10 Fun Things To Do At The Beach

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Enjoying a fun and exciting beach vacation with the family is what everyone should look forward to when school lets out and it is finally time for summer fun. But, what do you do when you get to the beach?

What do you bring with you? If you don’t plan accordingly, the family beach vacation with the kids can turn from entertaining to boring very quickly.

Here’s how to plan the best family beach vacation!

Picking the Right Activities

With the right activities, the kids will not only stay entertained for the whole beach trip, but they will have fun, stay active, meet other kids that will want to join in, and also have plenty to talk about when school starts back up in the Fall.

The activities you choose will largely depend on the interests of your children but also their ages and abilities.

Here are Ten beach activities to choose from that are fun not only for the kids but also for you…

#1 Bodyboarding


Bodyboarding is one of the most iconic “surf-time” activities for kids. Running into the waves with a bodyboard and riding the wave back on your belly is not only fun but it can help them burn off plenty of energy.

Then they can actually sit still long enough to eat a packed lunch and participate in less strenuous activities before heading back into the water.

#2 Skimboarding

If the kiddos are a bit older, skimboarding might be something they want to give a try. Similar to surfing, skimboarders ride a small board into the wave and then ride it back.

While there isn’t as much stability with a skimboard and it takes a bit more practice, the fun can keep both young and adult entertained on the beach for hours.

#3 Snorkeling


Snorkeling only requires basic equipment and a curiosity for the underwater world just off shore. Snorkel masks, fins, life vests, sunscreen and a wetsuit if it’s cold. By donning the basics, you can take in Mother Nature’s beauty that you don’t see every day.

Want to get more out of the experience?

Grab a few more snorkeling extras and make a whole day out of it. You can even travel to great snorkeling spots near your beach vacation spot for the day and make a weekend trip out of it!

#4 Paddleboarding

This is an outdoor sport that can be as relaxing or as adventurous as you’d like it to be. Stand up and paddle around just off-shore, taking in the sights. Sit down and paddle slowly and take it a bit slower.

Feel like taking on the surf?

You can do that too! The smaller kids can jump on board if you have a bigger paddleboard, and if the dog is along for the beach vacation, you can even have them ride along too.

#5 Kayaking


If the surf isn’t too rough or if there is an area protected from the waves that allows for kayaking, you might want to think about exploring the shore and all the beach-happenings from the view of one.

If the kids are younger and don’t want to kayak on their own, try a tandem kayak, this way you can share one with them so they can still enjoy the ride and can learn to kayak on their own as they get older. For even more fun try a pedal kayak, no paddles needed!

#6 Biking

Not all beach vacation activities take place in the water. Why not take a leisurely ride around the beach or boardwalk on a beach cruiser?

You can stop for a snow cone or grab some pizza, maybe grab some pictures, or you could even just stop and chat with other beach-goers.

You never know what kind of fun you can run into when you are out and about on a hybrid bike or the latest fad, fat tire bikes while on vacation at your favorite beach.

#7 Beach Volleyball

This has to be one of the most well-known beach activities. Some beaches already have volleyball nets already set up and all you need to bring is a ball.

Other beaches only have the poles and you need both a ball and the net. Still other places don’t have anything at all and you need a whole setup to include easy-up volleyball poles, a net, and a ball.

No matter what you need to get “ballin’ on the beach” you can’t go wrong with this fun family activity.

# 8 Frisbee

When you only need a frisbee to keep the whole family entertained for hours, how can you go wrong?

Still, it is always nice to have choices, especially if you have a large family or group and some may want to do something different than others. But frisbee will always be a classic. If you want even more of a challenge try disc golf, there are more and more disc golf course popping up!

#9 Kite Flying

kite flying

If the weather permits, you might want to bring some kites. Kites come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. While not suitable for the smaller kids, this is something that most kids can learn to do in just an hour or so.

Seeing multiple kites in the air, especially as a family, never gets old. If this is something you enjoy, you may want to consider learning how to build kites from kits or even from scratch.

#10 Bean Bag Toss

The bean bag toss game is a favorite of nearly every family get-together whether you are in the backyard at a bar-b-que or on the beach under an umbrella.

You can purchase pre-made bean bag toss games or even make your own setups with your own variations, your own rules, and your own designs. No matter how you decide to bring this game to the party, it will always be a big hit.

Other Beach Vacation Essentials

It’s important to not only bring the essentials for the family beach activities. You also want to bring beach basics that will make your beach vacation much more enjoyable for all.

These necessities should be packed along with all the entertainment when you are headed to the beach!

Beach Tents

beach tent

A beach tent can help provide you shade if you want to lay down or even privacy if you would like to change into dry clothes or even from beach clothes into street clothes – or vice-versa.

With zippered windows and doors, and even screens, you can keep out the wind and sand to make your day at the beach a lot more convenient.

Pop Up Canopy

If all you need is the shade, the canopy is the perfect beach accessory. It travels light since it takes up little space when compact, and it is “popped up” in no time at all to give you the shade you need anywhere on the beach.

Simply put down your towel, grab your cooler with lunch fix-in’s, and get ready to have fun on your family beach vacation.

Cooler (with an extra one!)

It is important to have a cooler for several good reasons. One, food and beverages at any tourist destination are going to be expensive, including the beach.

If you bring them yourself, you don’t have to worry about that. Plus, if you don’t have to keep walking to get food and beverages, you will be able to enjoy your time at the beach that much more.

So… Why the extra cooler? Leave this extra cooler dry. No ice and no water. Place your valuables in it that you don’t want wet or full of sand.

This includes tablets or phones that you want with you to relax with or to use in case of emergency, but should be protected from the elements.

A cooler is the perfect way to protect them. If it keeps water and ice in so well, it will keep water and sand out the same way.

Waterproof Phone Case

If you have to have your phone on you for any reason, you want to make sure it won’t get destroyed by the elements. There are waterproof phone cases that work perfect for this.

Some are universal and some made specific for your phone model. Some allow you to carry other items and some only your phone. Some allow you to carry the phone around your neck and some around your waist.

Depending on what you need, look for a waterproof phone case that will work best for you.


beach chair

Whether you want to lay back on a towel and have one for each member of the family or you want to have a big blanket that will fit everyone, it is important to have someplace to sit for everyone.

Sitting on the hot sand, especially after just getting out of the cold water, is no fun at all. You may even want to think about bringing beach or camping chairs or loungers if space allows.

It will keep you up off the sand and you will be much more comfortable.

Is your family ready for the best beach vacation yet?

If you have all the right family beach activities planned and you have all the right beach essentials packed, then all that is left is to head off in the direction of the nearest beach for a day of fun in the sun.

If you take the time to plan based on the ages, abilities, and likes of every member of the family, you will be able to set up the perfect family beach vacation.


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