The 7 Best Baseball Hitting Nets ⚾ [2021 Reviews]

Take your baseball skills to the next level, we examine the year's top baseball hitting nets

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If you want to take your baseball hitting skills to the next level, one of your best options is a hitting net.

A hitting net or screen is useful for batting, fielding and pitching practice.

Baseball practice nets and screens gives you a safer way to enhance your skills, without having to worry about fly-away balls, or breaking a neighbor’s window.

To get you practicing right away let’s take a look at some of the top baseball practice nets available. Let’s get started!

Best Baseball Hitting Nets

 PowerNet Baseball Softball PracticeFortress Pop-Up Baseball Batting CageMcHom Baseball Practice Net Set
editors choice
Dimensions:7’ x 7’12’ x 9’ x 20'7’ x 7’
Carry Bag:Yes (x1)Yes (x1)Yes (x1)
Batting Tee:Yes (x1)NoYes (x1)
Ball Holder:YesNoYes

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Baseball Hitting Nets

  1. PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net 
  2. Fortress Pop-Up Baseball Batting Cage
  3. McHom Baseball & Softball Practice Net Set
  4. Jugs New Redesigned Instant Screen
  5. SKLZ Portable Baseball / Softball Hitting Net
  6. Rukket 7×7 Baseball + Softball Practice Net
  7. Zupapa 7×7 Baseball + Softball Practice Net 

Our reviews of the top rated baseball hitting nets with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right one for you.

Baseball Hitting Net Reviews

PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net at a Glance:

  • Net Size: 7’ x 7’
  • Carry Bag: Yes
  • Batting Tee: Yes
  • Ball Holder: Yes

As a multinational company, PowerNet provides some the highest quality products available at any price.

Besides baseball, they also create nets for sports such as soccer, lacrosse, golf and more. PowerNet has products for youth leagues to MLB players.

This net is lightweight, and because there are no tools required for assembly, it can be put together in about two minutes.

This baseball practice net is one of the best-hitting nets you can find and is able to withstand the force of extremely hard hits.

With a durable, flexible frame and a weighted base the net is very stable and will not fall over no matter how hard you hit it. The seams along the net are all double-stitched to help ensure long life.

The net is easily collapsible and comes with a carry bag making it easy to take with you and practice anywhere. The hitting net can be adjusted in height from 27.5” – 44”.

With tons of positive reviews and a good price it would be hard to go wrong with the PowerNet, especially considering it costs less than $100.

Fortress Pop-Up Baseball Batting Cage at a Glance:

  • Net Size: 12’ x 9’ x 20’ (other lengths available)
  • Carry Bag: Yes
  • Batting Tee: No
  • Ball Holder: No

The Fortress has a enclosed design compared to the other hitting nets on our list. Being a batting cage it does not come with a baseball sock / holder that collects the baseballs.

There are a variety of setups, it can be fully enclosed and is available in lengths ranging from 20ft to 80ft.

This large baseball cage has 3ply polyester baseball mesh to hit or pitch off of, this gives you plenty of room to work with and reduce the chance for error.

And by error, we mean hitting the ball and having it fly away and break your neighbors window.

To provide stability, the poles that hold the practice net are 12.5 mm in diameter and made of sturdy, flexible fiberglass.

there are four adjustable guy ropes stakes hold the net securely to the ground. While costing a bit more than other nets on our list, we think it’s well worth it!

McHom Pro Series Practice Net Combo at a Glance:

  • Net Size: 7’ x 7’
  • Carry Bag: Yes (x1)
  • Batting Tee: Yes (x1)
  • Ball Holder: Yes

McHom products are used by professional baseball players so you can rest assured this is a quality baseball hitting net.

This a complete combo and includes everything you need for a great training session.

If comes with a 7′ x 7’ practice net, a ball holder caddy, a hitting tee, a strike zone on the net, and three weighted balls.

The baseball practice net has a thick steel frame that ensures stability and long life. The net is made with high-quality, thick nylon that will withstand years of hitting and pitching practice.

The orange strike zone will help you to focus to increase hitting and batting accuracy. The ball holder caddy makes it easy to grab the next baseball to throw or hit.

McHom even included a practice tee to help you focus on hitting consistently and using the weighted balls will help you develop a more powerful swing.

With the highest review rating on Amazon and a very reasonable price, this complete package needs to find its way into your backyard!

Jugs New Redesigned Instant Screen at a Glance:

  • Net Size: 7’ x 8’
  • Carry Bag: Yes (x1)
  • Batting Tee: No
  • Ball Holder: Yes

Jugs is a top contender for high quality baseball practice nets. Their instant screen has dominated the markets for sometime and they have now made some improvements making it an even better option.

There are four colored tabs to guide you to folding up properly so it fits easily into the carry bag.

Jugs also provides downloadable tutorials for setting up the net but also drills you can use to rapidly improve your skills.

The new nylon netting will withstand the impact of pitches and line drives for years to come. The new netting was designed specifically for use in baseball / softball drills and practice purposes.

The new colored tab system works with a three step design fold up easily into a 36″ circle and packs up easily so you can take it anywhere.

With its large round design, it will block most fly-away hits or pitches, reducing chances of breaking a nearby window.

As a budget option that has many satisfied customers, it would be safe to say that you won’t regret purchasing a Jugs Instant Practice Screen.

SKLZ Portable Baseball / Softball Hitting Net at a Glance:

  • Net Size: 7’ x 7’
  • Carry Bag: Yes (x1)
  • Batting Tee: No
  • Ball Holder: Yes

John Sarkisian started his company SKLZ in the year 2002, after creating a machine known as the Hit-A-Way, which aims to teach players the fundamentals of hitting.

SKLZis now a leader in in producing practice gear for baseball, soccer, basketball, football, golf and more. The also have endorsements from multiple professional baseball and softball players.

With SKLZ Portable Hitting and Practice Net, you’ll be able to easily practice wherever you want, when you want. This net from SKLZ is budget priced under $70 on Amazon.

For a decent price, you can receive an exceptional training product that will help you hone your skills. You will be able to setup in a few easy steps, and without the need for any tools.

For added stability, stakes can be used to keep the net more secure. The net is proudly made of their own SKLZ Baseball Hitting Net proprietary material that is durable and long lasting.

With a baseball sock in the middle of the net, you’ll be able to practice hitting or pitching without having to worry about chasing runaway balls.

Every ball hit or thrown that hits the net will either slide down the sock or be softly rebounded back in your direction with the design of the inward-curved walls.

The SKLZ Portable Hitting / Practice net is a great option for players of all ages who wish to be able to practice where and when they want.

As one of the best sellers in Amazon’s Baseball + Softball Practice Nets category, this net has a ton of positive reviews.

Rukket 7×7 Baseball + Softball Practice Net at a Glance:

  • Net Size: 7’ x 7’
  • Carry Bag: Yes (x1)
  • Batting Tee: No
  • Ball Holder: Yes

As one of the new kids on the block Rukket has quickly grown into a worldwide supplier of practice gear for players of just about every sport.

To insure quality, Rukket makes their own molds and supervises every bit of the manufacturing process. This family owned company stands behind their products!

Priced at a competitive $70 on Amazon, this net could be your ticket to creating your backyard batting and practice cage.

The net is made with a 7-ply knotless material, made with 2x the thickness of competitor nets so you can rest assured this net will last a long time!

No matter how hard you hit the ball at the Rukket, you will not damage it. The frame is made from a powered coated fiberglass that will not rust or corrode.

It rests on a 1” steel pipe stand that makes the net stable and able to withstand hard hits without tipping over.

The middle of the net has a ball sock / holder that will collect the baseballs that hit near the center of the net.

You are can take this net anywhere with its compact fold up design, that doesn’t require any tools for setup.

Once folded, just put it in the included carry bag for easy transport, it will easily fit in the trunk of your car. With thousands of 5 star reviews, you cant go wrong the the Rukket!

Zupapa 7×7 Baseball + Softball Practice Net at a Glance:

  • Net Size: 7’ x 7’
  • Carry Bag: Yes (x1)
  • Batting Tee: Yes (x1)
  • Ball Holder: Yes

The Zupapa is a complete practice hitting / pitching combo like the Flair Sports reviewed above. It comes with a net, ball caddy, batting tee and carry bag.

The 7-ply knotless net absorbs the impact of line drives or fast balls with ease. The ball sock will collect any ball that hits near the center of the net for easy retrieval.

To practice your hand-eye coordination a batting tee is included and can be adjusted in height from 30.7″ – 45.3″ This is a wide range that should work with most any batter.

The ball caddy keeps the baseballs or softballs within easy reach so you can spend more time batting and pitching. The pitching target and strike zone that’s included can be attached to help with your pitching accuracy.

The steel weighted base keeps the net stabilize and falling over after a hard hit and the flexible fiberglass poles will absorb impacts without breaking.

The practice net folds up quickly and easily to fit in the included travel bag without the need for any tools. With a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty you can buy with confidence.

Baseball Hitting Net Comparison Table

Baseball Hitting Nets Net SizeCarry BagBatting TeeBall HolderRating
PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net7’ x 7’Yes (x1)Yes (x1)Yes4.5 / 5.0
Fortress Pop-Up Baseball Batting Cage12’ x 9’ x 20’Yes (x1)NoNo4.2 / 5.0
McHom Baseball Practice Net Set7’ x 7’Yes (x1)Yes (x1)Yes4.8 / 5.0
Jugs New Redesigned Instant Screen7’ x 8’Yes (x1)NoYes4.2 / 5.0
SKLZ Portable Baseball / Softball Hitting Net7’ x 7’Yes (x1)NoYes4.7 / 5.0
Rukket 7x7 Baseball + Softball Practice Net7’ x 7’Yes (x1)NoYes4.9 / 5.0
Zupapa 7x7 Baseball + Softball Practice Net
7’ x 7’Yes (x1)Yes (x1)Yes4.5 / 5.0

Choosing the Best Baseball Hitting Net – Buyers Guide

best backyard batting cage
PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net

Hitting Net

A hitting net is a training equipment product that baseball players can use, where they can either hit or throw a ball at a mesh face attached to a frame, where the ball will be collected or bounced back in the players direction.

These can help players to improve upon pitching, hitting, fielding and more.

Batting Tee

A batting tee is a stationary stand in which a player can set a baseball up on, at hitting level, where they can practice hitting the ball without needing to have someone pitch or throw the ball to them.

Ball Caddy

A ball caddy is a stand with an open mouth where you can hold and store an excess of baseballs.

This allows for easy access to balls without having to keep them all on the ground, and run the risk of losing them.

While practicing hitting or pitching, you can keep ball caddy filled with baseballs right next to you for a convenient grab.

Why Use a Baseball Batting Net?

Efficiency – With a hitting net most of your time is spent practicing your swing instead of chasing and collecting baseballs.

Saves Money – No batting cage needed to practice swing mechanics.

Fast Setup – When you want to do some batting practice, you can setup a net in a few minutes and break it down even faster!

Portable – Take your hitting net to the park or a friends house. They will fit in any car or carry it on your bike!

Multiple Uses – You can practice pitching as well as throwing accuracy as well.

FAQs About Baseball Hitting Nets

Q: Are Baseball Hitting Nets Portable?

A: Most of the baseball hitting / practice nets you will come across can be dismantled and folded up in some sort of way.

Depending on how the net is constructed, the net can be taken down and packed in multiple ways.

Nets without side poles are often folded into a circle, whereas nets that include poles in their construction require the poles being taken out and folded up, followed by folding the net.

Most hitting / practice nets have a carry bag included for convenient traveling purposes.

Q: Will A Baseball Hitting Net Fit In My Garage?

A: The simple answer is most likely, but there may be some exceptions.

Generally, baseball hitting nets can fit in a garage area, but it’s comfortable construction depends on how much room you have to work with.

On average, practice nets are around 7’ x 7’, so they are certainly small enough to fit in a garage-type area.

Having some buffer room around the net will allow for comfortable hitting and training.

Q: Are Hitting Nets Expensive?

A: Generally speaking, hitting and practice nets are not too expensive, but they can become a little more pricey as you go up in quality.

As for the average price throughout this list, the nets ranged from around $70 – $120.

Some nets come as a combo with other products, so if you do not believe you need these products, you can select a cheaper net that doesn’t have added products or features.

For under $100, you can likely find a hitting net that fits your liking.

How We Researched

To come up with the top baseball hitting nets we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as Target, Dicks Sporting Goods and Big 5 Sporting Goods along with our own personal experience.

We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options for the price. The staff authors have extensive experience with a variety of outdoor sports like paintball, roller skating, baseball and golf.

To help narrow down the selection they used their personal experience along with recommendations from instructors and retailers.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.


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