7 Reasons Why Every College Student Should Go Camping

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For the activity to be regarded as camping, people have to spend a minimum of one night outside in a more natural setting. Some people go camping well-equipped, while some only carry a few things and try to make camping feel as natural as possible.

Either way, you can’t do without the essentials. During the holidays, college students should go camping and experience the amazing benefits it comes with. Why?

To Experience Mother Nature

There is so much beauty that Mother Nature has to offer, and while students are busy with their education, they cannot experience it.

The study done by Michigan University reported that a walk in nature for less than an hour led to participants performing significantly better in memory-related activities. While camping, students can hike on mountains, lay in the grass and have a new aspect of what nature has to offer.

This will bring such an amazing effect, especially for those who live in busy cities.

To Relax

85% of students feel like they’ve been overwhelmed by everything they had to do at school in the past year. For many, stress is a part of their frequent experience in college.

This is due to a lot of studying and working hard. Camping can bring a relaxing aspect to all college students. It gives them the opportunity to literary do nothing; once you’ve pitched your tent there is nothing else left to do, just relax for the whole weekend or even longer.

To Spend Time With Friends

While in school, students might not have enough time to make friends, let alone interact or get to know each other. A study done by frontier of psychology showed that 57.6% of students were suffering from low self-esteem while 56.7% were experiencing low self-optimism.

They also gain effective at interacting with each other, and this will become very important to them since employers nowadays are looking for people who can communicate effectively with one another. When going camping, make it a rule that no electronic gadgets are allowed; this will move everyone to socialize.

Discover their Best Self

Camping allows students to focus on their own persons. It enables them to draw back from the treadmill of education and aggressive sports and leaves them thinking of what is important to them.

Therefore, we can say that camping lets students train themselves on how to focus, as they discover new hobbies and avenues to pursue in education and life.

Adventure on a Budget

Camping is ideal for students since they will experience adventure with little cost implications. Most students are looking for a budget vacation, so camping will be ideal for them if filled with new adventures. Going camping only requires bringing a few things, so you don’t have to worry about the cost.

The low cost ensures that you can go on vacation more than once a year. Research has shown that getting out for a nature walk can make you feel a lot better emotionally. After hours of study who doesn’t need that?

Students Learn New Skills

Living outdoors gives people new survival skills, like how to make a fire, how to ensure your camping environment is safe before making the fire, and how to manage it. You also learn how to protect yourself from bugs, how to pitch tents. And those who can’t cook will get a lesson or two about outdoor cooking.


The good thing about camping is that you can choose the location you want to pitch your tent. You also get to decide what you want to cook, and how you will make it. While camping, you are free to choose whether to relax all day or you can set out for an adventure.

What you do is entirely up to and your camping buddies. Then, after getting that well-deserved rest or experiencing that exciting adventure, you can write all about it and post it on your official website or blog.


Camping is an instant holiday, and you only need to prepare a few things to enjoy. This is convenient for students since they might have limited resources and time to plan for their vacations. As we have discussed, there is no reason for any student to miss out camping in their college life.

They all need to undergo camping due to the amazing experiences it has to offer. Camping is the best vacation for students working on a budget. So, why would you miss out?

Have you ever gone camping since you joined college? Share with us your experience.


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