16"12", 14", 16", 18"
Colors:7Yellow and Black4
Training Wheels:IncludedIncludedIncluded
Best For:UnisexBoysBoys
Rating:4.0 / 5.03.9 / 5.03.9 / 5.0

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Bicycles for 4 to 5 Year Old Kids

  1. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike
  2. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage BMX Bike
  3. Huffy Moto X Boy’s Bike
  4. COEWSKE Kid’s Little Princess Style Bike
  5. Schwinn Skip Toddler Balance Bike
  6. Mongoose Boys BMX Bike
  7. JOYSTAR Kids Bike for Girls & Boys

Our reviews of the top rated bikes for 4-5 year olds with a comparison table and buyers guide below will help you choose a good bike for your child.

Bicycles For 4-5 Year Old Kids Reviews

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike

RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike At A Glance:

  • Sizes Available, in inches: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20
  • Colors Available: 7
  • Training Wheels: Included
  • Designed For: Unisex, Gender Neutral
  • Included Accessories: Bell, water bottle and holder, optional kickstand

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike is designed to appeal to both boys and girls and comes in a wide range of colors so your child can show off their unique and fun personality.

The fun accessories, such as the water bottle and holder as well as the bell, are designed to make riding a bike even more exciting.

Designed with a durable steel frame with a bold and sporty design, the Freestyle is specifically designed to inspire young kids to ride a bike and also to stand up to wear and tear.

Hard landings, tossing it aside, and even being stored outdoors on occasion won’t bother this kid’s bike.

One unique feature of this particular RoyalBaby kids bike model is that it utilizes a caliper hand brake on the front wheel and a coaster brake on the rear wheel. This means that your child can learn whichever braking system is easiest for them to grasp.

This bike for 4 to 5 year old kids requires very little assembly and the only tools you will need are provided. The seat itself provides cushion and is designed to give the rider more support in the back.

The quick-release seat is easy to adjust to the perfect height.

Dynacraft Magna Major Damage BMX Bike At A Glance:

  • Sizes Available, in inches: 16
  • Colors Available: Yellow and Black
  • Training Wheels: Included, Adjustable
  • Designed For: Boys
  • Included Accessories: Handlebar pad

This boys’ bicycle is designed to look just like the BMX or dirt bikes that their favorite celebrity riders are famous for.

The thick, wide tires that make the bike stand out also help the rider to keep the bike balanced when first learning to ride a bike.

Dynacraft stands by this “Major Damage” bike with a lifetime warranty on both the frame of the bike and the forks.

The steel rims are designed to handle the spills your little one is bound to take at first and even the jumps and tricks they may attempt later on.

Not only will this boys’ bike stand the test of time, but it can also easily grow with your kid with an easily adjustable seat, removable training wheels, and a weight limit of up to 81 pounds.

However, it’s important to pay attention to when he becomes too tall to ride a 16” bike.

The coaster brakes make learning how to use the brakes a much simpler process than with some hand brakes and also helps the rider to stay upright and stable when braking.

For a sturdy bike, it’s relatively lightweight at just 24 pounds, meaning it can easily be moved or stored. If you are looking for the best bike for 4 year olds, look no further!

Huffy Moto X Boy’s Bike At A Glance:

  • Sizes Available, in inches: 12, 14, 16, 18
  • Colors Available: 4
  • Training Wheels: Included
  • Designed For: Boys
  • Included Accessories: Handlebar plaque, protective chain guard

If you’ve got a kid that’s into racing, the perfect bicycle for them is the Huffy Moto X. Huffy is a brand well known and they have designed and built a bike that looks cool and is durable.

In fact, they stand by the steel frame with a limited lifetime warranty and make replacement parts available as well if they’re needed.

The quick release seat makes it easy to adjust the height of the seat to the perfect height for the rider.

With the seat at the correct height, they will find it easier to stay balanced and will learn how to sit on the bicycle properly.

A protective chain guard doesn’t just help bring the entire racing theme together, but it also helps the rider to feel more confident wearing long pants or shoes with laces. Pants and shoelaces should never be baggy, however.

The colors available depend on the size of boys’ bike you are looking for. Be sure to first focus on the size as that’s what is most important for a kid just learning to ride a bike.

The Huffy Moto X kids bike is also designed with a rear coaster brake and a front hand brake so the rider can first learn stable braking.

COEWSKE Kid's Little Princess Style Bike

COEWSKE Kid’s Little Princess Style Bike At A Glance:

  • Sizes Available: 12, 14, 16, 18
  • Colors Available: 6
  • Training Wheels: Included
  • Designed For: Girls
  • Included Accessories: Rear doll seat, handlebar basket, bell, streamers, reflector

Your little one will want for nothing with the COEWSKE Girls’ bike. With multiple sizes available in multiple colors and with so many accessories, the rider can fully customize their first bike and make it look exactly how they’d like.

Then, they can switch it up again later. This bike comes equipped with hand grips that are larger at the ends as well as wider foot pedals to make it easier for the rider to keep control of the bicycle.

The fully enclosed bike chain increases safety while the wide, air-filled tires make for a smooth, stable ride.

Most bicycles for 4 to 5 year old kids have only coaster brakes, or a coaster brake on the rear wheel and a hand brake in the front.

This bike for kids was designed with brakes that are controlled by both a left and right brake handle on the handlebars as well as coaster brakes that brake in the front and back.

All tools needed to assemble this kids bike are included and the only items you will need to attach to the completed frame and fork assembly are the wheels, the pedals, the handlebars, and the seat.

Both the seat and the handlebars can be adjusted for the perfect riding height. Overall, probably the best bike for 5 year olds on our list!

Schwinn Skip Toddler Balance Bike At A Glance:

  • Sizes Available, in inches: 12
  • Colors Available: Pink
  • Training Wheels: No
  • Designed For: Girls
  • Included Accessories: N/A

Wouldn’t it be great if your kid could start riding a real bicycle without having to start with training wheels? The Schwinn Skip Balance Bike is designed for just that.

Available in a cotton candy pink with black and silver accents, this bike has a lightweight steel frame and 12-inch wheels to provide stability for the early learner.

The key to learning how to ride a bike is balance and this pedal-less bike is designed to help kids learn that balance before hopping on a “real” bike.

Better yet, this bicycle can grow with your children. The tool-free adjustable seat can be fitted to match any height between 28 and 38 inches, making it ideal for toddlers.

The only tools necessary to fully assemble the bike are included. Only the front wheel and handl ebars need to be added to the otherwise complete kids’ bike.

How-to videos are also available online!

Mongoose Skid Boys Bike At A Glance:

  • Sizes Available: 16
  • Colors Available: Orange
  • Training Wheels: Yes
  • Designed For: Boys
  • Included Accessories: None

The Mongoose Boys BMX Bike is perfect for beginners and experienced riders alike.

With a single-speed drive train, 16-inch tires for traction, and retractable training wheels, this bike will help your little ones learn to cycle with ease.

It is also equipped with a low stand-over steel frame, which makes it easier for children on the shorter side to get on and off of the bicycle.

Confidence comes easy with coaster foot breaks and an alloy 2-bolt stem with 2-piece handlebars for added strength.

This bike offers a hassle-free experience from start to finish, even shipping ready to assemble.

Your kid will learn to cycle in style with the Mongoose Skid Boys Bike

JOYSTAR Kids Bike for Girls & Boys At A Glance:

  • Sizes Available, in inches: 12, 14, 16, 18
  • Colors Available: 7
  • Training Wheels: Included
  • Designed For: Unisex, Gender Neutral
  • Included Accessories: Bell, reflector

The Totem line of kids bikes by Joystar is designed to be enjoyed by both boys and girls, with many sizes and colors available.

The steel frame is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and each bike is marked with a serial number that is used to track its quality and can even be used to find it if it’s lost or taken.

With a fully enclosed chain guard, you can rest assured that no clothing or shoelaces get caught in the bike’s chain.

Your little one can even customize the bike with their own name using the DIY stickers included, designed to be placed onto the bike’s chain guard.

This kids’ bicycle is designed to require very little maintenance. The maintenance that’s needed can easily be done by the child themselves if shown the proper way.

Being “in charge” of their bicycle can help to give them a sense of responsibility for their first bike that will carry over when they upgrade to others.

The back of the seat has a “helper handle” built into it so a parent, guardian or even friend can help the rider maintain stability when first learning to pedal.

The only tool not provided to assemble this kids’ bike is an air pump for the tires.

Bicycles For 4-5 Year Olds Comparison Table

Bikes For 4-5 Year Olds SizesColorsTraining WheelsBest ForRating
RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bike12", 14", 16", 18", 20"7IncludedUnisex4.0 / 5.0
Dynacraft Magna Major Damage BMX Bike16"Yellow and BlackIncludedBoys3.9 / 5.0
Huffy Moto X Boy's Bike12", 14", 16", 18"4IncludedBoys3.9 / 5.0
COEWSKE Kid's Little Princess Style Bike12", 14", 16", 18"6IncludedGirls4.4 / 5.0
Schwinn Skip Toddler Balance Bike12"PinkNoGirls4.3 / 5.0
Mongoose Boys BMX Bike20"OrangeYesBoys4.4 / 5.0
JOYSTAR Kids Bike for Girls & Boys12", 14", 16", 18"7IncludedUnisex4.5 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Bicycle For 4-5 Year Old Kids

best bike for 4 year old boy

With so many factors and features involved in choosing the right bike for your 4- to 5-year-old child, it can become overwhelming. We’ve narrowed down the choices to the best kids’ bikes for that age range, all reviewed above. However, the buying guide below can help you pick the perfect one.

Bike Size

The sizes that you’ve seen listed for each kids’ bike we’ve reviewed might be a little confusing at first. A 12” kids’ bike refers to a bike that has a 12” diameter wheel. The bigger the wheels, the bigger the bike, and the bigger the kid that it’s designed for.

While this is usually a great indicator of the child’s height the bike is designed for, the length of the bike also needs to be taken into consideration. However, on average, a 16” kids’ bike is designed for a child 40 to 46 inches tall.

Training Wheels

Training wheels are a commonly used way of helping a rider to maintain stability as they also learn how to pedal and brake the bike.

Adjustable training wheels can be moved up a little as the rider gets used to maintaining their balance so they will allow the bike to tilt a little bit before the training wheels will catch them. The training wheels can be removed from any of the bikes we’ve reviewed.


Some kids can be picky and will want a bike with a color and style that they like. While not all kids will be picky, it’s safe to say that any kid will ride their bike more often, and enjoy it more, if the bike fits their personal style and personality.

Pedals vs. Balance

We’ve only featured one balance bike in our reviews, the Yvolution Y Velo. Balance bikes are quite popular with kids that need a little extra time learning their balance before tackling a regular bicycle, even with training wheels. However, the most common choice is a traditional, pedal kids’ bike.

pedal vs balance kids bike


Coaster brakes are the most common on kids’ bikes. By pedaling backward ever so slightly, they can slowly come to a stop. Hand brakes can take a bit longer to master. Bikes that have both coaster brakes and hand brakes can be a great choice if you plan on teaching the rider how to use the hand brakes at a later time.

best bike for 5 year old brakes
Hand brake on the Royalbaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike

Seat Height

The height of the seat is crucial when adjusting a bicycle to the rider for the first time. If the seat is too low or too high, it can make it harder for them to keep their balance.

If riding for a while, it can also make the bike uncomfortable. When first teaching a child how to ride a bike, the height of the bike seat should be the same as the inseam of their pants.


Minding your budget isn’t only important for your wallet. It’s important to remember that a child will most likely outgrow the bicycle in only a few years. If you have younger children that will also use the bike later on, then choosing a durable bike that costs a few more dollars might be worth the investment.

best bike for 4 year old girl

FAQs About Kids Bicycles

Do you still have questions about buying the best kids’ bike for your little one? Many shoppers do so we’ve listed our top 5 frequently asked questions when it comes to the subject.

Q: What size bicycle does my kid need?

A: The size bike they need will be determined by their height, and to a lesser extent, their weight. A 4- to 5-year-old with a height of between 40 and 46” should be riding a 16” kids’ bike. It’s important for the size of the bike to match the size of the child, so if they are shorter or taller than that, they may need a smaller or larger bike to start out with.

Q: How do I calculate the right seat height?

A: When a rider is first learning, they should be able to stand up with their feet on the ground and still have the seat comfortably underneath them. To find this height easily, measure the inseam of their pants and set the highest part of the seat to that height.

Q: Does the height of the handlebars matter?

A: The handlebars may be set at a specific height or they may be adjustable. If they are adjustable, you can increase the height of them in relation to the increase in seat height. This can help the rider get more months or years of use out of the bike. If the handlebars can be adjusted forward or backward, the position should depend on the height of the rider.

Q: Which braking system is best for my 4- to 5-year-old?

A: The easiest braking system to learn are coaster brakes. This is because the rider doesn’t have to look down at the handlebars to see the hand brake levers. If they don’t have to look down, they are more likely to maintain their balance.

Several of the kids’ bikes we reviewed come equipped with both coaster brakes and hand brakes so they can learn hand braking once they have been riding for a while and are more comfortable with it.

Q: Why don’t most kids bike come with gear systems?

A: Nearly all kids’ bikes will be single speed bikes. Learning how to maintain their balance can be hard enough and then there’s the turning and braking that is involved. Adding a gear system to a kids’ bike would most likely make it more difficult for them to learn to ride.

Tips for Purchasing the Best Kids Bike

Here, we have our top 5 tips for finding the perfect kids’ bike. Do you have a tip for another shopper trying to find the best kids’ bike for kids between 4 and 5? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Tip #1: Find a Lightweight Bicycle for Kids

Many kids’ bikes are made out of steel. This makes them durable, which is important when learning how to ride a bike, but it can also make them heavier. Your child will need to be able to pick up the weight of the bike if it’s laying on the ground and they will need to be able to hold it up if they are standing over it.

Tip #2: Stay Within Your Budget

We mentioned how important keeping to your budget is. However, it’s worth another mention. The bike you choose for your 4- or 5-year-old kid will eventually not fit a 6- or 7- or 8-year-old kid that they grow up to be. Their first bike only has to last a couple of years and keeping that in the back of your mind when choosing one is important.

Tip #3: Steel vs. Aluminum Kids Bikes

We mentioned that most kids’ bikes are made from steel to make them more durable. This also tends to make them more affordable. Aluminum bikes for kids are available and usually cost a bit more, but if your child is having a hard time picking up the weight of a steel-framed bike, it might be the way to go.

Tip #4: Choose Training Wheels for Their First Bike

Training wheels are common. While nearly all bicycles meant to be a kids’ first bike will come with them, they may not be the best one for them and an aftermarket set might work better. You may also need to replace the training wheels at some point before the rider is comfortable with them being removed.

There are other balance features designed into some bicycles for young children. Some have a helper handle built into the back of the seat or have a longer handle to help the rider stay upright.

Tip #5: Invest in Safety Gear

It’s safe to say that there will be some spills as they learn how to ride their first bike. This means that investing in a quality, properly fitting helmet is crucial. Other safety gear items such as elbow and knee pads are also a good idea. Be sure that all safety gear is fitted and fastened correctly.

Getting Kids Moving on Two Wheels!

If your young one has become interested in the bikes the “big kids” are riding, then getting them their first bike might be a good idea. Keep in mind the right size, and of course the right style, and then help them spread their wings on two wheels. One of these bikes we reviewed will be good for your kids!

How We Researched

To come up with the top bikes for 4 and 5 year olds, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as CompetitiveCyclist, JensenUSA, REI, EVO along with our own personal experience.

We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options were for the price. The staff authors have a wide and varied background in road cycling, racing and bike packing.

The authors have decades of experience in cycling and eager to share their knowledge with readers.

To help narrow down the selection we used personal experiences along with recommendations from fellow cyclists, bloggers and bike shops.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.


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