The 5 Best ATV Batteries – [2021 Reviews]

For more reliable & better ATV performance, we break down this year's top ATV batteries

Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

Best ATV Batteries

 DuraBatt Sealed Maintenance Free ATV BatteryPowerSonic Sealed Maintenance Free Powersport ATV BatteryMotoBatt Factory-Activated QuadFlex AGM ATV Battery
editors choice

Battery TypeAGMAGM or Lead/Acid
# or Sizes Available175+250+75+
Special FeaturesPre-loaded with electrolytes eliminating the need to add acid. All Durabatt Factory Activated batteries are made with absorbed-glass mat (AGM) technology that eliminates water loss, permitting the battery to be permanently sealed once its filled with acid. The acid is added at the factory, so it's ready for use. Factory Sealed Maintenance Free battery. Ready for installation. If not used frequently will need to be kept charged on a battery maintainer.Factory sealed, valve regulated, maintenance-free design. Patented top, front and side connection terminals. Heavy cast positive and negative full frame grids provide the highest amp hour and cranking amps and the lowest self-discharge rates for successful high voltage off-season storage.
Customer RatingsNew Product4.2 / 5.0 Stars4.0 / 5.0 Stars

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated ATV Batteries

  1. DuraBatt Sealed Maintenance Free ATV Battery
  2. PowerSonic Sealed Maintenance Free Powersport ATV Battery
  3. MotoBatt Factory Activated QuadFlex AGM ATV Battery
  4. Mighty Max High-Rate Gel Series ATV Battery
  5. Yuasa Maintenance Free ATV Battery

ATV Battery Reviews

#1 DuraBatt Sealed Maintenance Free ATV Battery

best atv battery

DuraBatt is a brand you may not have heard of yet, but you’re about to fall in love with. They’re known for quality batteries. While their prices may not be rock bottom, they do make a battery that is well-loved by users for all sorts of powersports applications.

This sealed AGM battery line from DuraBatt is prefilled at the factory and will never need fluid maintenance. Of course, like any battery, you’ll want to keep it charged and topped off. Low battery charge is very damaging to AGM batteries, so keep it topped off.

best atv battery

AGM batteries make good choices for ATV  batteries because they’re sealed. The fluid can’t leak or jostle out during hard riding.

Because it’s sealed you also don’t need to worry about corrosive acid leaking on to your ATV where it can cause damage to components.

Thanks to Amazon’s compatibility filter, all you need to do is search by the make and model of your ATV. Their extensive line of DuraBatt ATV batteries will be filtered down to ones that are known to fit your model of quad.

#2 PowerSonic Sealed Maintenance Free Powersport ATV Battery

These sealed batteries from PowerSonic are a hybrid of traditional and contemporary features. You’ll have to fill them with the first pack of acid when it arrives. After that you just pop on the non-removable lid and never worry about it again.

PowerSport Product Application and Specification Guide:

best atv battery

Why fill them with acid yourself? Because once filled with acid, a battery’s lifespan is measured. If they sit in a warehouse for a year, the battery you get will be less healthy than if you were to fill it with acid yourself.

Unlike traditional batteries, however, once this unit is filled and sealed it’s never going to need topping off with acid again. Don’t worry – filling the batteries with acid is simple and hassle free. It’s quick and easy to fill them and have them ready to go safely with just basic glasses and gloves.

Power Sonic PS12170 (12V 17Ah SLA battery)

Remember, they will need to be charged before installing in your ATV (like any new battery).

These batteries feature an exposed lead terminal post which should make a natural and direct replacement option for most OEM ATV batteries for a no-hassle swap.

#3 MotoBatt Factory Activated QuadFlex AGM ATV Battery

If any brand on our list is loved for the quality of their batteries, it’s MotoBatt. Their batteries receive nothing but rave reviews and feedback from users. On top of that, their batteries are high quality factory filled sealed AGM batteries with high durability.

Motobatt Battery Features and Benefits

Like all the batteries on our list, the MotoBatt AGM ATV battery comes in tons of sizes. They’re meant to fit just about every make and model of quad on the planet and all you have to do is follow the link to use the Amazon compatibility filter.

Depending on the exact make and model of ATV you have, you may get a screw terminal or exposed terminal battery from MotoBatt. They’re both totally fine but remember that if you’re changing terminal types, take some time to consider how the new wires will fit the battery.

Battery Installation - Motobatt

Sealed AGM ATV batteries like the MotoBatt QuadFlex make good choices for modifications or rebuilds on quads and ATVs. If you have modded or altered your ATV and are looking for a battery that can be installed in a variety of positions, a sealed AGM battery like this is your best bet. They can be installed in any orientation other than upside down.

#4 Mighty Max High-Rate Gel Series ATV Battery

best atv battery


This gel battery line from Mighty Max is made specifically to replace many OEM batteries on a wide range of ATVs. Of course you can sort through them quickly using the Amazon compatibility checker.

Mighty Max batteries opt for the exposed steel post style terminals. I actually like these quite a bit because they give you horizontal or vertical options for clamping wires. The hollow steel terminals use an internal nut that can be oriented either toward the front or toward the top so you can place your connections where they’re easiest for your needs.

best atv battery

One thing I like about the Mighty Max battery is the 30-day return window, though I would refer to see that be a 90-day. Some faulty batteries take several uses to show their problems and this can usually be covered by their 1-year warranty.

If you’re looking for a gel-based battery that’s available in just about any size you could want, this might be your choice. One of my favorite things about this battery however is that it stands apart with the following characteristics:

  • Gel type battery
  • Durable impact plastic case
  • Top or side mount terminals

While gel style batteries aren’t the best for fast discharge, they do work great for small form factor applications. For smaller ATVs a battery that can be tucked away light and small is a distinct advantage.

Mighty Max Battery

I love the durable steel terminals with the front or top orientation option. While lead is arguably more efficient, steel makes a more durable option.

Remember that both gel and AGM are great options for mounting in unconventional positions. The only way you shouldn’t mount a gel battery is upside down. Other than that, they make good choices for modifications where you might want a small battery that can be mounted sideways.

Gel batteries perform best in warmer climates. For that reason they might make great choices for those in southern climates. For extremely large displacement engines that require high CCA loads at start, an AGM battery might be a better overall choice.

#5 Yuasa Maintenance Free ATV Battery

Yuasa is a brand that doesn’t always get the credit they deserve. These guys have been producing batteries well loved by Japanese brand power sports for years. Yuasa is often the battery of choice in many of the most popular and reputable ATVs, motorcycles, and more.

Yuasa Battery Basics 1 - Battery Construction

Why? Because they’ve been around a while and know what they’re doing. These sealed batteries come with an acid pack so you can fill it when they arrive. Again, filling the battery when it arrives ensures the health of the battery so you can know it hasn’t been sitting around in a warehouse wasting away for three years

GS Yuasa - battery basics: 2. how batteries work

Yuasa also goes with the top and front mounted options for the exposed lead terminals. I like the lead terminals better than steel because lead tends to be a better conductor for batteries. It’s just a slightly higher quality material choice overall.

Yuasa Battery Basics 3 - Selecting The Correct Battery

Of course, with higher quality materials comes a higher cost. These Yuasa batteries are a bit more expensive compared to some others on the list. However, I feel that the increased cost is well worth the reliability and quality of a Yuasa battery.

Like the rest of the battery lineups on our list, just use the compatibility checker to find the right one for you.

ATV Batteries – Comparison Table

  Battery TypeDimensions / SizeSpecial FeaturesCustomer Ratings
DuraBatt Sealed Maintenance Free ATV BatteryAGM3.4 x 6.9 x 6.1 inches
Pre-loaded with electrolytes eliminatingNew
PowerSonic Sealed Maintenance Free Powersport ATV BatteryAGM or Lead/Acid
250+ Built to withstand punishing vibration, salt spray, gas and oilNew
MotoBatt Factory Activated QuadFlex AGM ATV BatteryAGM5.9 x 3.4 x 6.3 inches
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology, QuadFlex Technology Terminals4.7 / 5.0 Stars
Mighty Max High-Rate Gel Series ATV BatteryAGM 4.40 x 2.75 x 5.19 inchesFactory activated GEL battery, No acid pack needed5.0 / 5.0 Stars
Yuasa Maintenance Free ATV BatteryAGM 9.1 x 7.8 x 5.6 inches
Dry batteries do not ship with electrolyte (acid)2.8 / 5.0 Stars

How to Choose The Best ATV Battery

best atv battery review

In this article we lead you through everything you need to know about ATV batteries, and to choose the best ATV battery for your needs. We’ll talk about all the technical and performance details you’ll want to consider as you’re picking out a replacement ATV battery.

We’ve reviewed the most reputable battery brands in the ATV and Powersports market.  You’ll save time by choosing from among the best ATV battery brands for durability and long life for all makes and models of quads, all terrain vehicles and side-by-sides.

ATVs get put through a lot of abuse, especially if they’re ridden aggressively or competitively.  When you’re pushing that quad, or ATV, through the weeds, brush, jumps, and mud, chances are that the last thing you’re going to think about is the battery. Has it been charged? Is it secured in its holder? How much life is left in it?

You won’t think about the battery at all until you go to fire up the ATV and it chugs weakly, then fails to start. Now ATV batteries are the first thing on your mind and you want to know which ones are the best. What ATV battery makes a good replacement? How can you tell if the battery you’re buying from the dealer is a good choice for the money?

There are a lot of technical terms involved in batteries, particularly as you look deeper into how they perform. I’ll keep it simple and focus primarily on what matters to ATV batteries.

Battery Capacity

This is a measure of long your new battery can discharge one amp at 12 volts. Batteries with higher “amp hour” ratings have a comparably larger electrical output capacity.

A battery with a rating of 10 amp hours can put out one amp for 10 hours. Of course, this is a sterile measurement which only means so much in the real world. So how does it impact your buying decision?

All things equal, a battery with a higher amp hour rating will be able to last longer than a lesser battery. If you’re unsure about what amp hour rating you need, check your service manual for your ATV or call your dealer to ask. Unless you have power hungry accessories installed on your ATV you should be safe replacing your battery with one equivalent to the OEM battery.

Physical Dimensions

One of the first things you need to ensure when replacing a battery on your ATV is that the new one will fit where the old one was housed. Often the spaces in battery compartments for ATVs are quite cramped and there’s little wiggle room.

That’s why your first step should be to measure the battery you removed, or the space it was in. Get the length, width, and depth measurements to compare to any replacements.

Replacing an ATV battery with a slightly smaller one is no problem. Of course, replacing with a battery that’s too large for the battery compartment will create nothing but problems. If you do go with a replacement that’s a bit smaller, make sure you pack the voids around it with something to prevent the battery from sliding and vibrating around during use – such as a rag.

ATV Battery Types

Picking out a battery leaves you with tons of choices to select from. Ultimately there are three main types of batteries you might run into when selecting your next four wheeler battery. Don’t get too worked up about the differences just know that you’ll probably want to pick from either sealed, AGM, or gel.

Lead acid batteries

  • Must always be kept vertically oriented and need to be checked on occasion to be topped off with acid. These batteries require moderate maintenance and can leak nasty acid that is highly corrosive and destructive to four wheeler components.

Sealed batteries

  • Are similar to lead acid, but they don’t require topping off. These batteries should also be kept vertical. However, their chance of leaking is much lower and they won’t require any maintenance during their lifespan.

AGM and Gel Batteries

  • are both modern sealed batteries. They come sealed from the factory and will never need maintenance. Both of these batteries can be operated in any orientation except upside down. AGM and gel batteries may be neck in neck as far as superiority when it comes to the best battery for ATVs.

ATV Battery Brands

These brands that we selected for review are not only top-rated for performance and durability, but their availability for nearly all makes/models of ATV and Powersports cycles is the most thorough. You will find a replacement for practically every OEM and Powersports battery among these 5 top brands:

  1. DuraBatt

  2. PowerSonic

  3. MotoBatt

  4. Mighty Max

  5. Yuasa

best atv battery brands

Battery Terminals

Battery terminals, or posts, are the place where your cables and accessories actually hook up to the battery. In many situations it won’t matter what type of terminal you have, but sometimes it’s important to know the difference.

Traditionally most conventional batteries have been lead post type terminals. These big lead squares jut out and provide the + and – terminal connections for all the wires and the screw.

Today batteries have become more diverse and screw post terminal are more common. These terminals are inset instead of exposed. You lien up all your wire connections and screw a bolt into the battery which connects the + and – sides respectively.

Neither type is superior, but I prefer the screw terminals. They’re easier to work with and keep things cleaner in my opinion. Just be aware that changing terminal types can lead to difficulty with making wires fit in tight battery compartments.

If your battery compartment is roomy, you should be able to change between types without an issue.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

Cold cranking amps literally measures how many amps a standard 12 volt battery can pump out at 0 degrees fahrenheit over 30 seconds. There’s a bit more to it than that, but it’s essentially a punishment test on a battery in cold conditions.

Because batteries lose power in the cold, a CCA test makes a good “what if” test. For those living in warmer climates, you can expect better than rated performance throughout the year. If you live in cold climates where temps plunge below 0 regularly you can expect harsher performance than rated during those times.

CCA is primarily important in discerning the battery’s ability to start the vehicle. Larger displacement engines, colder temps, thicker oil, poor maintenance, or added accessories can all add drain on a battery during starting. Check your manufacturer’s manual for your 12v ATV battery specifications where you should be able to find a recommended CCA rating.

If all else fails, replace your ATV battery with one of equal or greater CCA.


Whether you’re looking for the cheapest ATV battery or the highest quality, there’s something on our list. Remember to read through the “how to choose” section so you have a better idea of what you’re looking at when buying.

Instead of reviewing single batteries for specific ATVs we’ve lined up some of the best ATV batteries from manufacturers you can rely on.

Using our reviews above you should be able to get sense of which ATV battery maker you prefer and then start to select the right battery for your quad.

Remember that understanding how batteries work and taking proper care of your battery matter a lot. Things like keeping the battery charged when not in use, or stored for the winter if not used, matter a lot.

They will extend the life of your battery and keep you happy with your choice of battery for several years to come.

Thanks for reading The 5 Best ATV Batteries. We hope that this article gave you all the information you needed to select the brand and type of ATV battery that is right for your ATV, quad or side-by-side.

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How We Researched

To come up with the top ATV batteries, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as Motorcycle News, REI, EVO along with our own personal experience.

We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options were for the price. The staff authors have a wide and varied background in motorcycle touring and offroading as well as motorcycle mechanics. They are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

To help narrow down the selection we used personal experiences along with recommendations from fellow motorcycle-enthusiasts and industry experts.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.


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