The Best Aftermarket Fog Lights Brands

Drive through fog with confidence, we break down this year's top aftermarket fog lights

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Fog lights are specially designed and angled downwards to prevent just that. They also increase your visibility for other driver’s on the road. Some vehicles come equipped with front fog lights, but generally speaking, they use daytime running lights on the front.

These are not really as effective leading many on the search for the best aftermarket fog lights. We hope to help with our reviews below of the 5 best fog lights brands. You can also check out our guide on How to Choose Aftermarket Fog Lights to help you work through what your specific needs are in regard to them.

Best Aftermarket LED Fog Lights

editors choice
Product specialization:Halogen and LED fog lightsLED lights – replacement bulbs, headlights, floor and fog lightsAftermarket LED lights for all kinds of vehicles
Color options:Clear, amber, smoke, yellow, blue
Variety to choose fromVariety to choose from
Key features:Bonded glass lenses, impact-resistant reinforced ABS housing30,000+ hr lifespan, die-cast aluminum housings, waterproof and dustproof designsWaterproof and dustproof, adjustable mounting brackets, die-cast aluminum housings
Fog LightsFog LightsFog Lights

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Quick Answer: The 5 Best-Rated Aftermarket LED Fog Lights Brands

  1. Hella
  2. Nilight
  3. OffRoadTown
  4. Northpole Light
  5. xPrite

Aftermarket Fog Lights Reviews

#1 – Hella

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  • Product specialization: Halogen and LED fog lights
  • Color options: Clear, amber, smoke, yellow, blue
  • Key features: Bonded glass lenses, impact-resistant reinforced ABS housing

The Hella company was first founded in Germany by Sally Windmüller all the way back in 1899. After over 120 years of growth and development, it is now a worldwide company that has more than 125 locations in approximately 35 different countries.

As of 2019, Hella employed more than 38,000 people across the world including nearly 8,000 employees specifically in the field of research and development.

The company has 3 main focuses – automotive, aftermarket automotive, and special applications. In terms of the fog lights offered, this would fall into the aftermarket automotive category.

Hella is a leader in lighting and has some amazing offerings as far as fog light options go. They’ve got quite a variety of choices including both halogen fog lights and LED fog lights.

You can also choose from round, rectangular, or oval shaped lights with Hella. They even have options when it comes to the color as you can choose from clear or amber fog lights.

You can change the color of any Hella lights, though, with the Color Sheildz Protective Laminates they offer in smoke, yellow, or blue. Many options also include fog light covers.

All of Hella’s lights are made from high-quality materials and designs. This includes bonded glass lenses and impact-resistant reinforced ABS housing.

As far as the cost of Hella fog lights, they do tend to be on the higher end of things. Even with a higher cost, though, their value overall is not reduced due to the high-quality and advanced technology that Hella brings to the table.

Fog Lights

#2 – Nilight



  • Product specialization: LED lights – replacement bulbs, headlights, floor and fog lights
  • Color options: Variety to choose from
  • Key features: 30,000+ hr lifespan, die-cast aluminum housings, waterproof and dustproof designs

Here we have the newer brand Nilight, which was launched by the company ZNDER Inc. It was less than 10 years ago in 2014 when ZNDER Inc. was founded.

It has launched and grown many brands since then with Nilight being particularly successful. The Nilight brand is all about offering high-quality, long-lasting products that remain affordable.

They focus strictly on LEDs and have quite a few offerings featuring these LED lights. They sell everything from replacement bulbs for existing headlights to light bars, floor lights, and of course, fog lights.

They keep a high-quality standard for all of their products.

This means that regardless of what NIlight lights you choose, you will get things like a lifespan of 30,000+ hours, die-cast aluminum housings, anti-corrosive materials, rust-proof stainless mounting brackets, and a waterproof/dustproof design.

Many options feature adjustable angling and alternative color options. Again, these are very affordable options for fog lights.

They are closer to the low-end of the market when it comes to cost, yet are able to boast high-quality features that make up valuable long-lasting lights.

Fog Lights

#3 – OffRoadTown



  • Product specialization: Aftermarket LED lights for all kinds of vehicles
  • Color options: Variety to choose from
  • Key features: Waterproof and dustproof, adjustable mounting brackets, die-cast aluminum housings

The year 2020 marks a decade in the making for OffRoadTown. When they first got started back in 2010, they were dedicated to creating a brand that offered innovative LED options at affordable prices.

They’ve stuck with and met that goal with their large line of aftermarket LED lights for vehicles of all kinds.

While OffRoadTown is particularly popular for their selection of light bars, their normal headlights and fog lights are excellent as well.

Going right along with their name, they offer some of the best off road driving lights out there. Innovative designs, including multiple types of lighting within a single headlight or fog light for excellent range and distance, really allow them to make these types of claims.

Overall, this brand is relatively similar to the Nilight brand above. It uses high-quality parts and smart designs to ensure long-lasting products that are not easily damaged.

They are waterproof, dustproof, feature adjustable mounting brackets, and die-cast aluminum housings. Even so, they stay low priced right around the same cost of the Nilight lights as well.

Fog Lights

#4 – Northpole Light



  • Product specialization: LED products including light bars, headlight types such as fog lights
  • Color options: Variety to choose from
  • Key features: Waterproof, durable, 1 year warranty included

This company is similar to OffRoadTown in many ways. Like OffRoadTown, Northpole Light is particularly popular for their light bars. They offer an incredible selection of very high-quality LED products including light bars and various headlight types such as fog lights.

They do focus just on LED lights as many similar companies do. Northpole Light offers a 12-month warranty with their products to prove how much they believe in what they are selling.

They’ve also got a convenient 24-hour customer support email to help with anything you may need.

They care about their customers and their products using only high-quality materials with designs that are bright, effective, waterproof, and durable.

Overall, these would be the most affordable fog light options of all of our top picks. The value you get is undeniable and they are absolutely some of the best LED driving lights for anyone on a budget.

Fog Lights

#5 – xPrite



  • Product specialization: LED lights with a focus on off-roading options
  • Color options: Variety to choose from
  • Key features: Ideal for both on and off-road driving, universal fog light mount options, reliable customer service

Another newer lighting brand is xPrite. Founded back in 2014, xPrite has steadily grown in terms of brand recognition and customer base.

The more people that know about this brand, the more people that choose them above the competition. Top-notch materials combined with unbeatable professional customer service make a dream team to keep this brand soaring to the top.

They, too, specifically sell LED lights. They have a wide variety of options and put a focus on off roading options. Although, their lights are perfect for on road driving as well.

They have a large customer base of Jeep lovers and there is no doubt that they offer some of the best Jeep fog lights.

Keep in mind that they aren’t exclusive to Jeep, though. Their universal fog light mount options really increase the brand value.

When it comes to cost, these are definitely affordable. However, they aren’t our lowest priced picks coming in a little closer to the mid-low price range.

Fog Lights

Aftermarket Fog Lights Comparison Table

Aftermarket Fog Lights Product specializationColor optionsKey features
HellaHELLA-005750971-500-Fog-Lamp1Halogen and LED fog lightsClear, amber, smoke, yellow, blue
Bonded glass lenses, impact-resistant reinforced ABS housing
NilightNilight-NI-18W-FMR-Round-Driving-Lights2LED lights – replacement bulbs, headlights, floor and fog lightsVariety to choose from30,000+ hr lifespan, die-cast aluminum housings, waterproof and dustproof designs
OffRoadTownOFFROADTOWN-Control-Lighted3Aftermarket LED lights for all kinds of vehiclesVariety to choose fromWaterproof and dustproof, adjustable mounting brackets, die-cast aluminum housings
Northpole LightLight-Northpole-Waterproof-Driving-Mounting4LED products including light bars, headlight types such as fog lightsVariety to choose fromWaterproof, durable, 1 year warranty included
xPriteXprite-Wrangler-Tractor-Headlight5LED lights with a focus on off-roading optionsVariety to choose fromIdeal for both on and off-road driving, universal fog light mount options, reliable customer service

How to Choose Aftermarket Fog Lights

Your typical headlights are great for normal everyday use, but there are times when they could do more harm than help. As the name suggests, fog lights are what you want for fog.

They aren’t just important for fog though. Fog lights help you see better in a variety of conditions including fog, rain, and snow. In these conditions, regular headlights or driving lights often reflect right off of the fog, rain, or snow and back into your eyes.

Adding aftermarket fog lights to your vehicle can increase safety, convenience, and even add a nice aesthetic touch to your vehicle. While there is plenty of reason to get yourself some new fog lights, choosing which ones may be a little harder.

There is a huge number of options on the market and it isn’t always obvious which is the best choice for any given person or car.

If you’re unsure, reading through the following considerations will help you to understand just what you should be looking out for as you shop for the best fog lights.

Lighting Type

There are several different types of fog lights and the type you choose is probably going to be one of the first things you will want to consider.

Halogen Fog Lights

Halogen light bulbs work the same way that a traditional incandescent light bulb does. It runs the current of electricity through a wire made of tungsten. This heats it up and creates a bright light.

With halogen bulbs, though, a small amount of halogen gas is added inside the bulb. This prevents soot build-up and increases the life of the bulb. These lights are widely available, last a pretty good amount of time, and are highly affordable.

LED Fog Lights

While LED lights aren’t exactly new, they have really taken over the scene for lights of almost all kinds. This is certainly true in the fog light market. Many companies that produce fog lights solely produce LEDs.

They are highly efficient and long-lasting. LEDs are a little pricier than halogen lights, but still very affordable for most. They are able to produce very bright light without using a ton of power.

HID Fog Lights

High-intensity discharge fog lights, generally referred to simply as HID fog lights, are another option. These are not as common, but are still worth considering.

They light up xenon gas inside the bulb with an electrical charge. They are durable, bright, and fairly efficient. They are a little harder to find and a bit more expensive, however.


Something very important to consider as you look for the best fog lights is the fit. Some options are designed to slide into an already existing opening on your vehicle.

Others are mounted onto various parts of the vehicle. What is right for you depends on your personal preference as well as the actual design of the vehicle.

Just make sure that you know that the lights you choose will definitely fit where you need them.


The wattage of a light refers to the power it uses. The lower the wattage, the lower the amount of energy it needs to run.

For light bulbs such as halogen bulbs, a lower wattage also means a lower brightness level. Fortunately, LED lights are able to balance the two pretty well. They can be both low wattage while remaining nice and bright.

Run Time

When a light bulb is made, the creator usually gives a pretty good estimate of how long they will work. This helps you have an idea of how often it will need to be replaced.

Obviously, the longer the runtime, the less often you will need to replace them.


Another thing to think about as you choose your own set of perfect fog lights is the brightness. This is measured in different ways depending on the type of lights you choose.

If you pick LEDs, the brightness is measured in lumens. If you choose others like halogen or HID fog lights, you will look at the voltage to determine brightness prior to purchase.


Anytime you are dealing with electrical devices, the warranty is important. Companies that truly believe in their products and value their customers tend to have warranties available for their products.

The best fog lights generally have a longer warranty of at least 12 months.


When it comes to putting something on the front of your vehicle, looks are an important consideration as well.

This is going to be the first thing that many people notice about your vehicle. You certainly want something that works well and is effective, but you want it to look nice at the same time.

Fog lights come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are round, some are square, some are shaped as rectangles and others are ovals.

Consider what the front of your vehicle already looks like as you make your decision. The fog lights don’t exactly need to match, but if you choose an option that goes well with your existing lights, you will definitely end up with a more put together overall look.


As always, cost has to play a role in your purchasing decisions. Fog lights can be anywhere from less than $20 a set  to over $130 a set.

Think about what your specific needs are, what style you want, and which specifications are important to you as you carefully set your budget for fog lights.

Aftermarket Fog Light FAQs

What color lights are best for fog?

While there are a multitude of color options that can work in fog, there is little question that amber lights or selective yellow lights are the best.

These lights put the least amount of stress on the eyes and allow you to better process what you are seeing faster. They are also thought to cut through the fog for better visibility overall.

How do you wire aftermarket fog lights?

If you are replacing existing lights, you will first need to remove those. Otherwise, find a good place to mount your lights that will work efficiently and look nice without getting in the way of any essentials such as your regular headlights.

Most fog lights come with a complete fog light kit, so you will want to connect wires to relays according to the precise instructions included with your choice of lights.

Once everything is connected, you want to close up any remaining openings or reinstall anything that had to be moved out of the way originally.

What’s better – yellow or white fog lights?

Yellow fog lights are better overall because they help to actually cut through the fog without reflecting back from the fog/snow/rain. They are also easier on the eyes making it easier to process these softer more natural light colors.

Do fog lamps really help?

Yes! A good set of properly installed fog lamps will make a considerable difference when driving in unfavorable conditions. The slight downward angle of the lights really helps to get through the fog to the road.

Buyer’s Tips for Aftermarket Fog Lights

Knowing all the benefits of some great aftermarket fog lights makes it an easy decision to buy some. The harder part is choosing which ones you specifically want and will benefit from the most.

First you need to ensure you choose something that will fit your vehicle, then you need to choose your preferred light type.

From here, you will check out the smaller details like run time, wattage, and brightness. Don’t forget that where you purchase from is important too. Ensure the best shopping experience possible for yourself by choosing a well-known and reliable retailer.

We find that Amazon is the perfect example with great customer service and competitive pricing. Before you know it, you will actually be itching for the fog to come so you can really break in those new lights.

How We Researched

To come up with the top aftermarket fog lights, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as 4×4 Magazine and Outside Online Magazine along with our own personal experience.

We also consulted online magazines for product research and reviews to get as much unbiased information as we could. To help weed out fake reviews we used to make sure we only looked at genuine reviews.

With so much quality gear available, we had to narrow it down based on what we felt were the best options were for the price. The staff authors have a wide and varied background in offroading, motorcycling, and auto mechanics. They are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

To help narrow down the selection we used personal experiences along with recommendations from fellow auto-enthusiasts and industry experts.

After extensive research, we came up with our list to help you choose the right one for you.


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